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StairMaster/Stairmill Booty Blasting Cardio Routine Workout – Mind Over Munch Kickstart Series

Hey guys so a lot of you liked my tread mill
routine with the printable PDF and requested a Stairmaster routine so here it is. This
is my 20 minute booty building Stairmaster routine. You will sweat, you will burn calories
and you will work those glutes and again similar to the tread mill routine we don’t do anything
for more than one minute. So this work out is going to fly by. Be sure to print out the
PDF or save it to your tablet or phone so that you can take it to the gym with you to
do this workout. And if you don’t have access to a Stairmaster be sure to check out my workout
Wednesdays tread mill routine or the other workout Wednesday’s videos that require
no equipment. On the Stairmaster we are going to start with
the warm up for about three minutes at a level five. I want you to get used to just walking
on the Stairmaster because it can be a little bit funny. And do your best to not hold the
bars to support your body weight. The bars are there for balance and I don’t want you
to feel like you are going to fall, so if you need to grab at them, of course do but
we don’t want to depend on the bars for the entire workout. A good option is to keep
light fists on top of those bars so that way you’re really close if you need to grab.
If you feel like you are going to fall you still have those bars readily available or
not putting our entire body weight on the machine. After the warm up we are going to take it
up to an eight, which is going to be our base speed today. We are at an eight for almost
the entire workout, this is not so much an interval workout through speed, we are going
to keep the speed the same and we’re going to instead change our movements. And if this
base speed does feel a little bit fast, you can make your base speed a seven or a six,
do what works for you. At that base level eight, we’re going to start with a normal
walk for just one minute. Then we will continue to climb, keeping the speed an eight, and
adding on a glute extension. We aren’t making the speed any faster but
because we are adding that extension we have to walk a little bit faster up the stairs
to get the leg up behind us. So it will feel a little bit faster without changing the speed.
So again, even though we’re not changing the physical speed on the machine, we’re
still creating intervals and your heart rate is still going to get up. On that glute extension,
make sure you are really squeezing that butt as you lift and not just mindlessly lifting
it behind you. More squeeze means more booty work. We will then turn to one side and do a lateral
lock for one minute. Now here when you turn by all means hold onto one bar or both if
needed, just make sure your lower body is doing most of the work. An option is to add
an extension out to the side so that we work those adductors, and again make sure you are
squeezing at the top. So we are there for one minute and then we turn all the way to
the back, we are going to walk up the stairs backwards. Please hold the bars on this one.
I don’t want anyone falling, again just do your best to use your lower body, but I
don’t want anyone to let go and then fall because it is a little bit too easy when you’re
walking backwards to do that. There are no tricks for this interval, you
just walk and you think about what you are doing and it’s okay to have to think when
you work out because you actually burn more calories. So we are making a circle around the Stairmaster
because we go from the back then to the other side and laterally walk up the Stairmaster
that way. Again, option only if you want it, is to add that adductor work with the extension.
We make it back around to the front and we are going to go back to either a normal walk
or a walk with that glute extension that we did before. Then we have another minute, where
we’re walking with the glute extension, but the option here to make it even more challenging
if you wanted, is to skip a step. So again, we’re not changing the speed, but it is
going to feel faster and it is going to feel harder. Wow, who knew there were so many ways
to walk on a Stairmaster? So again that skip step is optional, make sure that you are in
the zone paying attention of what you are doing, I don’t want you to trip and fall. Now comes the peak moment in the workout.
We are exactly half way through and we are going to a burn out. It is a sprint, I want
you to go as fast as you can for one minute. So try to get anywhere from a 16 to a 20,
that’s going to feel really, really fast. The key is I want you to still be walking
really fast up the stairs, I don’t want you to be running. We are not trying to create
a dangerous environment here and if you can’t make it the whole minute, maybe you work your
way up, maybe you know you go to 13, 15, 17, every few seconds working your way up as fast
as you can throughout the course of the entire minute. Just make sure that you are challenging
yourselves and no running, just stepping quickly, you are not adding any dynamic (4:30 inaudible)
at all. All right after that sprint, I guarantee you
will need to recover, so take it back to the eight base level or whatever your base level
is, or you might even need to go a little bit lower, that’s okay. Take your minute
and recover. Now you see a lot of people walking on the Stairmaster at the gym, with their
arms resting and their entire body weight pretty much falling into the machine, they
are not using their body weight. I don’t want you to do this but if you need to do
it during recovery, that’s okay. After that minute though, try to stand back up and walk
normally not using your arms on the bars, even if you have to bring the speed down a
little bit. After that we’re going to repeat that first
segment going all the way around the Stairmaster one more time. So we walk with the glute extension,
we turn to the side and do lateral option with the adductor extension, we turn to the
back and walk backwards. We turn to the other side and do the lateral again optional with
the adductor extension and then again back to the front with the regular glute extension
or recovery. If you have no idea what I am saying, just look at the PDF. After that you
do not have another sprint, there is only one sprint and it’s in the very middle and
that is it. After you complete the other segment all the
way around the Stairmaster, you’re going back to recovery, you are bringing the heart
rate down. So take that speed down low, am talking like five or three. Let the heart
rate recover in those few minutes and you are done and you might need a few extra minutes
of walking either on the Stairmaster or off before you sit down because your heart rate
will get really, really high in this exercise. We never want to completely stop moving after
our heart rate gets really high up so make sure you take a good lengthy recovery. So there you have it guys, 20 minutes, it’s
quick, it’s dirty, it’s effective. I hope that you will give it a try, don’t forget
to download the PDF and take it with you on your tablet, phone or printed out. Don’t
forget to come back tomorrow because we’re posting every day in January and there are
still a few days left. And if you liked the workout videos, please comment below and let
me know if you want me to keep them going after the series is over. Let’s Kickstart
to a healthier you and remember it’s all a matter of Mind Over Munch.

