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*QUICK* + INTENSE  Weightloss Workout for Busy People – Standing Only Cardio Exercises

Welcome to today’s cardio workout for busy people if you ain’t got time to got time this workout is for you We’re jumping straight into our warm-up today of Buxar shuffles If this is the first workout you’re doing today and you are not properly warmed up pause the video check the description I have a warm-up recommendation for you. But if You’re already warmed up. You can just go into the next move with me in five seconds First move the jaw is our beloved butt kicks. You’re going to pull your heel Toward your booty and you’re going to move as quickly as your body will let you You got it you ready Lego Go at your own pace, I like to start slow pick up the pace and toward the end. I’m barely moving Tuck your abs in you want your stomach to be nice and firm, but breathe Keep your arms in that active engaged position It is so cool that you’re making the time to workout even though you have so much on your plate to do. It’s a struggle Keep pulling those legs up. You’re almost done Perfect next up we have high knees. This is the ugly cousin of butt kicks But you got to do what you got to do. You only got five minutes. Are you ready? Let’s go You want your palms open facing down waist level raise those knees Keep moving listen keep going as long as you’re moving when that timer hits zero it counts you showed up Keep that core engaged Ten seconds to go you can do this you’re doing it That was Amazing. Give me your best jumping jacks, if you’re unable to jump do the modification on the right Which is step jacks where you’re stepping instead of jumping Are you ready? Okay, let’s go Love what you’re doing. I see your face. I see that look on your face That is the look of focus move your arms go through a full range of motion Get those elbows down to your waist Good keep that stop bending your knee Very good Almost there suck your abs in breathe. Okay, it gets it gets better. It gets better. Just give me some burpees Listen, you know how we do burpees around here It’s not about competing with anybody but yourself Decide how many you can do and do your number if you cannot jump step It’s 30 seconds you got this Go at your own pace looking good get those feet as far out as you can very Good keep going you can do it less than 10 seconds less than 5 seconds less than 3 seconds less than 2 seconds Yes That was so good. Doesn’t that feel amazing next up? We have a side hop punch you’re going to do a gentle hop and then punch from side to side You got it you’re ready you feeling amazing, let’s go Listen you’re almost done with this workout after this you have one more exercise and it’s over. Can you believe it? Just a gentle hop punch from side to side When you punch your eyes should follow your fists Very good. Make sure your arm is parallel to the floor suck your core in Just a gentle bounce. Oh my goodness look at you go Last move of the day we have speed bad punches You’re just shifting your weight from one foot to another with a slight bend in your knee knee core engaged unrolling your fist Punching all that negativity away all those voices saying you can’t do it punch them all away Keep moving tuck your abs in love that You’re almost done it’s your last move There is no no cooldown after this workout, so make sure you get that in I have cool-down videos you can choose from You’re doing so good less than five seconds to go. Ah, it’s over. Thank you for working out with me today I will see you in my next workout video Hi just a kiss you’re new here, I’m Cola just like coca-cola and I am married I have a son with my husband now. We live in Texas. I love pizza with no tomato sauce I am a certified personal trainer I am also certified in nutrition and I wanted to personally invite you to check out my website kabocha fitness come on there, you can find an All-inclusive all-access pass to all of my workouts and this includes premium 30-minute workouts that are not available on YouTube My eight-week booty program my 21 day belly fat focus program and get this your whole year of workouts Planned for you, January through December. You never have to think about it ever again you can access all this content directly from my website by logging in or You can download the iPhone app or the Android app and just have everything in one place in your pocket It’s so convenient. Go ahead and check out my website. Cocoa fitness com. It’s totally free to try. So give it a shot See if it’s right for you

15 thoughts on “*QUICK* + INTENSE Weightloss Workout for Busy People – Standing Only Cardio Exercises

  1. I love your smile , it makes me happy💜💙 💜 and it gives me the whole "exercising is fuuunn" vibe😂💜💜

  2. Thank you hun for giving me some inspiration. I'm going to do one of your exercise videos every day. They are so straight forward and you always show us how to do them by joining in.

  3. There is no quick way to loose wieght or gain muscles. The truth is if you dont train consistently, you will put back weight. And im training as i type.

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