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Rosacea Skincare Routine and Prescription: feat. Finacea, Rosex and La Roche Posay

good evening I hope you're having a lovely weekend um today I realized that we were coming to the end of rosacea Awareness Month and I've been talking loads about rosacea this month in different areas but I haven't done anything on her yeah so I just wanted to show you everything I use on my skin of her rosacea and I went to see dr. Stephanie at you Jalloh a few weeks ago lovely clinic here in London and she has diagnosed me with two different types of rosacea so I always thought I had it but I didn't have the confirmation until I went to see her so I'm going to talk you through everything that she's recommended for me as a starting point so first of all there's two prescription creams just to really reiterate this is what a doctor is prescribed for me so by no means am I saying this will work for everyone but I just kind of wanted to share what I'm using at the moment so join the day I've got rose X which is a really creamy thing that I use kind of ten minutes before I start my makeup and just let it really sink in and in the evening I'm using fine a shoe which is an azelaic acid which I think he's having a really good impact from what I can tell I live in London and loads of my friends are in Birmingham so I'm on face time a lot I'm one of my friends that I face from an awful lot said that he's in a really big difference quite quickly so I really do feel like that one is working but outside of that she's really encouraged me to strip back all of my skincare go very simple where I can avoid oils and balms which is – my favourite things so that's been a really big change for me but this is what I'm using as per her recommendation so I was kindly referred to her by in a rush pose I because she works really closely with them so everything is from Allah she posed a that she's suggested but I'm also going to show you some other bits from brands that I love to there's the makeup remover masala water gel couple pumps this I used to take my mica path straight onto dry skin work it in no flannels unfortunately and a flannel but she said just avoid any class or anything like that because my skin is that bit extra sensitive and so I'm just learning a new way I suppose I'm really missing the flannels but then I'm absolutely loving this this is like a cleansing milk it's a really lovely nourishing lotion I'll go in with this I do type my my craft with that sometimes as well definitely don't put it around my eyes but it's such a lovely nourishing cleanse I really enjoy using that so really loving that one then face wise I'm using the anther Yas SPF 50 every day I always use an SPF every day anyway and there's SPF in my CC cream which as you know is all I use on my complexion and this is really thin Renae it doesn't feel heavy and cakey it absorbs really quickly as far as SPF schoo it's absolutely lovely so that is no bother to sign into my routine then in terms of hydration I'm using the tolerance sensitive fluid this is a really light almost like a gel consistency she said if I need a bit more moisture I can up from this I do feel a bit drier than I used to feel but I really want to give everything a go that she's suggested so I'm just letting it all run its course feels gorgeous everything's fragrance free quite first spray and then the same eye cream this is the Halloran ultra contour a little pumper this around the eye area in between the brows around the lips lovely there are the things that she's recommended for me that I'm really enjoying a few other brands have wanted to highlight that I find that I get on really well with and dr. Dennis gross these pale pads are incredible the two types of rosacea that I have one of them is permanent redness and the other one is a flushing and it basically means that sometimes I just get a really text should break out in my skin and it's so red and angry and bumped it almost looks like spots if I ever have a breakout like that this is a two-part exfoliant and it's ultra mild the one I use ultra gentle part one is gonna completely exfoliate resurface everything but parts who is in neutralizer and it's gonna just calm everything down once you've done the hard work rebalance you put you back to normal these are incredible and if you like wearing a bit of fake tan like me there is also a version that will turn your face along with doing that so incredible Sarah V I am absolutely obsessed with CeraVe my whole family use this as well because in loves it dad absolutely loves it he's got his own or Sarah V stash the hydration cleanser in particular is so lovely I think Caroline mentioned this on this morning this week I've seen it all over Instagram this is defo one of my favorites too it's a lovely simple gel great for your morning cleanse everything from Sarah VIII is just fragrance very very simple very affordable as well all available in Boots do have a look at them gallon a is a really lovely brand that I love they're all about probiotics and kind of protecting the microbiome it's all about feeding the good bacteria and getting rid of the bad bacteria lovely lovely brand lots of research from them to suggest that they work well with rosacea so I really enjoy using their products I'm so crossed with myself I've got my event favourite cream out to show you I don't know where I put it but then is also one of my absolute staple brands they have a gorgeous kind of cream cleanser as well that I really enjoy if you've got sensitive eyes that I make it remover is incredible and there's a really targeted redness relief cream which is what I got to find you and it's nowhere to be seen very very good confidence in a gel lotion is a really lovely light white lotion from it cosmetics as you know I work with them on their brand ambassador this particular lotion is oil free and I've been really enjoying using this because one of the things that dr. Stephanie encouraged me to do is try and avoid oils where I can and – lighter textures this is basically a lovely kind of hydrating gel texture sits beautifully under your maker fantastic really great so that's kind of an overview of skin another thing I meant to show you she encouraged me to take omega-3s so I just picked these ones up from the Sainsbury's buy me here I've been taking one of them a day she's also encouraged me to get some collagen which I've ordered and I will let you know how I get on with and then in terms of general Rose I should chat a couple of weeks ago I went on Sally Hughes Soho radio show and I met talented Lex I don't know if any of you follow her but by sea I followed her Friday so I was really looking forward to meeting her she's really active in the rosacea discussion and all was really open about her journey but she was telling me about all these amazing resources she's got on her blog and I was having a look at them they're amazing she's basically made these sheets where you can keep a diary of your skin because when we were having the discussion on the radio show we all agreed that one of the important things to do is monitor what your triggers are so for me don't get me wrong sometimes my skin will just flare up and that's the end of that but I know for a fact if I have wine if I'm stressed if I haven't added enough sleep there's things like that will really really trigger May temp which is a big trigger for me if it's a really hot day or if I've had a hot shower I will be red as a beet root so basically she's got all these resources that you can print off and monitor your own skin and then identify those triggers and see you know for me like life's – sure I'm not going to never have wine again because it makes me a bit red but it's knowing if you had a really special occasion maybe don't have a glass of wine the night before things like that way you can just balance out and you know not let it get the better of you but I've really enjoyed this month I've really enjoyed all of the conversation around rosacea I couldn't believe I I did this piece with women's health it was just a bit of a story about my favorite products and what it's like having rosacea and it just resonated lots of people I had chats with loads of new women off the back of it so I was delighted with that saying for Sally's radio show and I'll just continue to keep you posted on how this routine goes for me and any other resources I find a brilliant but for now as I say the main thing I'd tell you to do is go another look at talented Lex she's brilliant when I say talented I mean Talon is in an isle Talon I'll put a link to her below there yes please have a look at the woman's health feature have a listen to the radio talk and let me know what you're using and what works for you I absolutely love hearing about other people's similar skin issues but I'm going to my friends dinner party 9 he made is news resolution to have a sipper Club every month and just get a group of strangers together and have dinner and it's my night tonight so I'm off to that I hope you enjoyed hearing about what I'm using on my skin and please tell me what you're using have a fab weekend and off 80 soon

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