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Savitri Devi College & Hospital – 8th September 2017 – सावित्री देवी कॉलेज & हॉस्पिटल – Full Episode

Dr. Malhotra is just so lucky! Right, he has two wives now. But he will be
dominated big time.. God knows how he will manage his family and this hospital! Yes. You were saying something,
right? What’s happening here? I asked you about what it is! Do you get paid to
work or to gossip? Excuse me, sir..
Is there a problem? Ms. Fernandes, get their
termination papers ready and fire them today! Get them out! Sure, sir. Sorry, sir..
– Sorry, sir.. Sorry, sir..
– Sorry, sir.. Please.. You need not apologise now. Go and pack your bags. The work has been done! Where is my phone? Where is my phone? Vikrant,
look for your phone later.. Eat your breakfast first. Where is my phone?
– What? How would I know, Vikrant? You’ve hidden it, right? Haven’t you? Why would I hide your phone? I.. Where is it?
Where is my phone? You are aware aren’t you? You cannot save your
grandma by hiding my phone. You know that, right? The sniper has
kept an eye on her okay?
– Sorry.. Mr. Vikrant..
– One second. Come on. Find my phone. I want you to get me my
phone in two minutes’ time! You have made the sandwich
really tasty today. And it is spicy too. Hey, Vikrant.. Your phone is right here,
this.. It is stuck between
the two beds.. Hey, wait! Hold on. Baby, I am too funny at times. Why were you trying
to touch my phone? You know it, right? You are not allowed
to touch my phone. Come.. What? Please. Come, give me a hug. My lovely wife. I love you so much! What’s the matter?
Why do you look so tense? All the staff are gossiping
about my personal life because of Savitri! Ridiculous! We need to divert
their attention. I do not know how
And I do not care how! The Committee elections will
take place next month, right? Yes, Brother.. Good. Let people know that the elections will
be held this month! The doctors as well as
the staff would get busy and they wouldn’t
get time to gossip. Correct, Brother! In fact, by the time the
elections will get completed this matter, pertaining
to sister-in-law Savitri will also cool down. That’s a good idea. Start with the preparations
from today itself. Sure, Brother, right away. Good.
Go for it. Do it. Ms. Savitri you must be very happy today,
right? You are returning home after so many years! Yes, dear.. I am very happy. The happiness of returning home is a very special feeling. And our relationship is not
confined within these walls. You have to come home to meet me. Okay? Sure, ma’am.. I will definitely come. ‘Had mom been here,
she could have seen’ ‘that Ms. Savitri is so happy.’ Well.. Can a son ever cast an evil
eye on his mother? Never. Why are you saying this? Because you are looking very beautiful today. You are looking just so pretty! Yes, Ms. Savitri.. Veer is absolutely right. Enough now.. Now, please take me home
as soon as you can. I have waited for years to go home. I can’t wait any longer. Yes, Mom.. I will take you home soon. Ma’am, this is for you. Thank you.
– I will pray to God for your speedy recovery. Thank you. Mom.. He is Dr. Kabir. He has played a pivotal role in your recovery. May God bless you, dear.. May you reach the
highest peak of success.. Thank you, ma’am.. Thank you. Thank you, ma’am..
We will miss you. Stay happy, dear. Ma’am, please do
take care of yourself. Even you take care. Study with all
your heart and soul. The way you’re
a good human being be an able doctor too. Savitri. Come. Let’s go home. Sure. We’ll miss you, ma’am!
– We’ll miss you, ma’am! Bye. – Bye. All right, everyone. Get back to your work. Let’s go, Savitri. Veer, before going home I’d like to visit
the temple of Mother Goddess. Mom, shall we first go home? He’s right, Savitri.
Let’s go home first. We can always
visit the temple afterwards. Mom, you need rest. Let’s go home. I’ll personally
take you to the temple. No, dear. I want to seek
blessing from the Goddess to start this new lease
of my life. I am with you all today,
all due to Her grace. Okay. Mr. Dubey, please take us
to the temple. What shall I do now? I can’t even go
to the Malhotra mansion. Anand will see to it
that I don’t go there. Lord Krishna,
please show me a way. A message from
an unknown number? Sanket. What.. What are you doing?
What if somebody comes? Priya, I can’t believe
that you hid such an important
fact from me that Vikrant has been
blackmailing you. He is threatening
to kill you or someone else and you’re doing nothing
about it! Why didn’t you tell me
about it? Priya.. Tell me, Priya.
Where is that sniper? No need to be afraid, Priya. I promise that I’ll not
put you in harm’s way. Trust me. I’m helping you to
come out of this. ‘No. I can’t disclose
anything to Sanket.’ ‘If Vikrant comes
to know about it’ ‘and does something
to grandma.. ‘I can’t put
grandma’s life at risk.’ What are you saying? Sniper?
