ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy

Come to G harbor Bro, don’t mind me teammate: That’s fine teammate: Just say it I heard your friend said me abnormal Is he saying me? Am I listen to the wrong? I’m not an abnormal person There is a team on the right teammate: Your voice are too loud Really? I’m sorry teammate: Can u lower your voice? Okay Is it okay right now? How then? teammate: There is no gun I have teammate: I don’t have a gun player: Bro, kill me player Bro, kill me. He has get down player: Why don’t he kill me? Yes, I’m playing 1v4 All died Girl Where is the another box? teammate: Let me shot the signal gun There is a 98k Some audience will think about why don’t i use medicine Let me tell u why don’t i use medicine Teammates pick the equipment so fast If I spent some time to use medicine Let me tell u There is no more equipment left So, I must pick the equipment first Then use medicine, don’t worry Who are u calling for? Who are u calling for? teammate: I’m calling u Oh, I see How u recognize me? Do u guys need extended? Do u guys need extended? teammate: I want Let me open the guess Can u speak normally? teammate: Are u an anchor? Your friend has calling out my name, so what do u think? One player at the houses down teammate: Can u inform me There is one guy on the roof top On the roof top Follow me teammate: There is still one more guy Give back my 3 level helmet I’ll get angry if u didn’t give back my 3 level helmet teammate: Don’t be so fierce Give me to me Give back my 3 level helmet Give back to me teammate: 3 level helmet Only bad guy will use automatically pick Wait me for while, let me drive a car to fetch u guys teammate: Where do u on air? I’m on air at my home, u can’t come What do u want to do? Bad guy, this is the first time play game with u U want to visit me teammate: Babe, do u want to fetch me? Okay, be quick teammate: Babe Thanks for subscribe 3 of this teammates are very strong If u like these teammates, subscribe me Welcome Who are doing the customer services? teammate: On air Really? teammate: I meet my friend Okay teammate: I’m on air in Huya Cool Thanks for the gift Where do we go to fight? teammate: Thanks for the gift Thank you Thanks for the gift ya Thanks for the coming gift teammate: BuQiuRen come to my live broadcast Bro, u have open the door teammate: I think there is still someone else teammate: In front there Lets drive across Over that side? teammate: Over the school there teammate: They use silencer teammate: Lets go teammate: They didn’t appear footsteps Maybe they hide somewhere teammate: Over here teammate: There is car coming teammate: Go ahead Don’t make this kind of sound, I thought u want to throw a grenade teammate: There is car coming Shoot them Lets go, Chase them Be quick teammate: Go Be quick, there are someone at the hostel there. No 4, u again Punish him to do 50 times push up teammate: Me leg is short There is gunfire here jsut now Where? I can’t see the point that u have pointed teammate: Over here teammate: Let me go first teammate: Shoot him teammate: Bitch Press the medicine and get him up at the same time That’s a bug I do this is because I want to get attention from the official Then they can repair this bug I don’t like to use bug. Impact on the game experience Not good Use medicine and get teammate up at the same time teammate: Use medicine and get teammate up at the same time is it? Yes Bro, over here Who shoot the car, kill teammate? Beast teammate: Who do that? Too over There is grenade On the roof top teammate: I’m injured too Bro, throw a smoke Bro teammate: Bro I don’t want to go there Is better for u to come here U can get me up at here teammate: Are u sure? I’m… I’m very sure U get back I stay here teammate: Okay teammate: Excellent teammate: There is still someone else There is someone at the garage teammate: At the ramp there teammate: I’m afraid I’m here, don’t scared Don’t be afraid Don’t cry Lets go Get in the car teammate: Disgusting Don’t cry, Love u Baby, don’t cry. I’m here There is someone using short gun Be careful There is still someone ont eh roof top Lets go across One player down teammate: Where? On the right side wall teammate: Is there someone upstairs? Am I see the wrong? teammate: Over here teammate: Upstairs I’m coming Let me throw the burning bottle teammate: Bro teammate: There is one guy beside the wall teammate: Let me see if i can go to your side That’s okay Thanks for the gift Lets get int he car first Is okay for u to use first aid kid Don’t worry I’m here Lets go Be careful, there are many people Bro, like, comment and share my first post 3 of my teammates Like my post Help me to like, comment and share the first post, Love u guys so much teammate: Where? At Weibo. Huya-BuQiuRen teammate: He is real BuQiuRen Is it a fake? Your friend has call me Qiu teammate: Qiu Something wrong with this current moment teammate: Why u shoot the car just now? I have advise u The previous one second before i shoot the car, I have advise u No cooperation Why don’t u hide? teammate: Bring me play one more match Why don’t u hide? Get up Kill them All died teammate: Can u leave one person for me to kill? Be careful, there is still another team around teammate: Qiu Yes teammate: It’s so late There is someone coming in front Get back Let me throw the grenade first teammate: He has gone He is died There is a motor at the houses that we stay just now Yes No problem There is AWM But i don’t recommend u to play it teammate: there is someone teammate: On the right All died There is AWM and 8 scope I don’t want teammate: then no need teammate: U rarely use sniper at all I play it recently I saw a car went to the houses just now They haven’t get out yet I think they haven’t get out yet Is there anyone up there? Lets go back Wait for me teammate: U are in the rush That’s fine Get back, this position is not good What’s that sound? I didn’t see them teammate: I think he has get down Be careful Find a bunker Babe, get up The person behind the rock died teammate: I killed a girl


  1. احلا شي بي ردة الفعل ❤️ هواي علمتني شكرآ الك اعرف مراح تعرف شنو كاتب بس هم شكرآ 😉

  2. راحت فيها عيون الصيني نصيحه احذفو اللعبه انا حذفتها بلا رجعه على الاقل الصيني ياخذ مقابل فلوس وانتم تروح عيونكم وطي بدون مقابل

  3. ويجيك اماراتي او سعودي راسه مربع وحلكه ملزك مشتهري هاك ب 1000دولار ويضل يهايط عليك تف

  4. اذا ما تعمل ترجمه للفيدوهات رام نلغي الاشتراك الي معاي لايك ☹

  5. قااااااااوووووسسسسسسسسااااوووووهههههههههههههييييييييييتتتتتتتتتتتتهههههههههييي …… تعني مرحبا بكم أعزائي المتابعين 😁

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