100 thoughts on “StairMaster/Stairmill Booty Blasting Cardio Routine Workout – Mind Over Munch Kickstart Series

  1. I love workout Wednesday lol, especially the fact you give options. I can't do most of them because I had a stroke in 2013 age 35, my whole right side went weak. Had to learn to walk again and although it's not 100% I try and do something everyday. My physio we're complete and utter rubbish lol. Left me to sort myself out about a yr ago. I've just started exercising coz they told me there wasn't much I could do. Never bothered to see what I was able to do. So now I do my treadmill, ankle/wrist weights mostly on my ankles lol and resistance bands. Gona try squats this week 🙂 Thanks for all the inspiration xx

  2. YES YES YES !!! I DID IT! ! I did your workout like this last night for 20 minutes and i got 31 flights in a the 8 mph after leg day i love this machine and the intervals made it go fast. Thanks for sharing: )

  3. Definitely keep them going! It'll help diversify your channel to the point you'll want to create another YouTube account just for working out, ideas, its theory, etc. Two YouTube accounts up & running means a little extra dough on the side! xD Hopefully there's enough demand for it! Best of luck!

  4. Love your channel! Always cute and quirky! I love the stairmaster, I hop on it all the time. What I do is step as close to the side of the step and do a quick squat and then switch. If I do it fast enough, it feels like I'm speed skating! I'll try the stepping backwards, I've actually never thought of that. Keep workout Wednesday! What about the rowing machine or cable machine?

  5. great ideas!! i usually go backwards and sideways on the stairmaster in addition but wondered what else i could get out of this machine. thank you

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  16. Did this today, but skipped the backwards walking. The "sprinting" bit felt awesome. Need to print this out to keep 🙂 thanks!

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  18. Did this today, but skipped the backwards walking. I was sweating bullets and felt so great afterwards! Thank you so much, I always get so lost in the gym and want to make the most of my time there! Just started using the stairmaster and I am in love with the machine and this workout was amazing. The variety def. makes the time go faster and you def. feel good afterwards.

