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Secrets of taking a Homeopathic Case

I must say that this was
a great surprise for me… to see so many people coming
from so far places like Brazil. I hear, I got some information
from your teacher. She told me that you are using
low potencies mostly. Who is using high
potencies from Brazil? You are using high potencies. OK. So I don’t know
what you have heard… about my teaching. Most probably you hear
that I am using high potencies. This is not true. I use from very low
to very high potencies. Depending on the case. Very low or very high. So what I wanted to say
as an introduction… that I respect whatever
helps a sick person… …to become better. Whatever. Especially if the problem
is chronic, deep and severe. We have problems in such cases. I don’t how much
of such cases… I don’t know the general
health state of Brazil. But seeing the dancers… I consider them
as a very healthy… as a very healthy population. When I see these people
I say “My God!” This is the acme of health. Brazilians have great health. I see from your responds… you are not, most probably,
you are not facing the problems… that we face here
in Europe… and North America… which is that the general
population is so degenerated… in their health… that we have big problems
in treating such cases. Big problems. So you are lucky
because with homeopathy… If homeopathy is spread all over
Brazil you can keep the population… in a very good state of health. The general population. Here in Europe
we lost our chance. And I will explain to you more. You see, there are people
who are treating with vitamins. People who are treating
with minerals. Ok? People who are treating with herbs. And what they called all kinds
complementary things… in health market. All these products
act upon the physical body. So if by chance somebody
has a lack of a vitamin… and you give the right vitamin
he feels better. If by chance somebody
has lack of a mineral… and you give this mineral
he will feel better. So treating on the physical body… is the most easy way
of treating people. If somebody has a tumor, takes
out the tumor and feels better. The problem is when the disease
is more complicated. It is not so simple. It is not a lack of mineral
or a lack of vitamin But it is a much deeper problem… where we have
autoimmune diseases… in neuro-muscular diseases. In diseases
that have been the effect… of several generations
that inherited… gave to the children
a bad health already. So… actually when I came into
Homeopathy, first time in 1960… 54 years ago… I perceived that was practice.
It was only with low potencies. Low potencies. And when I investigated
about the results… I found out that there was
some amelioration. I took this mixers
of three, four, five remedies… and had an amelioration. I took this mineral
and I had an amelioration etc. So the amelioration was there
but the cure, the real cure, was not. That means we are able
to keep somebody… on a certain level,
tolerably well. But the actual problem
was never eradicated. Do I speak slowly? It’s OK. So the kind of homeopathy… that gives
three, four, five remedies… on a low potency
is easy. Why is easy? Because we have established
that if somebody has headaches… the best remedies for headaches
are this and that remedies… you give all of them. Sometimes you separate
three, four… first you give the first ten
then you give the second ten… then the third ten. Somewhere the headache
is going to be modified. This is the easy homeopathy… which I understand
that it is necessary… because the other way… that means
finding the similimum… it takes too much time
so much investigation… so much effort
and so much study… before you can give
the remedy. So when you use these measures
low potencies, herbs, minerals etc you are treating
the physical body… you are treating… you are affecting mostly
the physical body. But the physical body, we, as humans
we don’t have only physical body. We have also part of us
which is not physical. It is psychological.
It’s emotional. And it’s mental. Ok? So it is psychosomatic remedy,
psychosomatic medicine… that we are dealing with. What I have found out quite early… it was that if by chance
or by study… you have given
the correct remedy… there was a kind of rejuvenation,
a kind of explosion of the organism. It was touching the immune system
in it’s very deepest core… and the immune system
was mobilized. There was an immediate reaction
and after an initial aggravation… you have a fantastic effect. Sometimes unbelievable effect. You know the people of you… you have seen such cases,
I am sure… that you don’t believe on the
effect of the homeopathic remedy… of the correct
homeopathic remedy. So here you have come to learn
how can you find and can apply… the correct homeopathic remedy. This is the idea.
You see… Those who have learnt
this art, this science… they become so successful that
then can have anything they like. But before you can become
successful… you must be dedicated
in studying… and, how can I say… and make this knowledge
real your way of life. You see, homeopathy is very…
is magical. Is very attractive. Because the moment that
