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Psychiatry & Medication! w/Dr. Barry Lieberman & Kati Morton | Kati Morton

– Hey, everybody! I am sitting down with my
friend, Barry Lieberman, who’s a psychiatrist in Beverly Hills, and we’re going to talk about
medication, so stay tuned. (cheerful music) Without further ado… – Well, because I’m a
person who will see anybody who walks in my door,
as I’ve told you before, I’ll do psychotherapy
for almost everybody. But about half the people that I see really need medications. And that need will vary from dramatically, when they’re severely depressed, or having severe panic attacks, or if they have a major mental illness, such as Bipolar I disorder,
manic depressive disorder, or schizophrenia. Most people don’t have
that, you know schizophrenia is about 2% of the population, bipolar is about the
same kind of percentage. People with major depression,
or major anxiety syndromes are more frequent, but with them, you might only use medications
for a chunk of time. But it is really important
to see that the medication is part of the combination
of psychotherapy and medication, because even
if it’s almost essential that they take medication,
as in they’re gonna do very badly without it,
they still need to address other issues in their life,
and how it’s affecting them, and so on and so forth. – Yeah, ’cause nothing
happens in a bubble, like we don’t, especially if
we have Bipolar I disorder, mania can cause a lot of
strife in our relationships, and a lot of other issues,
even financial issues. I have had a client, who used to, when she was manic, go on shopping sprees. – That’s right. – And so there are a lot of things, and, like I’ve said before,
to many, many of you, and in many videos, like the two together, with therapy and medication,
gives the best outcome. We know that through every research, that’s ever been done on that subject. – But that makes the
point, that of course, that medication is one of
the tools of treatment. – Mmhmm. – And with some people, it’s essential, and other people it’s helpful, and some people it doesn’t help. – Yeah.
– And finding out that it doesn’t help is also a very interesting thing to discover. – So if you were starting someone, you decided that they did need medication, would you, how would
you go about picking it? – Oh well– – And deciding how long? I guess, based on severity.
– Well, that’s actually one of the toughest, deciding
how long, that I like, I’ll clarify that in a moment. (laughs) Well, the point of that
is you decide on how long, only if it’s worked,
and so if it’s worked, then you welcome that decision, but it is not necessarily
a life time thing. It depends on the condition, there are people, there are sometimes, there is things called
situational stress disorder. – Yeah. – Or something has happened
in that person’s life, the breakup of a relationship, the death of a loved one,
the loss of an important job, and people will not only
have a grief reaction, but that grief reaction
may be prolonged enough to really cause them to go to
a lower level of functioning, then we’ll call it depression, or anxiety disorder, or whatever. And medications really help that, but there you’re usually,
your intention is to do a short term medication use. Three months, four months,
six months, whatever it is. I’ll always tell people,
that if it’s worked for them, I’m going to try to get them to take it for six months, at least. – Yeah, and that’s what I’ve heard too. Many of my clients have said the same, coming back, that six
months is like a fair trial. – That’s right. – ‘Cause we wanna make sure that we’re taking the right amount, which sometimes it takes
a while to titrate up. – Well, but that six months,
is if it’s working for them. – Okay, we have to remember
that, this is all based on if it works.
– Cause the newer medications, the newer and better medications, whether antidepressant, or anti-anxiety. Anti-anxiety medications work
right away, they’re drugs. You know, Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, etc. They either work that day or not. Or even stimulants,
when you’re using those. They work that day. Antidepressants, antipsychotics,
or low-dose antipsychotics, which we’ll use to
augment antidepressants, which are an extremely effective thing, and scare the hell out of people, when they see the ads on television. – The antipsych, yeah. – When you see the ads
for the antipsychotics, I always tell people,
either, I used to joke, stop reading, or now
