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Sadhguru – Can Vaccines cause any Health Problem?

Immunization – vaccines have been one of the
greatest public health discoveries. In fact, one of the reasons why the lifespan
increased so much… Sadhguru: Yes, definitely. Dr. Soumya Swaminathan: … is because
of the availability of vaccines. We used to lose you know… Half the number of children who were born
used to die of pneumonia, diarrhea and other infections. Today that mortality has been brought down
significantly, thanks to vaccines but also to antibiotics. But now suddenly we are seeing a different
trend (Sadhguru laughs). If you look at the news, every day
you hear about measles outbreaks not in some remote corner of Africa but
in France, in Germany, in Ukraine, in the United States. In fact, the President of the United States
and most of the Mayors and Governors have been speaking up about the
importance of immunization. Because if you take a disease like measles, it’s not enough for me to vaccinate my child
and hope that it will be protected. You need what is called “herd immunity”
and to get herd immunity, you need about ninety – ninety-five percent
of the children in that community to be vaccinated. So, an individual action – a parent decides my child does not need a
vaccine because of whatever belief. It’s sometimes
religious, but very often it’s not religious. And a recent survey just came out
a few days ago, showed that people believed in the safety of vaccines
ninety-five percent and above in Asia and Africa but only seventy percent in Western Europe
and even less in Eastern Europe; only fifty percent of people…
adults believe that vaccines are safe. So there’s… this is beyond logic, it’s beyond
science, it’s beyond any factual information that we give to people doesn’t seem to be
working. And yet, it impacts many others. You don’t vaccinate your child but the child
who gets measles and dies may be somebody else’s child. And so I think it comes back to what you
were saying about – it’s not just yourself, we need to think about… you need to think about the humanity, community,
society and most importantly, the planet, where we live and how we can modulate those actions. Sadhguru: This is a phenomena that we must
observe historically or within families or individuals. Human beings get tired of well-being;
they want some trouble (Laughter). They like trouble, you know (Applause)? They like it really. See, America spent billions and
billions of dollars to build highways. But now everybody buys off-road vehicles
because people like some trouble. Too much order creates a certain level of
irritation in the human being. He wants little chaos. They must visit India (Laughter). So this campaign is gaining momentum in…
particularly in California, big time. A whole lot of parents coming to me and
asking this, I’m telling them, “Don’t be a fool.” Because when you find your child is either
crippled with polio or something else… I remember this very well – when I was in
school, there were four children in my school… I never stayed in one school for too long
(Laughter). So I was there maximum two years, three years
in any given school – three was the maximum. So, in that high school, where there was… I was in one school for three years, in high
school, there were four polio-affected boys – three of them boys, one girl –
who came to school in what… in a wheelchair. But many places the wheelchair wouldn’t go
in those days so they would drag themselves and go. Tch, it was so terrible to see them. But today, even if you go to the remotest
village in India, even if you go to the government schools
where we work, there’s not a single polio-affected child.
It’s fantastic to see that. So we don’t know the value of these things
(Applause). Unfortunately, we get tired of well-being,
we want to invite some trouble. But having said that, I was talking to some of the parents in California; they were saying they’re being put through
some forty or forty-two different types of vaccines. They’re saying it is causing learning disability,
this, that, for all kinds of things. Maybe in United States- and I don’t know
what’s the situation in Europe – maybe they are overdoing it a little bit. Apart from treating the basic things which
were affecting children which would cause death or cripple… you know, it would cripple a child, I think they’re attaining to… trying to
give vaccine for just about everything (Applause). This may be affecting! I’m not a… some kind of a medical expert
or something to make a commentary on this. But from listening to the parents,
this is what I gathered. I don’t remember all the things that they
said they are giving vaccines for. I thought some of them were just absurd; some
of those illnesses a child can go through, it’s okay. He catches a flu, if something happens, it’s all right to go through those things
when you’re growing up. But they’re giving vaccines for a whole lot
of things which is… which may not be necessary, which today parents are apprehensive – maybe
causing learning disability or some other problem. It may not be connected, I don’t know but
this is the fear that is being spread. But the power and the well-being
that vaccines have brought to our lives – most of us are sitting here
because we were vaccinated. Hello? Dr. Soumya Swaminathan: Small-pox… Sadhguru: Yes (Applause). Otherwise we wouldn’t be here.
Definitely we wouldn’t be here, many of us. So, we should not… See the problem is just
this, especially now because social media and things we either
go this (Gestures) extreme or that (Gestures) extreme. I feel being the World Health Organization,
please look into this, I’m not an expert but what kind of vaccines they’re giving
in… the spectrum of vaccines they’re
giving in United States for example, if it is too much, I think WHO should tell
them “this much is not needed – this is compulsory, rest is
by choice. ”If it’s made like that, I think there’ll
be a more healthy proportion. Otherwise, some parents are
just not vaccinating their children. I said, “You must be crazy. You’ll lose
your child. Anytime it can happen; the child goes to school
and that may be the end of it. But out of their… you know, their fear that
vaccine is going to damage their brains or something, they’re going for this kind of decision-making. I think a clear statement from an organization
like WHO would help parents to make a better choice (Applause). the problem has been the “anti-vax campaign. ”Skeptics who have spread many, many… There are side effects of everything. Everything has a side effect but one in a
million maybe, one in two million. But they have been blown out of proportion
and this gets circulated through social media. So social media can have both very good benefits
but also can propagate falsehoods very rapidly. And I think one needs to be always a little
skeptical of things that we see on social media and… and check for ourselves the veracity. As far as WHO is concerned, we have absolutely
very clear-cut guidelines on… on vaccination. And there is, as I said, very clear guidance
both for the public and for practitioners on which vaccines are absolutely
essential for all children. Sadhguru: Well, I think it needs to be more
published… Dr. Soumya Swaminathan: Perhaps it has to
be more… Sadhguru: Or if you give such knowledge to
us, we will publish. Dr. Soumya Swaminathan: That will be wonderful. Sadhguru: Because when I spoke to the parents,
their concerns were genuine. They are not… tch. They are not those flaky, New Agey types. They are genuinely… Dr. Soumya Swaminathan: Hmm… Well-educated. Sadhguru:…concerned that this
may affect their children. Dr. Soumya Swaminathan: You’re right. I think the messaging probably needs to be
done through people whom they believe. And some people believe the doctors but may…
maybe they also like to hear it from… from others. So… Sadhguru: If there is credible scientific
information… Dr. Soumya Swaminathan: Credible – yes. Sadhguru: And also clearly what is a must
and what is choice… Dr. Soumya Swaminathan: What is a option. Sadhguru: …if that is created, I think it’ll
be good. Dr. Soumya Swaminathan: Thank you very much
for this opportunity. Namaskar. Sadhguru: Thank you. Thank you (Applause)…