  19. I been doing this about twice a week now (since last week when I found your channel) and I can already feel the difference! Thank you!!!

  20. At the gym I went to, it had the machine you used and one that, instead of rotating stairs, had just two foot paddles that you stand on. I'm guessing that this workout should only be done on the one with the rotating steps? And I would LOVE more instructional videos! These are SO helpful!!!

  21. Just a question for you. I do 2000-2200 steps on the step-mill in 30 minutes every other day. I start off doing a couple mins of a little slower speed just to warm-up, and then I set it to 67-72 steps a second for the remainder. I am doing it strictly for the cardio, but I would also like to work my glutes a little harder. Taking 2 steps at a time really stresses my right knee to the point to where after the workout my knee just hurts for several days. I am unsure what to do, I have very weak glutes, and squats/deadlifts murder my back… I am working in butt-bridges into my routine to hopefully gain some glute strength. Your thoughts on my step-mill activity for trying to build glute strength, but at the same time keeping the stress off of my knee. My knee only hurts when I skip a step….

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  26. I have recently started going to the gym and have been wanting to try this machine. Is there anything you recommend to a beginner before trying this workout?

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  29. started doing this last year and this is the best thing. My butt feel lifted and tighter, lower back feels tighter and stomach even tightened up and of course my legs look leaner and tighter. I do this instead of treadmill because i have tendonitis in my foot but even tho i run the stairs now my foot isnt bothered like if i ran or walked the treadmill. And people look at me crazy because nobody is doing this or wants to even mess with a dang stairmaster, it's the devil. I once thought that but somebody challenged me to do it and i came across this vid for a good workout and its been heaven since.So thanks

  30. Just wanted to say this workout changed my whole life! I've seen so many people not use the machine and had I not watched this I might have done the same thing. This workout is definitely a KILLER and all your tips are spot on. Thanks lady! I recommend everyone do this if you have no idea what you're doing it's awesome

  31. I tried this yesterday and almost died at minute 5 lol.. Girl, you make it look easy. It will def be a challenge but i will work up to minute 20 🙂

  32. Is there another link to get the PDF to this? I tried clicking the link but it brought me to a jalepeno dip and I couldn't find it on the website 🙁

  33. Love this work out. I tried it today but only made it to 8 minutes. I will keep working my way up. you make it look so easy 😅

  34. Unless it is your own, personal NOT walk up backwards. The benefits are minimal and the risk is maximal. One day you will mess it up. Lateral yes, after using it for a good while, backwards…NOOOOO.

  35. I have always wondered where the gals at the gym got the idea that back kicks at the stairmaster is a good idea. So this is ONE of the places, hmmmm.

  36. Hi.
    great video! do you have one for the spin bike? PS i have recently started the stairclimber. I am age 70. I can do 20 min. now but my max speed is a 5 and I can't hold that for longer than 2 minutes. I sort of hang out at a 3 or 4. I monitor my heart rate and do have to back it down when I go over 150. My fitbit tracker2 doesn't track well at all on the stairclimber and … That's totally disappointing because it is such hard work. I wear a chest strap and the stairclimber machine as an example indicates a HR of 150 and the watch reads a maximum HR of 106 with a 89 BPM average for 10 minutes. I don't think so!!!!! Anyway, would love a video by you for SPIN BIKE WORKOUT. thanks!

  37. My hands almost fall asleep when im on this or the front of shoulders/front arms get tight. I do NOT lean on the railings. I let my hands gently rest on the side railings or at my sides. Does anyone have a similar experience or ways to prevent the tightness in my front arms/shoulders or hands falling asleep? It only happens on the stairmaster

  38. Can you email me I like the gym the stairmaster and the treadmill I have to hold on I’m spina bifida have a balance issue but I have to hold the bars on in machines can I still lose weight email me at [email protected]

  39. I'm going to try this but being a complete beginner I may have to adapt it initially as I'm prone to dizziness and clumsiness and do not want to fall off 🙈

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