stop watching television, because the small print,
especially when you hear it recited on a television ad– – Yeah, may cause death…
– Scares the shit out of you. Yeah, so you know, you
think I’m going to die. And that’s a major problem for me, because I’ll say, there’s a wide range of these different medications, from minimal side effects, to maximum, and they have to report
everything in that category, so a lot of times, part
of my use of medications, is explaining to people
that what we’re going to do is not going to kill them. – Yeah. – I’ve never had, in 43 years
of practice, I’ve never had anybody have anything
really bad happen to them. A lot of my medication
work, is to reassure people about what medications are, and aren’t. – Yeah, and I think it’s important to ask those questions when
you see a psychiatrist, if they aren’t educating
you enough about it, or you still have concerns, because, I feel like that’s a
really important part of what Barry does, is letting you know what the potential side effects are, what to let him know about– – And by the way, philosophically, I don’t think any patient
should take any medication that they don’t understand
why they’re taking it, what it will do, and what it will not do. – Yeah, and so, if
someone comes to see you, you said only half are on medication. – Yeah. – What is, I don’t know–
– Well, that’s cause I like to do therapy. – Yeah, and I don’t know
if you actually have the answer to this, but is
there a deciding factor, or something that you, is it
like severity of the issues that decide whether they’re
on medication or not? – Well, good question, severity
certainly plays a role. You know if somebody’s coming
with mild syptomatology, obviously, I’m less
likely to use medication, and if they’re really suffering terribly, I’m likely to do that. But I still see people who are suffering from very severe depressions, and very severe anxiety syndromes, or the secondary symptoms
of those syndromes, or all kinds of compulsive behaviors, alcoholism, drug abuse, food abuse, etc. – Yeah. – And relationship abuse. – Yeah. – And that’s of course,
gets very interesting and very subtle, because in fact, I’ve had patients who
I’ve given medication for one targeted symptom, and
I haven’t even heard about the other difficulties they
were having in their life, and they’ll say, you know, I was really surprised,
I also find myself, I don’t know, much more
able to be in traffic without getting into road rage. – Yeah. – Or whatever else–
– All the other peripheral. – And I didn’t even know
they were having that. And so, and there are
people who I intended to take off of medications, and talking about antidepressants,
after a few months, as they’re doing better, and
they say, I don’t want to stop. – Yeah, ’cause they’re
feeling so much better. – Cause my quality of life is so improved, and with antidepressants,
there is no evidence of any problem on long term use. – And that’s important to remember, that depending on how you’re doing, depending on the things that
are going on in your life, you may come off, you
may restart medication. – Oh yeah. – And there is no shame
associated with doing any of that. – No.
– It’s like I’ve always said, recovery is a process,
it’s not perfection, and it’s having a team of people, and professionals behind
you, to help you know if you’re doing poorly,
it’s okay to go back on, or to continue on. If you feel like you’ve really improved because of the medication,
like my video I put out with Paul Gilmartin,
last, a couple weeks ago, maybe a month ago, where he said that he thought he was doing
so well on his antidepressant, and he felt so much better,
he stopped taking it, and then he got really suicidal. And so it’s important to know
that if you’re feeling better, and you think it has something
to do with the medication, maybe you stay on it. – That’s right. – So–
– That’s right. – There is so much we can talk about when it comes to medication, but this is just an intro for all of you, so that you know kind of what to expect, that not everybody has
to be on medication. You don’t have to stay on it forever, but it’s something you
should really talk with your doctor about, and educate yourself, so that you know how to
better get the treatment that you deserve. Thank you so much,
Barry, for sitting down– – Sure, sure.
– And taking time. And thank you all for tuning
in, if you haven’t seen the other videos I’ve done with Barry, make sure you click here
to check out another one, and don’t forget to subscribe, and I’ll see you next time, bye.