you have in front of you a patient… which suffering for years… and you have attained
the art and the science… to bring back health
to this person… which has been suffering
for 10-15 years… it’s like a miracle.
Sounds like a miracle. It’s not a miracle,
it’s matter of knowledge… of understanding
what you are doing. The other you can ameliorate, it’s
good, you do not know how to do it. But if you learn how to do it
it’s a tremendous difference… between amelioration and cure. Tremendous difference. It’s a battle. I know. But beautiful battle. It’s something that will give you
back anything you can imagine. Many times by many doctors
that I am a bad guy… because I prescribe
only one remedy… And they should kill me
blah.. blah I know that. Because you give only one
remedy and why is this. And they had been
a lot of fights… a lot of aggressions,
but I always said… “Ok. This is correct”. “If you like it you take it
if you don’t like it goodbye. ” What’s the problem?
Continue with what want to do. I will not accuse you why you
should attack me all the time. Later on I went to India,
in 1963 I went back to India… to different colleges where
they were teaching homeopathy. All the colleges were teaching
pluralist homeopathy. Low potencies with
mixtures of remedies. All of them. I went to different colleges
to see if I could learn something. I was not. I went to America 1970. I said how
many homeopaths are in U.S.A today? They were three medical doctors
and about 10 lay people. That’s all. Homeopathy was diluted,
was finished. Today there is a big movement. And I can tell you at this moment
five medical schools… are adapting homeopathy
for their medical doctors. And the numbers
are increasing fast. How this came about? When I was teaching in Europe
I told them… that we should do something
for homeopathy… to promote homeopathy. And especially
to the medical schools. And they said “you are crazy”. “Never medical schools
will accept your teaching”. Twenty five years later, of course
I lived long enough to do this. That is true.
Otherwise I should… You know if I had ever used
allopathic drugs for my health… I would be dead long time ago. But I never in my life
took allopathic drugs. For anything. Never. Not one time. Only one dose when
I was 16 years old… I took an anti-inflammatory drug
because I had severe pain in my back. And my stomach
was burning for two days. That was the last. One dose
of anti-inflammatory drug. At the age of sixteen. Nothing more. What you are going
to learn here… is a little bit difficult. It’s a bit difficult. I will try to show you with cases,
real cases, either alive… There are some people
who asked me… to take their cases
so you will observe… the taking of the case… but I have to tell you a few things
of how I take the case. You see in medicine
they teach you… how to recognize
a case of bronchitis… to differentiat it from
a case of pneumonia… to differentiate it
from a case of pharyngite etc. How you can recognie
gastritis from a duodenal ulcer. How a spastic colitis is and the
difference with ulcerative colitis. And once you establish this
you give the remedy. The way a homeopath
takes a case. This information is a small part
of what you need. The information of the pathology
which has the diagnosis. It’s a small part.
In what are you interested? You are interested
in the whole human being. How he behaves. How behaves when he comes
back home and he is tired… and his wife starts telling him
blah blah… Why you are late. And then he exlpodes and can not
control himself, throw things. And you realize that this man
who had the gastritis… is a case of a Nux Vomica… it’s not a case of Robinia which
also is severe gastritis symptoms. Because can not control himself. And then the woman she says
before my menses I become a monster. Don’t let anybody talk
to me before my menses. Two days before my menses I will
kill anybody who come in front of me. Ok. What else? There is also
a chronic constipation. A chronic constipation.
What type of constipation? With urging but no effect. Just this little information
is very important. Why? Why it’s important? Because you know
the Materia Medica. That’s why you can differentiate
between one remedy and the other. So therefore
when you take the case… as the information comes in… and in the back of your mind
is the information that you have… on the different pictures
of Materia Medica. So you always compare
the information… with what you know
from the Materia Medica… and then you differentiate. And then the cases goes
towards Nux Vomica. Because she is such a bitch. You understand the word “bitch”? Did not translate properly… If she diagnosed… she makes modifications… I need this similimum… Exactly. Not modifications. Not low potencies. So the taking of the case… you will see
my taking of the case… This woman says is so irritated
and so irritable. She speaks so badly
to her husband and… and she has the constipation… but the constipation is like
urging without effect. Because Nux Vomica
is a nervous remedy. Very nervous. The nervous system
is at edge. So the whole nervous system
is becoming irritated. But Nux Vomica has kept inside
