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Scrubs Janitor Is Chief of Medicine

hey everyone I've been looking for a new role-playing game ever since my Lord of the Rings Club booted me for using an actual Warhammer so would anybody mind if I pretended to be the chief of medicine ball Kelso's out of town Oh Jenna you're a natural fantastic let's make cancer feel foolish listen here young dr. Gilchrist uh that's that's not my name Gilchrist please she's not upset with you because you asked her to help she's upset because you insinuated her job was less important he's actually right and you know she Purnima realize this is a young doctor under stress dead come on we much work to you what fantastic what are you doing I'm a follower I'll be honest with you I can't make heads or tails out of this thing when is this hospital gonna get its own SPECT camera that is a very good point and I am on it stead add that to the list I will check to see if the quarterly fiscals can accommodate the event from comps I hope so Ted you do realize that was all gibberish he's he's just pretending he can't make any real changes in this place tell that to the new daycare program hi dad Jack what are you doing things were going back at the hospital Eliot was probably still giddy about her engagement and that is how I got my name you don't look Asian hey why aren't you being the chief of Medicine I'm just taking a break Ted I don't want it to get stale the hospital needs you I need you doesn't that mean anything damn right it does now let's go find a cure for polio i SPECT camera huh my Hospital Sacred Heart needs one of those it's funny you should say that I was just on the phone with your chief of Medicine ten minutes ago Thanks this to someone chief Oh medicine I'm the chief of Medicine Bob Kelso who the hell is this I'm you I'm talking to you from a future phone by the way sell all your gasoline stocks everything now runs on potatoes I don't know who the hell this is but when I find out I am going to put my loafer so far up your ass you're gonna have tassels hanging out your nose now tell me who you are what's your name again Teddy Buckland Ted ah he's never gonna believe I did this hey where'd you go oh my kidding eventually we all have to face the music one Caesar no it was you and you are going to pay dearly wait first of all you meet a new doctor dr. toilet is beautiful I trimmed a little fat in the budget so we've been afforded tasty vacation pay what vacation buttons hahaha get out of here yeah

40 thoughts on “Scrubs Janitor Is Chief of Medicine

  1. 2:20 "fax this to someone.." pass a whole book to ted.. i laughed for a long time..on the way back to my home, people think i'm crazy.. the janitor just made my day..

  2. I know that Ted is the butt monkey of everyone's jabs, but there has to be something illegal about getting rid of an employee's vacation pay for no honest reason.

  3. settled a dispute between quarreling doctors, started an in house daycare program for hospital staff with kids, attempt to secure new equipment for hospital and acquired new cutting edge piece of tech for the hospital……the janitor probably did more as chief o medicine in one episode then kelso did in every season combined.

  4. I always felt bad that people in that (CMO/CoM) position were (or had to have been) doctors.. it seems like a sort of an incongruous position or set of duties.

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