95 thoughts on “Psychiatry & Medication! w/Dr. Barry Lieberman & Kati Morton | Kati Morton

  1. i agree, there are moments one may absolutely need medication and i think it's great that you don't just hand it and send people away, which is sometimes a bit too easy to do (happens here in france), and to point out that you don't prescribe unless the patient fully understands what and why this medication can help.

    On the other hand, I can say that there are some cases talk therapy is enough and it's important for patients to have the choice to refuse if they don't need that medication, it's all for individual cases

    thank you for clarifying your methodologies 🙂

  2. hi katy. what are you views on mums who self harm? do you think its selfish and makes them a bad mum? do you think it's harmful to the child in some way even though they don't see it happening and don't know it's going on?

  3. Good video. I was prescribed Celexa (?) for depression. I got divorced about 4 and a half years ago and have been depressed since then. It's beginning to help.

  4. Let's get the conversation started! What do you think of medications for mental health? What have you been on or what have you heard about them?

  5. A very important video! And I just want to express my graditute and appreciation for all these videos you put out, helping and educating people on this very important part of this world which is mental health <3

  6. thank you so much for these videos! if i am having a really low or anxious moment, i know i can come to your channel or website for helpful tips or kind words 🙂 it has helped me get through those really tough days, and for that i am so thankful to you xxx

  7. I've heard that after 1 major depresive episode, you stay on meds for a year, 2 episodes = 3 years and 3 episodes is life on meds. What is you opinion on this? When you are depressed all the time, what counts as "major episode"? Thanks for your videos! They've been helping me for a couple of years now! Xx

  8. Hey Kati. I have a question. So I had to talk to my school counselor because I dealt with a traumatic event at school. So when I went to talk to her about what happened she told me I could tell her anything and it would stay confidential but if I told her these 3 things (If someone is hurting me, if I'm hurting someone, or if I'm hurting myself) she would have to report it. So when I told her about my incident with one of my teachers she told me she would have to report it. So she told my mom and that teacher got fired. So say I was hurting myself which breaks the confidentiality code. Who would she tell? Who would she report it too? And what if my mom already knows? And how does the confidentiality code actually work? #KatiFAQ

  9. My psychiatrist told me that if I take medication to help me sleep at night I will be fine and I can function and doesn't give people medication unless the person really needs it and I had bad days and she talked with me

  10. Hi Kati Good interview ! I am one of those people that said I do not want to stop taking my med because my quality of life has improved so much and I have went the route of a PTSD service dog witch I hate that he is labeled that way. He alerts for anxiety and depression and he dose very well in mitigating problems that come up. And I can't image life without him . Love the guest spots !

  11. I'm on Mirtazapine (Remeron) 30mg. If anyone has a question about Mirtazapine, I'm open to share my own experiences and to answer questions due to it's effects / side effects and also anything else I know related to that.

  12. I feel stupid asking this but should you feel different once taking your medication for a certain amount of time?!

  13. Psych meds are tricky… Before I was diagnosed with bipolar, I was put on Celexa and hated it. I was a zombie and had severe sexual side-effects. Then once diagnosed..For bipolar, I was on Seroquel for a couple years, but was so tired I couldn't function & gained over 100lbs. Then I was on Limotrigine, and that one put me in the hospital. Then I was put on Latuda, and it made me so numb that I couldn't feel human emotions and started cutting again to "feel something" again. So currently I'm not on anything. Psych med changes are so rough.. Sooo rough.

  14. Hi Kati,
    I have been dealing with anxiety since September of 2015 and I have decided to go the natural route with herbs and acupuncture, but I think I am having episodes of depersonalization. I have not yet been diagnosed, but can you maybe talk about what it is and how you can get help? I have not yet been to therapy but I do plan on going as it has been getting worse recently.

  15. My therapist may refer me to a psychiatrist to see if i need medication. But tbh i'm not sure if i want to.. I don't want medication to make me happy, i want to do it myself. Even though thats not working out so well.

  16. hey Kati! #katifaq How sick do you have to be to go into inpatient treatment? I've attempted suicide twice and now I don't feel safe to be alone. what's your advice?

  17. Okay you asked for experiences with drugs – so here goes:

    I posted on the last video about my journey from misdiagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder to Bipolar II

    So Meds: Starting 1988 – Prozac which did nothing but give me wring the sheets horrible night sweats. Then, since there were no SSRIS to try I was put on a tricyclic, nortriptyline. Wonderful drung-not. Like walking around in a cotton ball and I had to constantly be sucking on sugar free hard candies because of the dry mouth. Then they tried an newer SSRI, Paxil. As I said in my previous post this lovely drug is what forced me out of the closet. They kept cranking up the dosage to 80mg /day and I got the shakes so bad I couldn't work. It was pretty clear to me SSRIs were not going to work. So then they tried Serzone. I was on it for a long time, it didn't do much and I did have a period of hypotension and dizziness, but that passed. Now I should say that up until now I was seeing a psychologist for CBT and primary care doctor. I was finally given a referral to a psychiatrist whose first recommendation was ECT. I said no way. I couldn't risk even a minimal short term cognitive impairment and practice law.

