ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Scripps Clinic Ophthalmologist Karim “Victor” Zablit, MD

Karim “Victor” Zablit, MD>>
Cataract is a cloudy lens. So when you
take the cataract out, you replace it with
an artificial lens we call an implant. With time, slowly, things
become more difficult. Regular daily tasks
become more difficult. For example,
driving, reading, seeing a golf ball,
looking at a computer. Mostly I do
cataract surgery. Which is an operation
to remove the cloudy lens and replace it with
an artificial lens implant. We can correct
the vision with that and some now
can correct astigmatism and can correct
distance and near vision and there are
pros and cons to using any
kind of implant. We do a lot of
laser procedures for certain glaucomas and for after
cataract surgery, and also I do lots of
minor eyelid procedures. In the past 10 years, again, the process of
doing cataract surgery is the same,
removing the cataract, replacing it with
an artificial lens. More and more
equipment is coming out with the smaller incision, safer procedures and
different choices of implants. So there is
a constant influx, or new equipment
and new lenses that we have. San Diego is a
very competitive market for ophthalmology and probably most
specialties, too. We have been
a very stable group. We have been growing,
and very soon we are going to add
two or more doctors to our group. We have had doctors that have been with us
for 20, 25 years. Nobody has left us,
the last 10 years. So we are
very stable group and we try to
accommodate patients with their problems. I have been working
for many years and I joined Scripps
in 1988, almost 30 years ago, and in those
30 years, we of course
followed the Scripps Clinic
expansion. We had a little bit of ups,
a little bit of downs, but overall,
we have grown, we have felt that
we are providing always wonderful treatment
and care for our patients. And it’s a good feel
to be part of a group that you trust and
you feel comfortable with. It is important for anyone
to love their job [music begins] so they can stay
with it forever because I don’t have
ideas to change jobs. You love your job because in medicine,
you help people. I mean, this morning
in my clinic, funny, I had a patient
who came in with a foreign body
in the eye. She was crying walking in,
she walked out happy, smiling, no pain. This indirectly provides a very beautiful
comfort for us. [music ends]

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