quite a lot of anger. She had to fight… she did not bring out
all the anger that was inside her. She was controlling. So the nervous system
kept the anger. The anger. The irritation. So this irritation appears on the
peripheral nervous system. As a spasm on the rectum. A spasm in the rectum. Gives the idea that wants
to have a stool. Goes there in the toilet
no stool. Goes back
but stool does not come out. Anger can not come out. This is the typical constipation
of Nux Vomica. But you investigate the case… and you see that
she has a constipation… but no urging at all. If there is no urging… then you have to think twice
before you go to Nux Vomica. OK? So you investigate further some
other remedies. Which other remedy? In order to find out
for instance eventually… that this woman… is a religious person… who is all the time under
the state of irritation… but also dissatisfaction
on the sexual level. So becomes irritable, bitchy. She will say bad words… she will flying to in temper… she goes from one room
to the other shutting the doors… saying bad words
to her husband and etc. Then you investigate
about the sexual sphere. How is your sexual life? Not so good. Sometimes, women talk more easily
about their sexual life than men. When you ask men about their sexual
life usually they say “normal”. Normal. All men normal. Unless there is total incapacity
of erection… and he has come for this. All the others “normal”. But the women they talk
because they are not so shy. I don’t know the Brazilians. Maybe
the Brazilians are more shy. But… You see with the sexual freedom
that has prevailed in our countries… especially Europe, North America. Freedom. So women they have not problem
talking about their sexual deviations. I remember teaching in Berkley
in California… and the class was here and I was
teaching in a place not like this. About 20 meters away
where I was taking the case… and by TV the students
they were listening. And I remember the case,
an American young girl… she was telling such extreme
things concerning her sexual life… that in the class that
was 20 meters away… I could hear them laughing. All class was laughing. I go to the class and said
“Why you are laughing so loud?” Because we felt that you are going
to have a cultural shock. With what you
are listening from here. I said, yes, I had
a cultural shock, of course. But so freely to say all these
things without any shame. It was for me…
I was you know. I am talking about 30 years ago. It was 1955. OK. But still I could not believe
the freedom of this kind. I don’t know if you have it
in Brazil. So open. But anyhow Brazil is a race
which is very loving. A lot of emotions. Brazil has a lot of emotions. Now is not. But I will tell you something. If you have an emotional person,
if you have a person as a patient… who has strong emotions,
you have an easy case. If you have a person who is closed
and the emotions are burned out… forget it. You will battle to get some
information. You will get yes or no. “Yes”, “no”. Describe
a little bit the situation. But if you have an emotional
person like you… I can see your emotions
are floating… you know. No problem. You will have easy cases for what
we are going to teach you. So, what you will have to observe
during the taking of the case. You will have to observe
the questions. Because the questions I make… indicate what I have in my mind
as a possibility at the moment. Every question,
there is a minimum. Behind each question there
is a possibility of a remedy. Those who have the information
who have attended quite a lot. The full course, what we call
the full course of homeopathy… they can follow and they know. George now investigating
the possibility of Platina. George now investigating
the possibility of Medorrhinum. George now investigating the
possibility of Calcarea Carbonica. So they understand. Sometimes
they don’t understand because… because it goes
to a small remedy. The case goes
to a very small remedy. Paris Quadrifolia.
In cases like that. Who knows Paris Quadrifolia? You have to attend the classes
to know Paris Quadrifolia. This time, the first time that the
case of Paris Quadrifolia… appear in class,
nobody knows. It’s OK. But most of the cases are… Most of the cases are understood
and followed by the students… who have taken the full course. I will tell you something
to see how we are thinking… and how we are observing. OK. In 1969 I was back in Greece… and I had one student,
a medical doctor. A neurologist. Erini. And we were thinking together how
to promote homeopathy in Greece. She said “I had a teacher
in University… whom I know quite well,
so I will invite him in my home… and you also will come and
by chance we will start talking. He was a professor of cardiology
in university medical school. So he came and by chance we start
talking about homeopathy. He gets interested. And in the end
after two hours of discussion… he says
“OK, I am a practical man”. “So I have a coryza,
I have a cold. ” “And I know the cold
is going down tomorrow… ” “… and then I will have bronchitis.
This is the usually course. ” “Can you stop it, can you give me a
