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Self Care Tips for Bad Mental Health Days | Ahsante the Artist

*singing* Hey, It’s Ahsante and today we’re talking
about mental health. Sometimes I get into a depressive funk, it
may last a day, it may last a few days. There are different reasons, sometimes it’s
stress or anxiety, sometimes I’m frustrated with myself or my life in general. And sometimes I just wake up sad and don’t
want to get out of bed. And I feel like we all feel some variation
of that, whether it’s more or less intense, sometimes you have to get yourself out of
a funk So in this video I want to talk about some
tricks you can use to safeguard your mental health and some tips I use to kickstart myself
when I’m feeling down. The topic for this video was actually chosen
by my patrons on Patreon. Huge thank you to all of my patrons for supporting
my work. If you like my videos and want them to continue,
then consider just checking out my patreon page. I just revamped it, new and improved, Patreon.con/Ahsantetheartist My patrons help me to keep this channel going,
and if you do join of my patreon fam then you’ll get perks like being able to influence
the topics of videos like this one. To celebrate hitting my first patreon goal
I’m doing this video answering questions from patrons so I got one about mental health,
but I also got one from Kathy Trindhart who asked Who are a few people with whom you would absolutely
love to collaborate? (Besides Ash, which sounds super fun!) My last video if you haven’t seen it is a
collab with Ash Hardell, and we talked about gender and sexuality, and it was super cool
to have them on my channel. There are a lot of people who I would really
love to collab with. Kat Blaque is awesome and she’s another black
women creative who does stuff about social issues so working with her would be really
dope. Kat Lazo is also super woke and awesome. Lauren Fairweather is just a sweetheart and
an old school youtuber fave. Evelyn from the Internets and Hallease are
both super talented, and Evelyn is maybe the most naturally funny person I know, hilarious. I’d love to have Hannah Witton on my channel,
I’d love to have Rosianna on my channel, there are a lot of people and I’ll link them all
in the description. And then Jamie Hand asked Do you ever have a day that gets way off-track,
or feel lousy about yourself and like everything is too much? If so, what are your go-to tricks/what have
you tried *in the moment* to feel better/recognize that everything is okay/have a calmer end
to your day? Yes, absolutely. And I have 5 tips that I will share. For me a lot of the times when I feel like
that, I realize that I haven’t danced. So my first trick is to get moving. I feel the most alive when I’m dancing,
I feel like the most like myself when I’m dancing, I love expressing myself physically. And I’ve realized something about myself
personally is that I need to dance in order to feel ok. So if I’m feeling in a funk, I’ll throw
on a song and give a good dance break for at least 10 minutes. Even if it’s a sad song, and I just move
to the rhythm and feel the groove for a while. And I always feel better afterwards. So get physical – whether it’s dancing,
doing jumping jacks, stretching, some people like running which I don’t understand, but
anything that gets you going physically – I think exercise just makes you feel better My second trick is to go outside I feel like I spend most of my days pent up
between concrete walls. I find that I’m very introspective particularly
when I’m at home and in private places like my bedroom. And when I’m introspective is when I can
start nitpicking at myself and having those negative thought spirals. And so getting out of my space, outside, into
public can get me out of my own head. It can be refreshing to go out, get some fresh
air, and a change of scenery. Particlarly if it’s a nice day, you could