What are you talking about? Why would Vikrant
take such a heinous step? After all, he is my husband. Priya, I saw everything
on Vikrant’s phone. Still you’re lying to me.
– I’m not lying. I need nobody’s help. I don’t understand
why you are bothering me! By the way,
even if I need somebody’s help I’ll not come to you. After all,
who are you to me? Really, Priya? Don’t I hold
any importance to you that you cannot share
your grief with me? Tell me, Priya.
Say it that You don’t even remember
it’s our anniversary today. Say it, Priya. Say that you have
forgotten everything. Go ahead and tell me
that you don’t remember that I had proposed to
you on this very day. Say it, Priya. Say that you forgot that you hugged me
and accepted my proposal. Say that you forgot everything,
Priya. Come on. Tell me. You’re right.
I don’t remember anything! Don’t you understand
that I don’t want to keep any relation with you? Priya, I don’t understand..
Ehen I’ve told you the truth that your dad
is behind all this why aren’t you believing me? Because I only believe
in what I saw. I had not agreed to
what people had said then and it is the same now. Listen to me carefully. I’m happily married. And before coming
inside my room or my life you better take my permission. Leave. Get out! I’ve asked you many times
to take care of the situation. You have landed yourself
in trouble now. Sorry, Mother-in-law.
I couldn’t have done anything. I didn’t see
that step in the gym. But it’s all right.
I will recover soon. – Yes.. It’s such an auspicious day. The real daughter-in-law
of this family will enter the house today. Yes, Mother-in-law.
You are right. Finally, Sister-in-law Savitri
will enter the house today. The eldest daughter-in-law
of this family. And she will rekindle
happiness in this house. And the darkness that
has engulfed this house will vanish in no time now. Ma’am, where do you want
me to fix this photo? Fix them to the place
they were before. So that people who come here
get to know that Savitri is the daughter-in-law
of this house in the true sense. Ma’am, where do you want me
to keep these items? Aren’t these my luggage? Where are you taking
them to? Brother Anand has asked you to
keep these in Vaidehi’s room. So, go ahead and do it. Sure. What’s wrong? You are just a Secretary now. You will not get a room
for yourself now. Both of you must stay together. You need not be so elated. Whatever is taking place here
is temporary. Maybe you have forgotten
the fact that I was the Secretary
but not anymore. I’m the owner of this house now. Never forget that. ‘She doesn’t even know
that brother’ ‘has betrayed her.’ ‘Anyway, I will let her
build castles in the air’ ‘for some days.’ Veer, you go inside the
temple with Savitri. I have to make an urgent call.
I will be right back. Come. Tell me, Gayatri. Anand, what’s going on here? How dare Neeta shift my
luggage to Vaidehi’s room? Please call her up and
give her a scolding! See.
I can understand the situation and I’m ready to cooperate.
But I can’t.. I need a room for myself, Anand. I can’t live without you. Gayatri, please try to
understand. I’m already having a hard time
trying to convince Savitri as to why my Secretary and her
mother are being accommodated at my place. And if you want a separate
room for yourself now what will I tell her? How would I convince her? Anand..
– Look, Gayatri.. My decision is final. Don’t trouble me anymore now. I have to deal with
other works as well. Savitri.. Anand is too eager
to get Savitri home.. No issues..
Let her come back.. I will change my name if I don’t send her back
to the hospital. ‘After so many years,
I’m going home.’ ‘Give me strength so that
I uphold righteousness..’ ‘Lord, my mom will return to
her house today.’ ‘Please don’t take her away
from me again.’ ‘Please show me a way
so that I can teach’ ‘Jaya Mishra and her daughter,
Saachi Mishra, a lesson.’ Mom! Where did she go? Mom! Mom! What’s taking Veer
and Savitri so long? I will go and bring them. Mom! Veer, shall we leave?
Where is Savitri? I don’t know. We were offering our prayers
and when I opened my eyes I didn’t find her there. What do you mean? Where did she go? I don’t know. Let’s find her. Veer!
– Mom! You look for her there..
I will look for her here. Mom!
– Savitri! Mom.. Savit.. Mom.. Mom, what’s wrong with you? Where were you? Mom. Veer, son. Anand. Veer, I was lost. I was circumambulating there and I was confused where to go. Mom, you’re strange. That’s why, I was saying
we will come here later. Savitri,
you have just recovered. You need to get some rest. Come, let’s go home.
And you shall only rest there. Fine?
– Okay. Let’s go. I was so scared.
– It’s okay. Yes?
– Your parcel. But I haven’t ordered anything. But this is the address. Okay and what about
the payment? The payment has been made.
