ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Series 2 Episode 5: Warning about Varying Your Medications

hi so I've spoken about the adverse effects of taking medications whether they're sleeping tablets or psychotropic drugs for antidepressants assess our eyes and other psychotropic drugs there are a number of classes of different drugs that are being prescribed for sleep disorders and for mental health issues so when I was saying there are side effects when do the side effects actually occur so some side effects can be quite quick dangerously fast in fact I know that some doctors when you go on an antidepressant they actually tell you to watch your child or what's yourself carefully in the next week for example for increased evidence of suicidal ideation or adverse effects along those lines but this video I'm actually doing to warn you that it's not just when you go on the medications that it's a problem but it might be increasing the dose decreasing the dose swapping medications adding medications multiple medications is an area that everyone agrees that is a totally gray area so if you're taking medications for one physical ailment and then you start taking another medication for another ailment and sometimes even people are in the range of polypharmacy of taking a range of drugs all the clinical trials and testing that has been done on a particular drug to make it legally passed through the Therapeutic Goods Administration or the FDA they are not tested as counter indications with other drugs so in combination drugs are completely unknown scene and you should know that as well this is a risk so to finish this video if you actually start researching the information from Professor Peter goodso or Robert Whittaker some of the world experts on these drugs and you decide that you want to come off these drugs then you need to get expert help with tapering very very slowly off these drugs in a way that you can manage the tapering stage so if suicidal ideation and suicide was a side effect of the medications coming on them it can also be a side effect of the medications while you're coming off so this is a very serious warning and there are experts on the internet to help you do this but I have to say there are not very many experts that I see in Australia who are experts on this I often hear people just being given another drug oh that didn't work so we'll try this other thing and you can get into some serious pickle doing this sort of swapping increasing doses decreasing doses coming off medications and going on medications and mixing medications then there are the issues with mixing the mood for alcohol and recreational drugs and whatever else is happening as coping mechanisms that people use with sleep disorders and mental health issues

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