remedy to stop my coryza, my cold?” And I said “Yes”. Why? I had taken a full case
while we were talking. Two hours. First of all
it was winter, of course. The house it was a little bit cold.
But he stayed with his overcoat. Overcoat, all the time.
You understand “overcoat”? The heavy.
All the time he was with this. I was with my pullover,
he was with overcoat. Big overcoat, thick. And then from time to time… he went up from this chair
and sat on another chair. And then from this chair
to another chair. And then… I noticed that
his nose was red. Because of the acid discharge. Without asking any
question about this to him… the remedy was Arsenicum Album. Restlessness, feeling very cold,
acid discharge. You don’t need more than this. I said to Erini to bring him
one dose of Arsenicum 200. He did not hear the remedy
because arsenicum is.. he would say
“they will kill me now”. I said to Erini “Arsenicum 200”. Ok.
Give it to him. So he took it, he greets me.
Thank you, bye-bye. He had my telephone number. Oh, yes! I told him because
the coughing has started. Coughing had started, so had some
discharge and coughing. I said, next day, most probably
you will have no coughing… but the discharge will be more.
Much more. Ok, bye-bye. Next day he calls me. He says “professor blah blah,
discharges more, no coughing”. And closed the telephone. Next day he says “professor etc,
no discharge. ” Closes the telephone. After that he calls me one day
and said “I have a case like this… ” and describes to me a case of
severe acne with thick discharges… very bad situation.
“Can you do anything for this?” I said, “Yes. Give one dose
of Calcarea Sulphurica 200.” And closes the telephone. Very professional. After 15-20 days
he calls me and says… “Do you remember the girl
with severe acne?” Yes. “I kissed her”. I said “what do you mean?” He said, “her skin is totally normal
so I kissed her”. And of course he became
my student later. This is the type of effect
you are going to have. This is how homeopathy was spread
all over the world only because… of the effect that this
kind of homeopathy has. Yes, there is homeopathy… easy homeopathy,
gorse homeopathy… there are all kinds homeopathy,
you name it. Some people they say
“I found the cure for AIDS”. What it is? I will send you a disc
with a song. You play the song for a month
and you are cured. You are cured from AIDS. And you call this homeopathy? He says “yes, because the vibrations
of the song is telling with
the vibrations of AIDS… and then
Similia Similibus Curentur. I said “Similia Similibus?
You are crazy. ” Another one said “I will send you
the remedy through your mobile”. How? He send some vibrations
on the mobile… now you receive
your remedy. Another one says “You don’t have
to give the remedy”. You have a piece of paper like this… and write here
Lycopodium 10m. Take the water put it over it
and then you drink it. And then you took Lycopodium 10m. All this is called homeopathy. Then another one says
“You don’t… you look like animal. ” Which animal?
All. Take all. You look like… If the person looks like an animal… you give animal remedy. If he looks like a vegetable
give vegetable remedy. If he looks like mineral
give mineral remedy. I had a class here full.
I presented a case of asthma. A German man with big moustache,
black hair, he was looking like… I said to the class, “he looks like
vegetable, animal, or mineral”? “Animal!” all the class. I said “very good”. Now I will show you the remedy
of the cure. I said “put the video”.
They put the video. This man was cured
with Belladonna. I said “what is these nonsense? They call it before you understand
where you are… a lot of people will give you all
kinds of ideas and nonsense. Another one says you don’t
even have to make a proofing. You just imagine what
the proofing could do. What the proofing could do? If I tell you I have a remedy
OK, I tell you what the remedy is… I have a remedy which is a plant
and it is called agave. Please imagine
what this remedy can do. Each one of you will imagine
a different thing. Is this homeopathy? I said to them
“this is not homeopathy”. This is your craziness. You are crazy,
but keep it to yourself. Don’t spread the craziness. Because everybody becomes crazy
we will have a problem. This doctor came here and said
“I would like your blessings” I said “You are crazy,
and want me to bless you?” “You are spreading
your craziness. ” “Are you serious?” It doesn’t matter. He said “I am sorry,
but you tell the people… ” “… that you are telling lies.
You confess your sins. ” Tell everybody I was bluffing you,
I was telling stories. In order to bluff you. I hear a voice from a man… but I look there
and they are all girls. How is possible?
There is a man? Oh, there is a… Now I solved the problem. I hear a voice… Another man is there? But he doesn’t talk.
He is quiet. The other one talks. The other one behind. I couldn’t believe that. Who is this woman
with such bass voice? All the time I said to myself. So, I go back to the way
I take the case. Usually they teach you that
you have to let the patient… talk and tell you everything. And I don’t allow… and you don’t let patients
