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Speak Malay Like a Local – Lesson 9:  At the Clinic / Feeling Sick

Hello and welcome to my channel ‘Learn to
Speak Malay Like a Local’. My name is Lisa and today I would like to teach you how to
communicate with the people around you if you’re not feeling very well. Kind of like the way I’m feeling right now. So… Let’s start with… I’ve prepared a bunch of Q&As that you might encounter and this video might be a bit long because of that because I’m covering the process from you telling your boss that you’re not feeling well, and going to the doctor’s,
and then speaking to the receptionist before actually talking to the doctor. Okay so, let’s say you’re going to work and
you feel a bit under the weather and you want to tell your boss or your colleague that you’re not feeling very well. So you can say Saya rasa tak beberapa sihat. Saya rasa tak beberapa sihat. So to say tak beberapa sihat is to say I’m
not feeling very well. It’s not to say I’m very sick, it’s just a very mild way to say
that you’re feeling slightly under the weather. And then your boss or your colleague might ask, Awak demam ke? And in Malay that sounds like… Sorry. I just told you in Malay when I should be
saying in English. Your boss might ask you do you have a fever? And you can… How that sounds like is Awak demam ke? So that’s your boss (or your colleague) asking you if you have a fever. And if you’re not too sure if you have a fever yet, you just have a bunch of symptoms, you know like headaches or a stomach ache, then you can say that you’re not sure. So in Malay you can say Saya tak pasti. Or you can say I don’t know. Tak tau lah. And if you want to say Maybe, you can say
Mungkin, or the more informal version you can say Ye kot? But I would probably just use Ye kot for friends, people you are closer to. If you want to be more formal, especially when you’re talking
to your boss, you want to say Mungkin. And then you can continue with I’ve been having headaches or stomach aches since morning. And in Malay, that sounds like Saya pening
kepala dan sakit kepala (I meant to say perut, not kepala) dari pagi lagi. And the word Sakit means Pain, so you can
use it for a lot of different body parts. So if you want to say you have a head ache,
you can say Sakit kepala. So it literally means your head is in pain. Or if you have a stomach ache, you can say
Perut sakit. And maybe if you ran a marathon the weekend before, you can say that Kaki sakit which means that your legs are in pain. Or maybe you were over-exerting yourself when you were gardening during the weekend, and you hurt your back, you can say Belakang sakit. So Sakit can be applied to any body part.
It just means pain. And then your boss or your colleague might ask you Have you gone to see the doctor? And in Malay that sounds like Dah jumpa doktor? And if you want to say you have, Yes I have,
you can say Sudah. So the word Sudah means… Sudah means ‘finished’ or ‘you have (done
something)’ and the short form is ‘Dah’. So if you noticed, the question before, when people ask you, “Have you seen the doctor?” Dah jumpa doktor? The ‘dah’ is actually the short form of ‘Sudah’. So it can also sound like, “Sudah jumpa doktor?” And you can say, “Sudah,” if you have. And if you haven’t, and you want to say, “Not yet,” You can say, “Belum lagi.” So if you want to go see the doctor now, you can say I will go now. Saya pergi sekarang lah. And you can say Saya pergi sekarang… Saya (I) Pergi (is to go) and Sekarang (is now) But I put the word lah there. Lah is not actually a word. It’s more like a… Uhm… Just… Some expression that Malaysians love to insert all over their sentences because it… It sort of makes the sentence sound less curt. For instance, if you want to say I will go
now, you can say Saya pergi sekarang. But Saya pergi sekarang sounds rather abrupt. So if you say lah, it sounds softer like Saya pergi sekarang lah. So it’s a bit like, I’ll be taking my leave now, you know that kind of tone. Saya pergi sekarang lah. And that’s not the only application of lah
but that’s one of it. Or if you want to go later, let’s say you want to say, I will go later during lunchtime, then you can say Saya pergi sekejap lagi lah waktu makan tengahari. Saya pergi sekejap lagi lah. You know, it sounds softer. Okay. Now. For the next section, when you’re actually
at the clinic, obviously you will have to go… You will have to talk to the receptionist
first. So… Usually they would greet you first by saying
Can I help you? In Malay, it is Boleh saya bantu? And if you want to say Can I please see the
doctor? I don’t feel very well. Then in Malay you can say Boleh jumpa doktor tak? Saya rasa tak sihat. And then usually the receptionist will say
Please have a seat, I will call your name (when it’s your turn). And in Malay, they usually just say Sila duduk dulu, nanti saya panggil nama. Okay. And then, once it’s your turn, they will call
for your name. And… You are in the same room as the doctor. *I need to take some medicine* And the doctor will ask What’s the matter? And in Malay that will sound like Sakit apa? And the literal translation for sakit apa is What pain? What kind of pain do you have? And you can say all your ailments. I’m just going to give you the common ones. Headaches, stomach ache and feeling nauseous, like you want to throw up. So I have a headache. Saya pening kepala. Saya… I have a stomach ache. Saya sakit perut. I feel nauseous. Saya rasa mual. Or saya rasa nak muntah. So nauseous is mual. The feeling of wanting to throw up. Atau… Or if you want to say I’ve been vomiting,
you can say Saya muntah-muntah. So muntah is to vomit. And to say muntah-muntah means that you’ve been doing a lot of throwing up. And the doctor might ask you How long have you been experiencing this? And in Malay that sounds like Sejak bila rasa macam ni? And if you want to say Since last night, you
can say Sejak malam tadi lagi. Atau (Or)… If you want to say Last night you can say
Malam tadi or Malam semalam. It… Malam tadi sounds very recent because Tadi literally means Just now. So like Just now last night, like very recently last night. But either way. Malam tadi or Malam semalam are… Can refer to Last night. And I’m not going to go through the diagnosis because I’m going to say something wrong and some doctors are going to be angry with me. So I’m just going to jump straight to I will
give you some medicine. And usually they will ask you do you need a MC, especially if they see that your condition is not very, very good. In Malay, that sounds like Saya akan beri
ubat. Nak MC tak? And… Who doesn’t want a MC? So you can say Yes I want a MC. And in Malay you can just say Nak. Nak means Want. So the… The… It is the short form of Hendak, but we always just say Nak. Yes I want. Or if you’re feeling stoic and you just want to work anyway, you can say No need, thank you. So No need in Malay is Tak perlu. Or you just can say… You can say Don’t want which is Tak nak. And the doctor might ask you Is there anything else? Ada apa-apa lagi tak? And if you want to say No, that’s all, thank you doctor, you can say Tak ada, itu saja. No, that’s all. Tak ada. Tak ada means There’s nothing. Nothing else. And that’s all is Itu saja. And Thank you, doctor. Terima kasih, doktor. Don’t forget to say thank you. Yeah. Because… They see lots of sick people every day all day long. I’m sure it makes them miserable as well so… I’m sure it’s a tough job. Okay. Yeah. I think I’m going to take a nap after this. I hope that was helpful and I’m sorry if I’ve been rambling a bit. And sorry this video is a bit long. But yeah,
I wanted to cover as much as possible. And… Happy Belated Christmas and Happy Holidays. And I hope you have a lovely New Year. I will see you next year then. In 2018. Byebye. Hopefully in better health!

