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Query Discharge Papers - Why change my medication when Im not in danger?

hey y'all my name is cream using and welcome to my channel living with fibromyalgia I come from New Zealand I'll tear or horn otherwise known as Hawaii toto by the Raritan people well this is my follow-up vlog after leaving if you see my other vlogs I was in hospital and I had had a fall six weeks ago and I was having continuous problems and the doctor seemed to think that one side of my face had fallen so they were sending me to Hastings Hospital acute assessment unit to do some tests and they found out that no it wasn't to bleed on my brain but they did find that one of my medications may be causing there's something these are very very very tiny thing in my heart it's all most important that's very very tiny and so they've made some recommendations about it so I looked through my discharge papers and what they've said is that they want us to me to stop taking citalopram as an antidepressant which is all well and good except I'm on extremely low dosage there was a study done with citalopram saying that at King cause enlarged it can cause problems with your heart over a long period of time but the amount you need to be taking daily for it to do that as 60 milligrams and mine's 20 and that's the lowest that you can take us a telegram and in the hospital when they said they were going to recommend that I said if you take me off there I'll just end up in a mental hospital Isis because it really does keep me balanced so any ho as much as I had said that they basically wrote in the just Hodge paper you need to change it so I did do some research and have found out that it's very rare this thing to happen and it's when you're having large doses of citalopram because it's what the study says I'm not in the area of it being dangerous at all but I know they're going to change it without talking to my psychologist or psychiatrist which is people that help me with mental health because I have PTSD now my PTSD is under it's good it's not in a bad place at all like I'm not screaming crazy you know I just had stress over a long period of time about 40 years and at cause PTSD and so I've been getting help for about five or six years now and I have a whole lot of set of tools to help me with the PTSD so we're not in the danger zone here so what I've had to do it's just a drama no wonder sick people get sicker I've rung the pharmacist and I see I want to make an appointment to see you to talk about the citalopram problem and apparently I can just go in and talk to them and I thought cool and then I'm going to get that recommendation from the pharmacist and take it to my doctor because my issue isn't so much about changing the medication it's these two things it's about changing the medication and it doesn't work and where do we go – from veer and the other thing it's about the side effects or the withdrawals from the medication because citalopram has huge withdrawal problems and I know this so I've got to go and talk to a pharmacist just come out of hospital feeling kind of I've only just gotten beat up in home two days and I'm orientated so yes I'm off to to talk to the pharmacist later if it's later today or tomorrow because I've got an appointment at 3:30 with someone else then I've been having problems with the people that come and do the support work here and they do the cleaning of my house what lipstick but what they do is they they never move the furniture they never like and I mean the furniture underneath the table you know how you have a table and chairs a dining room table and chairs and you have your chairs that you put in this dining room – they never pull them out and vacuum underneath the table because I eat on the table so there's always crumbs and stuff here now I can't clean because I have fiber I can't clean regularly so there's that though I live in a two-bedroom place and I've got an hour's help a week and so there's not much to vacuum or clean floors like I've got a little toilet that they clean and a little kitchen a very small kitchen it's quite compact and so it's a small house there is no way in hell or heck that it takes an hour to do that so I've had to wring the health and disability advocacy services and get some advice on how to approach the manager now I've tried to approach the mintage of the people that come in and do their caregiving and I see into tick sensitive and saying that I would like to organize a meeting with you to discuss this when are you free and I get nothing I get blink now I know she's getting the messages cuz I see – can I have and I named a person that I would like to come and and cure for me and they said she changed it she changed the person and I was thinking to myself so you are getting my messages yeah so I've got that in place and then my my husband's a veteran and we've been approved since September last year to get home help to come in here the case manager has finally gotten back to Cole and said oh my god that was approved in September give me a couple of days and I'll get back to you well it's been a week and I thought oh I'm just tired of public servants so I've written to the minister Veterans Affairs and given them the evidence that we were actually approved to get help from the Veterans Affairs and it hasn't happened so annalisha where they approve the home help they also approved somebody to come and clean our house because it's all part of services that are given to veterans the funky little guy who cleans our house has cleaned our house about three times no maybe two times yeah anywho he's cleaned up but the home helplessness has not occurred at all so I failed to do that and so it's a lot you know when you're sick and in pain and to have to go to that level to get assistance when it's been approved as frustrating and something I haven't been able to look into because my fibromyalgia has been so bad now at the moment I'm only on codeine for pain which is better than a poke in the eye so I've managed to do some follow-up stuff and because I want to make sure that when people do assessments of me they only look at the part that interested in like we know into a a you so interested in my brain then I found out something with the citalopram but I was saying I need help at home I need social services didn't come they did help me with how to hold my Walker when I walked down the street which was very actually quite helpful then they says Isis I'm only eating one meal a day but and it's usually cars because I says I'm so sick I eat the quickest thing possible not the best things possible so the doctor says to me it's okay you need to lose weight and I'm thinking you're saying that one meal a day is okay there's no way one meal a day is okay so I'm going to get some changes done to the assessment notice I want them to look at what's the best practice and as best practice to tell someone that it's okay for her here one meal a day instead of a few meals a day you know I don't understand I don't understand I just think they think I'm lying without any evidence I might add any home oh that I'm doing alright I think being able to advocate for myself and I am advocating for myself and I've had the help of my beastie who has enlightened me to processes so follow so I I am doing this thank God for iPhone and ending able to send emails from my phone because I can't set out and the lounge I have to do everything from my phone I'm getting tired now anyway this is my vlog when I must cream be singing I'm from Hawaii Toto the heartbeat of Hawaii a name gifted to us by the tidal toll on people everyone else would know those places are territor New Zealand I wish you well I hope you have a wonderful day and when I can I will upload this vlog take care may the heart guide you

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