ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy

Is Becoming a Doctor Harder Today? | 20th vs 21st Century Medicine

This video is kindly sponsored by The Great Courses Plus. Medicine as a profession and even the medical training process have evolved drastically over the past several decades. Technological advancements,

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University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix Celebrates 10 Years!

The tenth anniversary, as you know, is a big, big achievement for the college. I think it’s a passing of age and, in some ways, is a recognition of the

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WHY I Quit Plastic Surgery Residency

Alright, what is going on guys? For those of you who are new here, my name is Dr. Kevin Jubbal. I graduated medical school in 2017, matched into plastic surgery

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In a future doctor’s life, there are few decision as important and nerve-wracking as deciding on a specialty. Everything from your life during medical school, to your life in residency,

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2017 Match Parties for Ross University School of Medicine

My name’s Reuben Green and welcome to the Ross match party! Congratulations! It wasn’t easy but you did it! Congratulations! Well done Ross medical students. You guys have done an

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We Are Weill Cornell Medicine | Dr. Jonathan Avery

When I was young, I did some unique things that you normally wouldn’t do at that age. I began to volunteer with hospice organizations, with people who were thinking about

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