ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Sumathi Chellappa, MD – McFarland Clinic – North Ames Family Medicine

Hello. My name is Sumathi Chellappa. I’m board certified in Family Medicine. I joined McFarland in 2009. Currently I’m practicing in Ames’ North Office. My speciality is in Family Medicine with a special interest in women’s care, pediatrics, and preventive care. I chose Family Medicine since I’m from India. I grew up in a rural background and also went to medical school in a rural area, so I got interested because a family physician gives comprehensive care with the wide range of age groups. Your typical first visit will be going through your full medical history, your medications, and also discuss about your preventive care, update your immunizations. And if it’s an acute visit, we focus more on what acute problem you have. I think the most rewarding part for me as a family physician is when I meet my patients outside in the community like in grocery stores or in schools and they recognize me as their doctor and also appreciate me, how I took care of them during their illnesses.

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