to talk and tell me everything. I interrupt them
and I ask questions. I told you why I asked questions. Because on my mind
I get four symptoms… and an idea about a remedy. OK. And this is considers as a bad
way of taking the case. Because you may miss
some information in this way… that the patient
would have given you… in case you did not interact. That is true. But at the same time i have to take a
case within a certain period of time. And I have to come here
from the case taken room… I have to come back… and make the analysis and explain
to you why I ask these questions… what is the remedy,
support this idea of the remedy. So therefore
I do not have unlimited time. You see… sometimes, I know,
you will be angry. Because you don’t follow
the process. And you will say “what is this?” And sometimes you will shout.
I remember a case. I was taking the case inside. It’s a woman. A medical person. She had problems with her mother. A great conflict with her mother. So she started talking
about her mother. “And I went to our country house
and there I had my mother… ” “… and my mother
did not greet me”. “I said this to my mother
and she said that… ” “Then, another day
this happened blah blah… ” I let her talk for a while. Understand
that there is a big conflict. Suddenly, because I asked some
questions she did not pay attention. She continue with the story.
To tell the story. So I said “please,
I will ask some questions… ” “… and you will answer
only the questions. ” I was very abrupt.
You understand “abrupt”? So she stopped and
she answered the questions. Then I came inside. There was a German group. All Germans. So I start analyzing the case
and one German woman gets up… and says to me
“George, I don’t understand you. ” “You are so patient,
in other times… ” “… and now you spoke so badly
to this poor woman. ” She accused me. And then another one gets up
and says “I also agree”. I say, “Ok. You take Costicum
and you take Causticum. ” And the lady here also needs
Causticum. So Causticum 50m. They were surprised. I say, OK. The woman said,
“I cannot take 50m”. I say 50m. OK. If you don’t like 50 m,
take whatever you like. Six months later
the group comes back. I said, tell me how you are.
“I am much better in everything”. Remember,
you took your Causticum? Causticum is a remedy that
cannot tolerate injustice. They felt that I was treating her
with injustice. They had to get up and
they respected me very much. All my students they respect me,
they love me. But also I feel they must be free
to tell whatever they like. Otherwise will be like
I’m suppressing you. So, they cannot withstand
to keep it inside, the anger… when some injustice is in.
The Causticum will get up and speak. There was a woman once,
she was quite short… I said what are you going to do
if you see injustice… especially in treating animals. Causticum have a special sensitivity
to see people treating badly animals. She said, I attacked one man,
he was a huge man and I hit him… because he was treating
his dog badly. She was like this. Causticum is of that type. So therefore what we are interested
in taking the case… we are interested to know the
psychosomatic, the psychology… the mental, emotional picture,
together with the pathology. Not only the pathology. Pathology is the one.
But what about the whole person? How he behaves?
Emotionally, especially. You see… I will tell you something
that maybe you do not know. Do you know when, you are going
to be attentive to what I say? When you are emotionally open. And when I put emotion
in my sayings. Then it becomes alive. Otherwise… I mean who can stay
one and a half hour, to any lecture. One and a half hour,
to keep alive and not sleep. It’s not possible. Unless there is emotionality
in this speaking. So in order to communicate,
we don’tcommunicate with ideas. We communicate with emotion.
And then the idea comes. If I come here
and give you ideas, ideas… you may attend half an hour,
35 minutes, 36 minutes, 37 minutes… And you will come back.
In class you see this happen. In 37-40 minutes. My God, what have I done? It’s terrible. The moment the teacher
is tired, especially… that means there
is no emotional energy… the class… goes down. Usually the cases that I see
are very complicated. They are the most difficult. Because they come from very far… to the island to be treated.
They are desperate. All cases. These cases are not going
to be cured with one remedy. These cases they have different
layers of remedies… that the homeopath
has to recognize… which is the right one first.
The right one second. The right one third.
The right one fourth. And then you may have the effect.
You understand? Why is not difficult? Maybe
for you is not so difficult… because you don’t have so
many deep chronic conditions. I don’t know. As I said I am looking
at the girls that dance… and I get an impression. Girls are very healthy.
Very very. Too healthy. So therefore you will have
the experience of taking a case. I must say that somebody
he wrote me about his case… and I refused.
I said, don’t let him come. I cannot promise that
this case will be cured. But as he came then
I will take this case. Thank you.

