ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy

How building a community of care can improve farmworkers’ health

JUDY WOODRUFF: Finally: Farm workers face major challenges accessing health care. But a group in Southeastern Arizona has a unique solution that appears to be working. From the Cronkite School

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Blue Promise: Ensuring Your Health Care is Effective

DAN: Has your doctor ever recommended a service or treatment that required pre-approval by your insurer? What’s the reason behind this? Find out in this episode of Blue Promise. [MUSIC]

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Students Use Interprofessional Collaboration to Prepare for Health Care Jobs

So today we had an interprofessional collaboration with physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and nursing. And we had a case study and we just collaborated with all the professions

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Fresh Wrap Ep 03: Food as Medicine: NNEdPro IANE membership pathway

MELISSA ADAMSKI: Here at Monash University we’re proud to announce that our suite of “Food as Medicine” courses is now recognised as a pathway for application to the NNedPro Global

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America’s Heart-Healthy Doctor Shares His Secret To Optimum Health

– Food is the most critical choice you make three times a day and 21 times a week. And 200 food decisions a day is what’s often quoted. You can

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