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St. Joseph’s London Parkwood Institute Tour of the Veterans Care Program

welcome to the veterans care program at
Parkwood Institute which is part of the St. Joseph’s Healthcare London family of
services the colorful history of care for veterans in London dates back to the
1940’s culminating in the warm and welcoming facility where our
veterans live today at Parkwood Institute veterans benefit by having
their physical mental emotional and spiritual needs met by our skilled
interdisciplinary team the care we provide his residence focused and we
encourage veterans and their family members to participate in care planning
our facility is on beautiful grounds close to the Westminster Palace
conservation area the gardens in walkway surrounding the buildings provide great
places to walk or relax and visit with family and friends as veterans care is
part of the larger Parkwood Institute it’s easy to take advantage of our
spacious indoor and outdoor environment to stay active and engaged in all
seasons and to become part of the vibrant and caring park with community
veterans have many opportunities to develop friendships and share
experiences with other veterans historical events such as the day and
Remembrance Day are commemorated annually and a source of pride to the
entire Parkwood Institute community our unique veterans arts program offers a
variety of traditional and contemporary art and craft activities in three
studios this program gives veterans the opportunity to work socialized learn new skills and create
beautiful and useful objects an extensive therapeutic recreation program
ensures veterans can engage in activities that contribute to rewarding
quality of life for them from summer camp to gardening to bingo to Legion activities to
concerts there is always lots to see and do veterans care is one of five main
programs offered at Parkwood Institute other services include complex care
rehabilitation specialized geriatric services and mental health care

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