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11 thoughts on “Rajan Sankaran talks homeopathy

  1. I love homeopathy and can't get enough of it. Thank you for sharing this video… it's a step people need to be familiar with it and spread this wonderful system.
    I can see that Homeopathy is a very creative system (an art in itself) and I'm learning well that it's something I should have known and done a long time ago…so, no thanks to those who suppressed such knowledge (would have avoided premature deaths and sufferings that are so rampant in this world).

  2. There is no repeatable high quality studies that can show homeopathy has any effect other than the placebo effect. There is no plausible mechanism for it to work.

    If you can prove that it works, then do the JREF Million Dollar Challenge.

  3. Excelent lecture sir homoeopathy ek devine science hai practice karna sabke bas ki bat nahi aalochana koibhi kar sakta hai

  4. Last year, I was suffering from a lump formation very exactly present on the centre of my back. Severe pain associated with fever I had to do all my routine physically by myself …., besides I was taking care of my beloved bed-ridden mummy. Initially, I opted for Allopathy treatment in Government General Hospital. There, Dr. gave me medicines for 3 days and applied injection also. A week was let off with Allopathy medicines after my 2nd visit for treatment…., There was no sign of relief……Dr. advised me to be ready for surgery dispensing….., for that I should bring one of my close relatives or somebody who can take care of me during post-operation period at Hospital. My request to the Doctor by explaining my family's pathetic situation didn't yield any favour to admit me for surgery operation ….! Hence, I sought one of my very close friends' help who is residing about 140 kms from my town. He also was having hour by hour commitments and can't spare any hour for any other matter which I was well aware of that ….! He suggested me to go for Homeopathic Treatment immediately citing very similar case of mine was treated successfully by Homeopathic medicines. He also indicated to me that I should patiently to undergo this Homeopathic Treatment as it would take about 2 months time to get full cure. For me no other options left, I approached Homeopathic Dr. in the same Hospital. Homeopathic Dr. very prudently analysed my case very properly, genuinely, nicely ……! He prescribed and provided me Homeopathic medicines of about 50 days course then and there….! Being Government. Hospital, service and medicines are provided at free of cost. I had Homeopathic medicines with a belief of good recovery ….., in about 40 days consumption of Homeopathic medicines I could realize the betterment in my health and to my great surprise the lump was vanished …….! Thank God….! My royal salute to Dr.Honyman who is the Father of Homeopathy, the Dr. Rangarajan, who treted me and to my beloved friend Mr.K.Booopathy who suggested me to undergo Homeopathic Treatment. Now, I am undergoing Homeopathic treatment for my Thrombosed Hemorrhoid (External Piles) in the same Hospital. Hope, soon, I will get good relief from Piles! Homeopathic Treatment should be the first choice for any diseases in the stage before the disease become acute….., as the relief can be faster if treatment taken in the initial stage itself ….! My wish is that Homeopathic Treatment should get rapid growth world wide. Thanks a lot, sir!

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