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Hi, Polynesians, how are you? We are very well, but the one that is not very well is Ranita and you will accompany us to take her to the hospital, they will accompany us this day. We will show you how it is frog, where we will take it and everything so that the doctor can see it because in fact this is not his first session, it is his 2nd, he has an appointment with the doctor, in fact it was very difficult to find someone to attend frogs because all are dogs or cats and maximum of which, rabbits and that, but no one amphibian, then we found only 2 hospitals in Mexico City and 1 never answered and then here is … and we’re going to take her to her second doctor’s appointment, but we’re going to see Ranita how she is, let’s see, look to start her first appointment with the doctor, they scolded us very ugly and told us that she was not well looked after … its terrarium and we even bought a thermometer to measure the humidity and temperature of frog, in fact it has a natural plant that is this. It’s planted here, it loves it, here look, I show you where the little frog is. There goes Ranita. He’s already fat because he was a little skinny. She was very skinny, we gave her a cricket every day and they told us that since she is very skinny, she had to eat 3 to 4 crickets a day, so imagine, she got fat. Here their crickets walk. Here are his little crickets and his carrot that is over to the crickets that you have to feed the crickets … we have to feed everyone, just like this dwarf. Right, my love? What we are going to do now is to put Ranita in this box because we can not take her here. How are we going to take her terrarium for the doctor to review it, but we have to transport Ranita here because imagine that the car turns the terrarium and Frog … or a plant and get hurt, then it’s better here and also, we’ll do this while Rafa finishes editing a video and uploading it so we can go to the doctor, then see, Lesslie. Let’s see. We can not touch Ranita with her hands, they told us that it should not be like that, so what I’ll do is… They are falling there. Where is it? There it is in the plant. Oh, here he is. Oh my god, they moved his world. Okay, Frog, you have to enter here. Let me get up, it is that it is covered, it is very diva and it does not like the cameras, because it has to enter. Oh my love, no, he does not want to. We’re going to bring a latex glove. I’m the heart doctor, and I’ll grab Ranita with a glove. Come my life, oh dear! Yes, and they told us that their skin was too sensitive for us to keep touching them with their hands, so right now, we need to be super cautious, so that’s why we use the glove and good since we emptied their terrarium since there is not a living being inside, well yes there is the little plant, we will also empty its water because it will not fall on the road. I’ll take it while I have the heart doctor’s glove, I’ll take care of all your ills. Well, Ranita is already in this box, it is, ready to be transported, so now we will close the terrarium to be able to go. We made this mayita from here so I could breathe better because the air circulates like this, it enters, goes up and comes out here, then we also made modifications to its terrarium. This in the car is going to make a whole mess. No, we’ll take him in front. Do not record me. Take it away, will Lesslie take him in the backseat, did you get the water? Yes, already. Everything now, grab it, to see if these musculitos give to load it. I’m not worried about that, but seriously, this will come as a disaster. We’re going to put him in the back seat. That is, since the whole road is super flat, there will be no problem. Yes, Peripheral. Oh, well, I want you to see how it arrives. Rafa, how are you feeling? Good. And we’re on our way to the hospital, in fact it’s a bit far, I think it’s about 40 minutes from here. Really? Yes, more or less. It’s super far, Karen. Well, it was super weird to find something to attend to amphibians. Look there is Lesslie taking care of Ranita. She is giving him heat more than anything with her own body Lesslie gives her warmth so that Frog does not get cold because Frog in fact has to have a certain temperature that she can not have because her body does not generate heat. Well that’s what the vets said, we do not know about frogs, but that’s what they told us. This insert here is to generate heat and put it down the terrarium, but as the terrarium is very large, I think it is not working and in fact we will change it. I will show you the recipe for Ranita, I mean Ranita has a recipe and even her super cares, see, tell them how much she weighs, 30gr! They put it on a scale like those used in the kitchen. That’s how they put it. And it only weighed 30gr, it was very nice and right now we will see what we are told. Polynesians we have arrived at Ranita’s hospital, we are already here waiting. Frog is also waiting in the waiting room. See, there says “waiting room” … Oh yes it’s true I thought it was a joke this waiting room. Then we wait while his doctor goes out because he is attending a bunny and then he will attend to Ranita. Oh how nice, they will open it in half. No it’s not true. It was not a joke. And this one you put? Aha, that’s what they changed, what I did notice is that there are not many feces, not much for what they ate. Much more active. Is female or male? It is difficult to determine, in them there are anatomical characteristics that help us differentiate them but they are very specific, that is, we really need a taxonomic guide, a guide that helps us to distinguish between measurements, colors, etc. for the structure, it is complicated. That’s something that biologists do, in males, croaking is a call for reproduction, but embryos can also do that croaking sometimes, that’s why croaking is no longer so reliable, croaking can be a good option . Yes, much better. The other time I did not want to open it. Oh, how beautiful! You already want to leave! It is much more active. They left us here alone in the room because they went to make the diagnosis and write the recipe of what they will do, they will give antibiotics, but antibiotic baths, that is, they will not put it in the goose like a puppy, otherwise they will be baths of antibiotic. Because she takes a little water for her skin, I mean to see right now she tells us and it’s much better because she even opened her mouth, because the first time she came was super sad, she did not want to escape and here she was… I want to go out. Well, Polynesians we’re back from the hospital with Ranita, see here is Karen who knows the whole verdict of Ranita. No, because the doctors told us that it was much better, in fact, it was healthier, but what they did was to give us antibiotic baths, so they gave us anitbiotic in water, we have to
dilute with more water and leave it there 2 hrs to bathe and then take it out, and we will do it daily for 11 days, imagine. Then they will give us another medication that is a daily bath but only 15 minutes. No, no, no, Super clean frog with her baths and all those things and it’s because you can not give her an antibiotic, so they give it to her in a way that she absorbs it for her little foot. What’s up? she is asleep! Beautiful, you are asleep! Think that they speak to her, also you, want to go out in the video. Let’s see try to get it out, you tell me if it goes. Is not it going or is it going? No, it’s not going. We arrived home beautiful! his house so leafy. How pretty! And well, Polynesians, wait for me is that Aria … Agresivities here not! He does not support that Ranita has more attention. We wanted to make this video so that you would find out how Ranita was because they asked us on social media how she was, what she had gotten sick of and sent her as well as good vibes. Good wishes, good vibes and we wanted to make this video so you would know how it is and that you have a doctor, I did not think you needed it. We take great care of it because it is very special for us, we know that it is very special for you too. We hope you liked this vlog, Polynesians, if so, give it a like so that we know it and see you in the next vlog, Polynesians, we love you very much. Bye!


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