go for a walk, I really like working outside whenever I can. And even if it’s cold or rainy, just going
to the corner store and buying an apple can help ground you and get out of your head into
the real world. Another trick is to use music to your advantage. Getting into a good song can really change
your mood. Maybe you have a favorite song that you’re
really into right now, and listening to that feels good. A lot of times I’ll get a new jam, I really
like songs with a driving beat, and I’ll get into a groove. That will become my let’s get it done let’s
get it done, song hey, let’s get it done. Sometimes I’ll just have the song on repeat,
headphones on, and use that song to get me in the zone and keep me there. I also wake up to my one of my favorite songs
that gets me motivated in the morning, that song is my alarm sound. It’s Move On Up the extended version by
Curtis Mayfield which is what I sang in the intro. So that helps me with getting out of bed in
the morning. And music can also be soothing at night. I find that the nighttime as I’m laying
in bed can be when some of my worst bouts of mental health are. I replay things over and over, a lot of worries
come bubbling up to the surface, I have racing thoughts. So I have a sleepy time playlist, that I use
to help my mind just focus on a familiar song, wind down, calm down, stop racing, just listen. I think I’ll post my playlists as a behind
the scenes perk on Patreon. So if you’re interested in my nighttime
playlist or my getting work done songs, I’ll be sharing them there. Another thing that I will do in the moment
is to say an affirmation. Now I do have my wall of affirmations that
I say in the morning, and I might do a whole other video on affirmations, let me know in
the comments if you guys would be interested in that. But even in the moment it can be helpful to
go back to those affirmations, or saying something informal like, “You’ve got this, Ahsante,
you’re fine. You’re ready. You can handle this. You’re fine”. Saying things out loud to hype yourself up,
calling yourself out by name, I find helps me to move forward. And lastly I keep a gratitude journal. I find that the days I don’t want to do
this journal are the days when I most need to do it. In it I list at least 3, ideally 5 things
that I’m grateful for that happened today. And I do it before bed, because 1, that’s
when I’m doing a lot of reflecting thinking about what well and what didn’t and I always
want to end on the positive. And 2 I think it’s better to go to bed in
a potitive headspace. I don’t want to go to bed stewing or angry
or anxious, because I won’t have as restful of a sleep and I’m likely wake up anxious
or in a bad mood. If I go to bed and the last thing I think
about is negative, that negativity carries over into the next day. So by looking for the positives in my life,
I set the tone for the night and for the next day. Huge thank you to Jaime and Kathy for the
questions, and to all my patreon patrons for helping make these videos possible. Their names are listed in the description,
and the next 5 people to join my Patreon will be listed in the description as well. So just check it out poke around. In the comments, let me know if you have any
tips for handling bad mental health days, let’s all learn from each other. As always, remember to live spiritedly and
think creatively, and I will see you next time. What’s been making me happy lately is Twitter’s
reaction to Taylor Swift’s new single and music video teaser. I retweeted a few of them, The commentary
and Beyonce comparisons are hilarious. Shoutout to the new subscribers coming over
from Ash, how you doing? And I’m really happy that I’ve gotten
a great response from queer and ace friends after that collab. It’s nice to feel supported and understood,
and not alone, so thank you. Welp, I’m going to go get some fresh air,
maybe do a little dance. I’ll be right back! POP

