ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Rami Zebian, M.D., Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine, MUSC Health – Florence Medical Center

My name is Rami Zebian. I’m a pulmonary critical
care specialist. My philosophy in
care is I would want to treat my patients the same
way I would want my family to be treated. What I want for my family
is compassionate care. I want to know that the doctors
care about their patients. And I want my patients to know
that we all care about them. I also want the
best care available. I want cutting-edge
technology for my family. And I want that for my patients. I think we have that in MUSC. We are leaders in innovation. We care about care close to
home as well as telemedicine. I believe that we provide
care that is safe, friendly, and patient-centered.

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