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Tetra-ski: Advanced Technology at the National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic

[Music] For me, the Winter Sports Clinic is about helping our Veterans discover their new abilities. So many of them have spinal chord injuries, amputations, or other diseases that may have impacted… you know, MS and diseases like that have impacted their lives and may have limited their lives, but when you bring them to the Winter Sports Clinic, we allow them to discover new freedoms that free their mind, body and spirit and every Veteran I’ve talked to that has been here, they have expressed how the Winter Sports Clinic has helped them go back home and transform their lives with their new courage, confidence and… just their new abilities that they’ve discovered. New technology like this chair is coming from the University of Utah Rehabilitation Center, so thank you to everyone for making this possible. Hi there, it’s Jeff Rosenbluth from the University of Utah and this is the 2018 Tetra Ski. It’s an electrically powered ski controlled with a joystick or actually with the mouth. It was designed originally for individuals with very high levels of spinal chord injury with no movement in their legs, their trunk and even no movements in their arms. This ski can be completely independently controlled with just sips and puffs or just a little bit of joystick motion and you’re good to go. The traditional spinal chord injury patient with a higher level injury wouldn’t have the freedom that I just experienced. They would normally be in a sit-ski with a guide taking them down the hill, who is in control. Technology like this gives the power and control back to our Veterans.

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