    So now we're in 1998 depressive episodes have been pretty bad but it was the anxiety that really started to be a problem. So they put me on BuSpar. I don't know who has ever had BuSpar do anything for them. The fall of 1998 is also when I had my first panic attack. Then in the fall of 1999 I had a long hypomanic episode after which I crash into one of the worst depression I had ever had. The panic attacks came back as did night terrors. Now I was living in N. Idaho so off to a new psychiatrist. This is the same guy who kept telling my I was not bipolar. So he does move me to Wellbutrin – which was a good choice and puts my on Klonopin. Took care of my anxiety alright, then it built up in my system to where I was sleeping 20 hours a day and not working. When my wife told him this he said, at least he's not anxious. That's when I left law and went back and got an IT degree. My Klonopin dose was reduced. All this time I was doing CBT off and on but not finding a therapist I clicked with.

    Fast Forward a few years and after two psychiatrists left the area, my primary care doctor was treating me. Still on bupropion but now I'm on benzos big time. lorazepam for anxiety and temazepam for sleeping( there was no time release version of zolpidem and my insomnia was waking up in the middle of the night) I was really bad off. I was working, but had distracted myself by obsessively playing playing World of Warcraft. Then one night, I was just so tired of all of it I took a whole bottle of lorazepam and and one of temazepam and woke up in the hospital. That's when I was diagnosed with Bipolar II and put on Lamictal. I also started see that psychiatrist for therapy . He was great, until I got a call from his office saying he had passed away. You can't make this shit up

    Fortunately, there was a psychiatrist in Spokane who specialized in bipolar disorders who accepted me along with some of the other patients. He took me off temazepam – still on lorazepam at the time' We did the shogun approach trying different combinations. Settled on bupropion, Lamictal, lorazepam and a night time dosage of citalopram. Then my insurance changed to one he didn't accept. It took a long time to find a new psychiatrist. it took months to get put on a waiting list and then months more to become a patient. In the meantime my primary care doctor just maintained that treatment.

    I did find a new psychiatrist and through her I found a great therapist. Now I have never had problems with alcohol (I don't drink – except a Guinness or two a year at a restaurant) Never had any problems with drugs. But I fell in love with my benzos. I was so afraid of anxiety they became my safety blanket. Pop a pill and 15 minutes later all better. Except I wasn't. We had a come to Jesus meeting about it. She took me off all benzos and told me she was notifying the area pharmacies blacklisting all benzos for me. She replaced them with Seroquel, both for anxiety and sleep. I now have 2 50mg Seroquel I can take as needed for anxiety and 300 mg at night, I am still on 150mg of bupropion 2x day, Lamictal 150 mg morning and night and 40mg of citalopram at night. I do miss the immediacy of the relief I got from lorazepam, which was the problem, but the Seroquel works. The only drawbacks are the weight gain, which I fought all my life anyway and routine blood work to make sure my blood sugar doesn't get too high.

    If you have read this far, you may be thinking oh my God, I'm never going on medication. That is not the message of my story. The message is that, yes sometimes finding the right meds or even the right diagnoses can take a while and the process sucks, but if you stay in the game you will eventually win.

  18. This was a great video because I have seen myself how some doctors just prescribe meds without telling you the diagnoses and not suggesting any other treatment, e.g. analysis/talk therapy. I myself didn't want to discuss what had caused my depression (because I knew) but I never realised, until recently, that a therapist or psychiatrist could have helped me with coping strategies and similar things while I was getting better and discussing the adjustments to lifestyle and habits once I had started feeling 'normal' again. I could have felt better so much quicker!!

