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37 thoughts on “Rising Appalachia- Medicine [Official Music Video]

  1. The key to healing isn't in medicine it's in curing. Medication is temporary and curing it's complete till knocked out of health again. But nice song. You can't heal the earth till you walk back the problems that inflict on it. Fight, using none force,the use of glyhosate which poisons the plants and animals as well as the other races that call it home and the likes.

  2. when u grow up around rednecks and feel the need to "rebel" against YOUR white heritage. the world doesnt need anymore white tumblr "hippie" people, especially when theyre appropriating black culture and music. very very toxic.

  3. Are they indigenous to this land? Or are they just fake deep yeehaws like the rest of the south? (I can say that I live in Oklahoma)

  4. Ugh… This is disgustingnly generic and offensively boring.
    It actually makes me sad that people waste their productivity with such shit.

  5. We are winners, champions of the light
    keep the truth close in sight….and WOMAN….
    ….beautiful man.
    Walk-in with Grace.
    I know your face.
    and I trust your hand.
    Beautiful woman……..beautiful man….

    Fuckin’ awesome song!
    Nailed it!

  6. Girlies, Ssters!
    Beautiful, just beautiful, the faces, voices, scenery, music and the message!
    Love & Light

  7. Like the song but find the video is a bit obnoxious. We get it, you're really in touch with the earth and shit, great.

  8. Those who control this planet and worship Saturn also ignited the "nose ring" trend. That nose ring signifies slavery and being a slave, as in cattle who are led around by a rope through the "ring in their nose." Learn and understand the powerful influence of symbols and symbolism in today's culture. It is far more powerful and subversive than you know, or obviously don't know in this case.
    I DO love your creative abilities, your heart and your music. Good work.

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