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Specialty Expedite™ the time-saving, onboarding solution for specialty medications.

At CVS Specialty, we’re always innovating to support the patients we serve. It’s no easy task to get a specialty prescription processed, especially when prior authorization is required. There’s a lot of back and forth by phone, fax and email, and these antiquated systems can cause frustration and increase the potential for errors. On average, it takes 7 days to complete specialty prescription onboarding and, at times, up to 3 weeks to get patients their medication. This process often leaves the patient in the dark about the status of their medication and delays the start of treatment. Everyone is negatively impacted — the patient, the prescriber, and the practice. But CVS Specialty has the solution to improve all that. Introducing Specialty Expedite, a time-saving enhancement that streamlines our prior authorization and benefits verification process to get patients their medication faster. Connected seamlessly through EHR systems, we securely gather patient information the same way doctors share information with each other. It’s an innovative onboarding solution for specialty medications. With Specialty Expedite, what used to take up to 3 weeks is reduced to as soon as 3 days. Patients can opt-in to receive real-time prescription status texts and email updates. So they can be informed throughout the whole process, eliminating the need to call the practice to check on the status of their medications. The result? A better onboarding experience for all and a better way to keep everyone informed. And getting started with Specialty Expedite is easy, and your system may already be activated and ready to go. Specialty Expedite, less burden, care sooner. For more information or questions on how to get started, contact your CVS Specialty account representative today.

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