41 thoughts on “Speak Malay Like a Local – Lesson 9: At the Clinic / Feeling Sick

  1. Hai, pendapat saya ayat yang betul ialah, saya berasa tidak sihat/saya merasakan diri saya tidak sihat. Penggunaan perkataan 'beberapa' tu seperti kurang tepat pula.

  2. Hi Lisa, i have some questions, please help clarify:
    1. Perut saya sakit (my stomach pains) does this sentence make sense?

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Saya muntah muntah dari sejak malam tadi lagi = I have been throwing up since last night. Is it correct? Btw, how to ask "is it correct" in Malay? thanks heaps

  4. Yes I am living in Malaysia and people always use okay lah and I always wondered what it meant but now I know 😁

  5. In your previous videos, you used to underline words what actually sound, can you please follow in coming videos.

  6. Hi lisa i started watching you recently and I'm trying to catch your lessons to move properly but I'm afraid it won't works well with me because it will be much on my mind so how many lesson do you advice me to take every week ?
    Lastly i really thank you very much and your effort is appreciated.

  7. Thanks, lived in Malaysia for four years and this has been the best way I've found to try and learn Malay. I"m terrible with languages.

  8. Thank you lisa for your useful video's in Malay language, am so concerns to learn Malay language really,blessing you

  9. Tumpang tanyah saya nak minta awak satu sualan ?can i help you ?can't be poleh saya tolong awak? why using bantu?

  10. You are an excellent teacher – terima kasih. I am from Canada and will be travelling to Malaysia soon. Cannot wait to try my hand (or mouth) at speaking Malay – like a local!

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