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100 thoughts on “Selena Gomez Talks New Music, Mental Health, and Finding Happiness

  1. Selena Gomez is almost 30 years old her birthday is July 22

    She still looks 18

    She doesn’t age

    She has found the fountain of youth

  2. I am glad he says aluminum is not good for you but can he talk about how aluminum in the vaccines!! It is topic to talk about the ingredients I didn’t expect a deodorant ad !! Glad she Great advocate for mental health !! And how down to earth she is !

  3. i suffer from schizo effective and i would be in a out of mental hospitals and wizard of waverly place would be on every other day and i was thinking to myself this is the type of humors i love but i get back lash from people who would be sports fanatics or jus want to listen to music or rap or rock or roll or somthing and i be i love someone who can speak their mind
    yet when i was speaking i was imprison and my own thought

  4. I am so happy for her ♥️ She did not only get herself out of everything and be happy… but is also helping the #jelena fans to get over everything and be happy for her and not be sad and appreciate her being herself againnn . And now this is Selena and she isn’t hurting and her happiess does not depend on anyone or anything . SHE FOUND HERSELF ♥️

  5. I will forever be in love with the way Selena presents herself, as a human being. She always seems such a nice person, honest and very intelligent and mature. She is truly a good example for young people too.

  6. Why is she contradicting herself but also calling herself genuine and honest. Like she said she didn't want to get out of bed signaling depression. Yet she says she is the happiest. She says she is super single when she dated Justin last year. But she is not ready to date again. She keeps contradicting. She wanted people to know she is happy. Then why release a song on her breakup a year after his wedding. Smh. She is not stable. Her songs should have been about candies and flowers and finding love again or random topics not a breakup if she is really so happy. She is very insecure but tries to come off as mature and happy to shade her haters. This woman will never be truly happy. Deep down she is not.

  7. Mental health : I love how she’s bringing it to the table! 🌻
    She’s incredibly ahead and it’s admirable how she’s taking everyone on that journey with her.
    PS: when she refers to CBT it’s Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, but she’s correctly referring to cognitive distortions, which are the ways we misinterpret reality in a way that makes it feel bad, while they can be transformed into useful and positive ones, especially with therapy.
    I’m a CBT Practitioner 😁
    And you, reading this… I hope you’re having a good day ✨

  8. She's wearing the same shirt as in beats 1 and amp radio interviews. Must have been the same day. No wonder she seems exhausted!

  9. Dear Selena Gomez I've been a supporting you since day one and used to have been one of the greatest singers that I ever did hear in my life and you will always be the sexiest woman alive

  10. The one thing I will comment on…while I love Selena’s heart, I’ve noticed in multiple (recent) interviews she always brings up emotions because the fact that she’s a woman? Like “yeah, you know WE women just feel things and cry because that’s what WOMEN do”
    It surprisingly closed minded of her view on femininity. I don’t think she means that way, but what she is saying is soo untrue.

  11. It's over saturated now in 2019 you have podcasts and talk shows up the ass I swear…but hey at least Selena Gomez is on I'm watching this video cus I love SG❤👸🙄🙌

  12. Selena new song is a bunch of bullshit, She should have recorded that a year ago or at least released it a year ago, I'm not being rude at all it is just my opinion

  13. basically Zach: "i saw the signs and i ignored it" "so what did justin do to fuck you up?"

    Selena: redirects question but still answers it "well you know, we've all had that moment…"

  14. love that Zach is being really honest in this modern world by just admitting in front of selena and his listeners/watchers that he is a 26 year old virgin! as a 27 years old virgin, i am so happy to see a person like him! if i were a celebrity, i’d love to have an interview session with him just to learn about his life and point of view.

  15. i like how you advertise the clips channel at the end of the interview even though you dont expect anyone to watch the whole interview

  16. Love you my beautiful babe princess queen. If I got to date you I’ll do anything to make you happy babe. But I know for sure I’ll not be the one dating u next but whoever is he will be a lucky dude & I hope he genuinely makes u feel the happiest than your past relationships

  17. I love how real she is and how much she loves her fans. Shes such a beautiful person and a great influence for girls and women today.

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  19. I feel like zach was being graceful in avoiding dropping names and dan was just trying to get some tea. I hope Sabrina Carpenter sees this next time he gets all flirty

  20. Apple sponsored her to make a video with the new camera and then used everyone's data to promote her music video. now that's what you call big business

  21. I love her interview! she is such an intelligent human, who has clearly went through a lot, but has worked hard to get better and feel happy. I respect her a lot. She is an inspiration and the leading voice of many people who have felt like she has.

  22. I’ve been following her fame journey since the wizards of Waverley place days. She’s so eloquent and mature compared to her peers!

  23. I had to look up your show to see who I was listening to every night on my drive home. I remembered hearing a clip or you talking about this interview and wowsers. I love selena's music and her choice to step back from the limelight for awhile. This perfectly portrays her as a human, although I must say I enjoy the earlier love/lusty songs more than the aftemath. Could be the different songwriters I guess but she picks them. Still a huge fan.

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  25. GOD loves you SELENA_,.
    Later i know when justin get OLDER_he will understand That he LOSTA A GEM. For now he is earthly_and focusing in onething_,. And thats what hailey can offer cause selena is in another- level of her life. AND the saying says"if you love someone-set him free. If he come back you are really meant to be". HOPING AND PRAYING- SELENA will FIND her KING that who trully LOVE HER and will not CHEAT her. Later, also this wify of jb- if she gets older will understand and appreciate selena as a woman with class and kindness-REAL KINDNESS!

  26. Я уверен многие парни так же как и я хотели бы оказвться между ножек у такой крвсотки!)

  27. Очень бы хотелось долго и очень нежно целовать и ласкать у такой красавицы)!

  28. she is one of those people i could listen to talk all day. the intelligence she has and wisdom she gives is incredible and i always find myself to be more and more inspired by her after every interview.

    Lose to love me this is the best ever song title in musik history from one from the best singer,beautiful womwan ever!💖💗💝💗💗💓❣

    Lose you to love me this is the best ever song title in musik history from one from the best singer,beautiful womwan ever!💖💗💝💗💗💓❣

  31. I LOVE how she said that mental health should be addressed into school because so many kids go into school and don’t know about it and how to heal or understand and it’s not talked about. It’s something that I think SHOULD be spoken about in schools. I also loved how she spoke about how helpful DBT is for her because it is for me too. This is awesome. We need more of this.

  32. Yes she's one of the most beautiful human being (inside,out) & one of the most inspiring human being.

  33. The way she talk looking her eyes theres a sadness inside and i feel she’s hurt 😔 I love you Selena i adore you and people inspires you so much❤️

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