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  13. First of all thank you for your polite response, such a gentleman! 1901 huh? Before any modern drugs, before antibiotics and before steroids. Einstein had not written the 1905 papers ( general relativity, etc) the neutron would not even be discovered for thirty years or so. A 12x dilution would be less than one atom in the known universe, nothing at all. Homeopathic medicine cannot pass even the smallest proper scientific study preformed by any neutral researcher. It is complete foolishness. You may want to examine yourself rather than use profanity with someone you do not even know. I may be someone you know, have a nice day. How are you on ufos?

  14. That is the point, I do study I do read, I did go to school. I don't believe in Foolishness. When you exceed Avogadro's number there is nothing there but distilled water. If you can't convince the detractors like real science and real medicine. You won't succeed.

  15. A 'potency' (ie dilution) of C30 represents one molecule in a globe of water the size of Earth's orbit. C55 is one molecule in a globe of water the size of the known universe. Dilutions of C200 and more are for sale.

  16. You are only going to be able effect normal chemical reactions by everyday means such as dilution, You are not going to effect the nucleus of an atom or really anything except the Valence electrons.  In other words the strong and weak forces are not involved outside a reactor of some kind, or a star.

  17. Dear Dr George Vithoulkas – During your visit to India, you sure missed dozens of efficacious and perspicacious doctors who practice homoeopathy on strict Hahnemannian and Kentian lines – always applying single remedy at a time, making sure it is the similimum (keeping all miasmatic considerations in mind).Besides me in Bhopal, Drs Prafullah Vijaykar and Rajan Sankaran of Mumbai come readily to the mind. Then there was the famous Dr K L Mukherjee of Indore, during the early 1940's to the late 1970's, who always adhered to the single remedy approach, using high and very high potencies if the case demanded so.

    You may also be interested to know – if you don't already – that the late Dr Benetosh Bhattacharya of Calcutta pioneered a parallel homoeopathic system wherein he classified diseases, remedies and patients according to humours, and matched the humours of the patient and medicine to arrive at the similimum. He often also prescribed mixtures – one medicine for each affected humour and got astounding results comparable to undisputed masters of homoeopathy like Kent, Clark and yourself.

    And curing through the "vibration" of music that matches with the "vibration" of the disease may after all be not as absurd as you think it is. For want of a better phrase we can say that such cure may be happening in accordance to the grand homoeopathic law of healing.