18 thoughts on “Sadhguru – Can Vaccines cause any Health Problem?

  1. When you live the side effects of vaccines every day, then the fear of them and the damage becomes real. It is hard for humans to understand and accept that which they do not experience. Damage isn’t 1 in a million. The lady speaking thinks there can’t be enough of a good thing? Wow… I disagree wholeheartedly. The goal should be a balance and not the excess that may be causing the high numbers of side effects etc.

  2. a lot of maladies already went down by living standarts, and then they said it was because of the vaccines. i really dont know who to trust. its not a cleared subject. everyone HAS! to rewatch both sides. medicin can be honest and serious but also dishonest and not responsible. no debate, please. but research both sides again and again before debunking(and mobbing) others. i m still open to both sides.but please dont debate with me now, i do my best to still educate myself on this one.i suffered because of medic practices bigtime and antibiotics didnt work anymore because of over-use… probably i was also intoxicated because of metals in my mouth(also my fault to not change them for silica after 25years)but nobody told me that they leaked !! the endresult was 3different ailments, then suicidal and 53 kilos (for a 1.85 m young sportsman that already lived and ate healthy).since i detoxed and eat even more healthy i have no sickness. not even a flu! in 8 years now. medicin fans hate me for that. but i go on doing my thing and live happy and strong.

  3. We would trust vaccines if we trusted our government and we don't. From Kalifornia where the fires burn hot, taxes are high and chemtrails lace the skys.

  4. Sadhguru, this is about the best answer I've ever heard. I was immunized for all the "must" have but don't take any vaccinations for influenza, etc, feel my body is strong enough to handle that. I also don't take any antibiotic for every little thing, I'm actually allergic to most of them. I'm not on any medication and most people think I'm crazy. Sadhguru, YOU speak out of my heart, I'm happy that you don't let a prominent Doctor influence you. As always, love, ERIKA

  5. If you have a child that has been damaged by vaccines then you may have second thoughts about giving them. If your child is completely normal, goes in for a set of vaccines and their personality changes or even stops speaking. This happens more than 1 in a milllion. Would you then have a different opinion? I would be alot more than furious. If this happened to the ladys child who is speaking do you think she would be so quick to have her same opinion? Or do you think she would say oh my child was just one of the milllion chance its ok.

  6. There is a difference between the scientific benefits of vaccines and many of the additives that are included with them. Many of the additives, preservatives, etc. are indeed problematic. The problem with mandatory vaccination is that once some are made mandatory, it opens the gate for additional ones which may indeed be harmful for the developing immune system. Likewise, once some are mandatory, the Pharma. companies have less incentive to produce a high quality product and more incentive to cut corners with ingredients. Can we actually trust our current government to oversee these companies when they are so heavily influenced by them in so many ways. It's not just the science that is at issue here.

  7. wooow,i am very surprised that sadhguru talks on this topic,when he is obviously not well informed…and this lady….super wow,absolutely off

  8. As a child I only had about six vaccinations for the most debilitating diseases today's children get 30+ why so many? Seems to me that's a bit excessive. Trying to combat natural selection just seems foolish and arrogant.

  9. Aw, he's so pure. :') lol
    I remember being very meditative and did not partake in the specifics of general society, and so much was not in my awareness, tho my awareness was elevated and technically attuned to infinite. When i moved among others in the city, issues reached me once again, how humans tend to live, what's going on with whatever; even, how the mind of a standard person tends to function – it was literally completely disturbing and caused my mind trauma.
    So I can only imagine him among ppl in cali, freaking out about vaccines, when really it's the messed up crap that is added to vaccines, but yea, it's funny hearing his view on this, likely not aware of all the things.
    It's also interesting that he often talks of pure food/diet, his preference, what he offers ppl at the retreat, and his knowing why it's important, yet also is not seeing the issue of vaccines – likely because he doesn't know what they are, now. (I don't know if they were very different and less effed up, way back when). Anyways.

  10. False. The initial argument of the lady is absolutely false. It was not vaccines. It was higiene, that in fact was not that but asepsis, with all the horreondous consequenses at long term for health and life (environment)

  11. Food for thought for the woman speaking in this video, but perhaps it's not a vaccine in its pure form (there once was such as thing) that is a problem for some children whose livers cannot detox heavy metals and toxic chemicals efficiently. Could it be the added metals like mercury derivatives (still in some vaccines) and aluminum, metals that can damage the brain? Or the formaldehyde? These ingredients are listed on the packages. Do you think this is safe to inject in multiple shots in a short time span for an infant or young child? How about the choice of only one injection in a month, to let the child's (and adults') body manage the inflammation and hopefully clear out the preservatives if those like you are insisting there be "herd" vaccinating?

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