ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Technology Enabled Care in Perth & Kinross

So Telecare service is a way of helping
people stay safe and independent in their homes. The basic example is the pendant. So a pendant would be something like this and you would simply wear this around your neck or on your wrist and you’d press the button to summon help if you needed it. Then we have things like falls detectors, which automatically calls if someone has a fall. We have heat sensors, smoke alarms, smoke detectors, we have flood detectors, bed sensors… there’s a whole range of different sensors that we can put in place for people depending what their need is. Basically they have a receiver box, which is the hub of the system. That plugs into the phone line in the house and plugs into the mains and then all the other sensors that they may have connect to that unit and whenever an alarm is triggered, say a pendant is pressed or something like that, it will go through to the control room here, which is monitored 24/7, 365 days a year and one of our places will respond and direct the appropriate resource to that person. My name is Andy Bell, I work in the control room for the Community Alarms. We put in telephone alarms into elderly and disabled people. And we work shifts. We works 24 hours a day, seven days a week and it’s quite an exciting job. Normally what happens is: there’s a beeping noise in the control room, I press the button and the details of the caller come up on the computer screen in front of me. I can see without them telling me who
they are, where they are and we then trying to find out why they’re calling, what is the reason for the alarm call. The main benefits of Telecare is, it helps someone increase their independence and stay safely home for longer. And from other perspective as well, it can provide reassurance that their well-being is constantly monitored and help will arrive quickly when necessary. And I suppose that’s reassurance for the family as well. I’ve got a SmartFlat here and that’s basically a bedroom and a living room and it’s set up with a range of Telecare equipment. Anyone in Perth and Kinross can come here and just see the range of equipment that we’ve got that can can support people in their own homes. The whole idea is that we want to keep people in their own homes for as long as possible. But we want to keep them there safely. There’s no point in being in your own home if you’re at risk. We can’t stop you from falling but we can certainly get help to you very quickly if you do fall.

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