  18. Dear Dr Vithoulkas – I expected a homoeopath of your insight to have put the principle of treatment that chooses the similimum by "matching" the personality or demeanour of the patient with its corresponding plant or animal or mineral kingdom in its proper perspective vis-a-vis the grand general law "similia similibus curantur". While this principle cannot certainly be considered the sole or even the chief way of arriving at the similimum, it might help us in choosing a remedy that may prove curative when the remedy selected only on the basis of the totality of symptoms fails. The principle merely serves to reiterate "similia similibus curantur" from a different – and limited – gestalt: the remedy from the kingdom that is most similar to the patient will cure them. It is like applying a miasmatic remedy when a remedy chosen solely on the basis of totality of symptoms fails. For example, Thuja has to be applied before Tuberculinum when though the similimum it fails to cure due to the presence of the sycotic miasm. The principle is similar to another therapeutic principle we have gleaned and garnered from the wisdom of the ancients: the shape of the medicinal substance especially affects the particular (human) organ it resembles; for example, Anacardium being a heart shaped bean acts curatively on fear experienced in the heart.

  19. He is really a genius,no doubt,
    the greatest homoeopath of 21 st century ,a big sallute to you respected sir,you are awesome….and an inspiration of millions

  20. But why the doctors can´t help patients with mental deseases, because this is so obvious ? Is the any doctors, who can unteretand this possibility?

  21. Dear Prof. George,
    I wonder if , by chance, or by study a person who was affected by radiation, or poisons from food or medicines, ( vaccines ), can be helped in a way to cure the cause which produced,t weakened the body?

  22. with all do respect, min47.42- that is not at all craziness, is not homoeopathy, is alchemy!!!
    If my intention is very strong, and s(he) believe in that, … voila!
    With excuses and all do respect!
    And I am sorry, Profesor, I would expect a lot more from you!!!!!!!!!

  23. Hi to all you people who beleive in homeopathy, i have a bag of magic beans for sale…… I got them from a gypsey woman from a travelling circus PM ME FOR DETAILS

  24. I am Pharmacist and i approve that BIG Pharma is actively working against such system because to be honest homeopathy has potential to close their shops. They ask about theory/ principle , when homeopaths give then a theory "water has a memory" they rejected it. More over they try to evaluate homeopathy based on principles of allopathy which is BS already, its like measuring stones in liters. Ayurveda is 3500 – 5000 year old system but its not based on titration or clinical study… but through self experimentation and self evidence. Self evidence is all you need to know whats works ..Homeopathy Drug companies are also to be blame as they releases OTC homeopathic preparations which are shit and against the Homeopathy principles it self. So get a good homeopath honest and see the result.

  25. I once ingested a homeopathic remedy natrum sulph 6x which was prescribed to my grandpa for excessive urination problem…. I too considered it a placebo and i out of curiousty i ingested some 5 to 7 drops…. And next day, to my surprise i developed synptoms of urinary tract infection… My urethra was burning….. From this experience i can honestly say 2 things..
    I dont think its placebo because it causes aggravation and other bad effects if wrong remedy is taken or a healthy individual takes a medicine…
    I dont know how it works…. Why people are skeptical about it but it works in some way…. Next time if an injury happens to you which becomes chronic or if u still have some pain… Try arnica montana in 30 or 200 potency and see the results….. Using it in 1m dilution will cause great aggravation….

  26. at 18:42 u side right thanks god i too also not used allopathy medicines at age of 19 i understood allopathy Dr are become robbers lotter cheater by name of test Report i always recommend homeopathy

  27. Sorry Vithoulkas, as much as I admire your books and lectures. Your charming little compliment to Brazilians does not portray their reality. Brazilians are a very sick population in general, highly suppressed, hooked in psychotropic medication and all sorts of medication you can think of. I speak as someone of European descent ( originally trained dental surgeon but working as a classical homeopath for the last 25 years) who was born in Brazil but have been living in Europe for a few decades. I have seen and lived both sides, both worlds, both paradigms.

  28. I use causticum …zincum sulph euphresia eye drops &cineraria eye dropsfor cataract but no relief my HDr do not give me phosphorous & say that vithoulkas give phosphorous vd these medicines …how to eliminate effect of causticum to start phosphorous?

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