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Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Telehealth ALS – Penn State ALS Clinic

[Music] Hey, good morning.>>Good morning.>>Telehealth is a way to use technology.>>I can .>>In a way that doesn’t depersonalized our
patients but at the same time gives us an opportunity to extend care when
they’re unable to travel. Either because of lack of resources or because of
physical limitations.>>You look gorgeous today Cynthia!>>So the program was presented to
me by Susan Walsh, she’s the registered nurse who runs the clinic at Hershey. The
first appointment was January and we have a lot of weather here in Northeast
Pennsylvania. So, it snows a lot and she she knew the travel was far, you know,
over two hours so I agreed to that.>>So place your nose clips on there and
I’ll talk you through it.>>For the ALS team visit which is the most common way
we interact with patients, the goal is to simulate what happens when the patient
comes in for a visit in our outpatient clinic.>>Keep going, keep going, keep going.>>With the only difference being that the patient is at home and we see them on a video monitor.>>This part here I think is more.>>I would agree with you. So telehealth for ALS is not common,
currently, and that’s one of the reasons that I’m so excited about it.
Right now there are really only two other programs around the U.S. that are
actively using telehealth to monitor and follow the patients. So in a sense, this
has been really a groundbreaking effort to do something that we feel that people
otherwise would not be exposed to. The goal is to provide us with another way
in order to be there for them and to provide them with support.>>Half the
tablet to one at bed time as needed.>>This is great. It just saves a lot of stress on my body, traveling is nill. You know, I don’t even have to do the travel. So it’s a godsend.
Really, for most. I’m sure it’s gonna help a lot of people. [Music]

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