Please, sign it here. Thank you.
– Thank you. What’s in it? T-shirt. How is it? You ordered this. Yes, of course. You are my only nephew and he will attend a big party. So, I thought to buy you this. Thank you. No problem. But there’s a problem, Aunt. What is it? How will I go to the party? Mom doesn’t allow me to attend
such late night parties. I have an idea.
Do you want to know? Yes. Tell your mom
that you are going to your friend’s place
to prepare a project. And instead attend the party. Yes, it’s a good idea. Smart! Go get ready.
– I’ll be right back. – Yes. Enjoy as much you want. Your mother and you
will remember this party for the lifetime. Sir, somebody left
this at the door. ‘The time flew by’ ‘yet I remember every moment’ ‘spent with you.’ Baby. Who sent you the bouquet? Is this bouquet for you, baby? Your ex-boyfriend
has sent you this, right? Vikrant.
– Hush! Shut up! I am talking. Tell me, baby. He has sent it, right? No, Vikrant.. I have ordered it for you. You are lying. You are lying again, isn’t it? Vikrant, I..
Why would I lie to you? Did you forget? Today is our one month
wedding anniversary. As you like roses,
I ordered them for you. I just forgot to write my name. Really?
– Yes. Are you telling the truth?
– Yes. Oh, baby!
I am so sorry.. I-It’s okay, Vikrant. After all, you are my husband. You have the right
to yell at me. I know that you love me a lot. Nice. These roses are pretty like you. I love you, baby and thank you so much
for this. This is our new house, Savitri. Just the way we had imagined. Please come. Welcome home! Neeta. May you live happily, dear. May God bless you
with a long life. Veneration will be
performed before the two of you enter the house. I respect your love for me but she is the eldest
of the family. And she is my mother-in-law
as well. So, she should be the one to welcome me, right? ‘Oh, God!
The drama has started so soon.’ ‘But I swear it’s going
to be fun watching this game’ ‘between the wife
and the secretary.’ Come. Savitri,
push this off with your feet and enter the house. ‘Everybody needn’t
be overjoyed.’ ‘Savitri will be leaving
as soon as she has returned.’ Place your feet in this tray
and walk into your house, dear. Yes. Sister-in-law Savitri!
– Mom.. Oh, God! Why are my feet slippery? Ramkishan,
quickly get a chair and a towel! Make it quick! Come on, Mom. Careful, Savitri. It’s okay.. Be careful.
– Careful! – It’s fine.. Slowly..
– Carefully, Mom. Why am I slipping? I’m fine. That’s enough, dear, I’m fine. ‘I’ll fix Gayatri right now.’ But how did this happen?
– I’ll tell you, Mom. Ramesh, get a matchbox. Matchbox? Oh, God! Fire? But how did it catch fire? Because someone had
mixed Ghee in the tray. And I don’t what
the person could hope to achieve by doing that. Who would do this, Neeta? Since the lady of the house
wasn’t present all these years hence, everyone has forgotten
to do their jobs. So it’s possible that the tray
wasn’t washed properly. Hence it is greasy. What the heck is happening
in this house? What is this? Is this how you’re
doing your jobs? What if Savitri had got hurt? It’s okay, Anand. I’m fine. And I haven’t got hurt, have I? I’m completely fine. Now don’t worry so much. As I’m back now,
everything will be fine. You, Mother-in-law,
and also you, Neeta. You don’t have to worry
about the house. Because I’ll take care
of my house from now on. Just like I used to. Okay, Mom, I’ll be leaving.
I have to go to the hospital it’s time for my job. Veer! I’ll meet you in the night. Okay. Please take care of yourself. You too. Bye, Grandma.
– Bye. Bye, dear!
– Bye! Mother-in-law,
I can’t believe my son has grown up so much. I still remember
that little Veer who would wreak havoc
in the whole house! Yes, and he does the same
in the hospital too. It’s okay. You’re here
now, so he’ll behave. Yes. Wow! Such a great house! This is the first time
I’m seeing this house. But I don’t know anything
about this house, Mother-in-law. It’s okay, dear. I’ll guide you. For the first time
this building feels like a home. Come. – Anand has built
such a nice house. What happened to him?
– Let’s find out. What happened now, Veer? Why are you so stressed? Even your mother
will be fine at home. No. I think, Mom is still
not out of danger. Why? Why isn’t she safe
in her own home? Because I know that Jaya Mishra
and her daughter will try to harm Mom even there. I have to try and reach Saachi
Mishra in any way possible. Until I find her I won’t be
at ease regarding Mom. Ram and Manish, please guys,
please help me. I know that Saachi Mishra
is in the hospital right now. We just have to recognize her. Tell me something. Why is your name Saachi?

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