46 thoughts on “Self Care Tips for Bad Mental Health Days | Ahsante the Artist

  1. Up and moving & outside are usually my go to options too πŸ™‚ Usually a walk outside ^^ Also, music, yes! I have music that reminds me of pretty much every part of my life, so if I wanna feel a certain way, music is the way to go πŸ™‚ Depending on what's getting me down, getting some shit done can also help, like doing the dishes and seeing the clean kitchen.
    Something that calms my mind while still not overwhelming with stimulation is great when I'm stressed, something creative like baking, sewing, drawing… If a lot of stuff is going on, that's just a perfect way to take a break, my brain has still enough room to reflect and think, but not enough to stress out, and I still feel like I'm doing something productive and not just wasting time πŸ™‚
    And friends. If possible offline, or at least video chat. I feel the worst when I haven't been able to socialise with people I like in a while. So yeah, most importantly friends, even if that's the most difficult to do.
    Affirming yourself that you're ok is a great thing to do! It's so useful! Especially seeing things like that written down/hear them out loud πŸ™‚ I'd like a video on that ^_^

  2. Love ya girl! Not the love love but you get me. I'm always excited when I see another vid of yours idk WHY but your videos just make me feel happier.

  3. An affirmation video sounds good xx I do a gratitude journal too and use an affirmation: be yourself everyone else is taken xx

  4. Whenever I'm feeling down, it's so humbling to look at my gratitude journal and remind myself how much I have to be thankful for. Yay for talking about mental health. Great video πŸ™‚

  5. I know they really don't work for some people, but lately I've been using ASMR videos to help with my anxiety.

  6. Best pj shorts ever! Great video!

    PS- One of my tips is to watch something funny. Like a netflix show, a comedy sketch on YT or reaction videos (AFV) to make you laugh, I think it helps…oh and my secret weapon, pray!

  7. I loovvee this, thank you so much Ahsante! I'm honored to have my question answered so thoughtfully and creatively! It's so cool because I also LOVE dancing, and when I'm dancing and/or singing is usually when I feel most myself! So I love the reminder to dance! Also I used to think it was just me who danced in my room for self care, so it's cool to see that you do it too. πŸ˜€ And also on the running front…not a fan, especially since my knees are sensitive to the high impact of running. Though I do love other forms of exercise. πŸ˜€

    During finals weeks (so much stress) I've also done the one-song-on-repeat method to get things done. I've never had a sleepy time playlist, though, and also not waking up to a song, so I might try that! Mid-afternoon and evenings right before bed are often the hardest emotional time for me. Writing out a list of what I'm going to do the next day is really helpful for me in the evenings because it helps me see the day as something I can do (and sometimes am really excited about!), as opposed to a blob of terrifying unknowns where "everything could go wrong."

    I do have a gratitude journal, but I often do it in the morning, not evening (and sometimes I don't make time for it, but I feel better when I do). Doing it in the evening to calm me down is a good thought, though. I used to have a wall of affirmations, when I was in one of my lowest emotional states, and it was really helpful. But I haven't done consistent affirmations in a few years, so maybe I'll do that again, too. πŸ™‚ I'm excited to see your affirmations video if you do one!

  8. Great tips Ahsante! We'd love to help with much needed self-care on the regular. We're a monthly lifestyle box that promotes all forms of self-care, especially through reading, and celebrates your individual approach, featuring new release books from authors of color, loose leaf tea and 100% soy candles! Check us out at

  9. Going outside makes a huge difference for me too! Sometimes it's the hardest thing to do, but it always works for me! Dancing is such a good idea! I'm having a bit of a bad day today so I'm going to put a song on (1,2, Step probably πŸ˜…), do a dance and walk my dog! Thanks so much for the tips!

  10. i frikin LOVE running! But I couldnt tell you why! It's v uncomfortable and feeling sore is horrible. Just need to move! Fast!!
    I guess I like to expend excess energy as quickly as possible and running around helps me or really forces me to calm down after a big spurt of self indulging and distracting excitement.

  11. That's Kind of cruel. People Klick on this video to get help for their mental issues and get begging for money and a Q&A. I know you Talk about it in the end, but If I have an anxiety attack stuff like this is very frustrating and can ruin part of a day. How do I explain? If you are in this state of mind you barely search for help. And If you are brave enough to do so it is a huge dissapointment if someone only tries to benefit from you for Klicks in this Moment. Please don't do this again. There are enough other topics you can talk about

  12. The dance break πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ‘ my life right there! It works as well as music playlist

  13. New Sub been struggle with this no one knows about this but I’m getting myself through it thank you πŸ™πŸ½

  14. Moving around and getting yourself motivated to do shit is really difficult. Gratitude journals are pretty useful but are even more effective when you've accumulated a few small wins πŸ™‚

  15. i'm a runner and i don't understand runners' high. I'm blessed with it tho, helps me run away from the negative thoughts and focus on breathing. Dancing high might be ur blessing, dancing gets me winded lol

  16. Hey! I'm so glad I found you from that calab! I also use music, and I love the idea of the dancing and the gratitude journal. Definitely gonna try those.

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