ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy

Medication Error Kills A Vanderbilt Patient | Incident Report 203

– What is up Z Pac,it's your boy ZDoggMD. I'm live and direct in my office. Okay, a lot of people have messaged me including a friend at VanderbiltUniversity Medical

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Why Are Prescription Drugs So Expensive?

في أغسطس 2015 احتل المدير التنفيذي للأدوية مارتن شكرلي عناوين الصحف عندما زاد سعر دواء منقذ للحياة ’دارابريم’ بأكثر من 5000 بالمائة، من 13.50 دولار إلى 750 لكن هذه ليست

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Top 10 Facts About Prescription Drug Abuse in America

from high-profile cases to everyday issues prescription drugs are continually causing problems across the United States welcome to and we're counting down ten crucial facts you should know about

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Health alert: New blood pressure medication recall

huge Health Alert if you or anyone you know takes blood pressure medication check the prescription we're now hearing about a third recall and david goings is live to explain

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Billy Graham's Plea for Medical Help

dr. Cosway breath just as open as I was saying I have this a heart problem as well they thought I need replaced and they have to find out why

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Tyreek Hill calls for fiancée's medical help days before authorities remove son from custody

we have new insight into the case involving Tyreke Hill and his fiancee crystal aspinall and why neither of them have custody tonight you will hear about calls for help

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