  19. I have been in therapy for awhile now and originally did not want medication for my depression and anxiety. I just thought I wasn't trying hard enough or what I was learning in therapy wasn't helping. Eventually I got to the point where my anxiety and depression was really interfering with my every day life- I was getting frequent panic attacks and could not go through my every day routine well. My therapist referred me to see a doctor to possibly try medication. I have been on paxil for about 4 months and it has helped so much!! I can drive places without panic and talk with people without so much anxiety. For me it took the edge off of everything so that I could actually work on things in therapy. The message I want to send to others is if you are not making progress in therapy and you talk with your therapist/doctor/psychiatrist and decide to give medication a try is it can help you so you can work through things in therapy. The combination of paxil and therapy has helped so much!!!

  20. I'm 17 and I have very severe depression, I was on Prozac from when I was 14 and now I'm supposed to be taking sertraline but I took it for over a year and it didn't help at all so now idk I guess I self medicate with alcohol and drugs but obviously I know that's not healthy. I just want something that actually works but it just feels pointless to keep taking medication because I feel like my illness will never improve and I'll just be one of those sad cases whose stuck with it for life…

  21. Awesome video! Very informative.
    P.s. One of my fiends suffers from chronic pain like myself, but for a different reason than me.

  22. This was interesting, thank you both of you. 😊 My understanding/belief is that medication should be a last option. I see physical health the same way. If you can treat something without chemicals then do it! But I know not everything can be, at least not with the knowledge we have so far.

    I went on medication about 2.5yrs ago. I didn't want to at all but therapy wasn't an option at the time (yay, NHS lol) and I couldn't control my symptoms anymore. I wasn't safe at all and so I agreed to go on them just to keep myself safe. They did that. They just numbed me out, made all of my symptoms less intense.. and at the time that's what I needed. Now that I've found a good therapist I'm tapering myself off of them, which was scary because I was dreading going back to how unstable I was then. But I'm now down to the lowest dosage and it's going okay so far! 😊

  23. I hate my medications I only take them as needed now. When I took it before I would have trouble taking it everyday because I got sick a lot. Now I take them once in a while.It helps, but Im scared to talk to my counselor about it when I see her, because she wanted me to take it everday. Plus my mother gets mad at me if I don't take them everyday. My last doctor said my depression has gotten better, and its just my anxiety really high.

  24. It's funny because you're wearing the same shirt in this video as the last video you did with him.
    I'm assuming you filmed both these videos on the same day? Haha

  25. #KatiFAQ I know you've made videos about suicide in the past, but I was wondering if grieving the suicide of a PARENT, in particular, ever gets easier? I feel like that's a different kind of grief. My mother committed suicide 10 years ago & I still find myself struggling to let her go, as this is the ultimate form of abandonment, in my opinion. This pain & fear of abandonment has leaked into every relationship I have had, and my relationships suffer as a direct result of my own paranoia. I am seeing a therapist, but I want to be able to reassure myself, without draining the people I love; is this possible? Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance for any feedback, you'refantastic.💜💜💜💜

  26. Honestly we need to break the stigma around psych meds!! EVERY medication has side effects, yet people pop painkillers like it's the most normal thing. WHY would this be different? Its again the stigma around mental health.

  27. All the medication did for me was make me feel worse and have constant thoughts of suicide. Since then, I've refused medication every time it was offered to me. For me, I'm better off without them.

  28. How do people with eating disorders who under eat not die from starvation like if they want to die from not eating thry could just run away and not eat couldn't they? Or do they not want to die?

  29. Thanks Kati. 🙂
    Do you have a to be a center age to get medication. Also how can you make your parents believe you because my school counselor called so many times but she doesn't believe it. She says it's normal. 🙁
    I wanna use medication because i'm sick of the sadness and happiest at random times. Also in bipolar can you get memory lost because I forget a lot and how can you tell the difference between PMS and PMDD or is it bipolar???
    Sorry this is so long.

  30. Kati, can you please speak on Bipolar type 2? Everyone talks about type 1 but there's so little info about type 2. Thanks.

  31. #katifaq Is it normal to want revenge on an abuser and feel sympathy for them at the same time? I just barely (within the last 3 weeks) got out of an emotionally abusive friendship that lasted for about 3 1/2 years. I feel bad for my abusers (there were 2 of them), but at the same time I want to get revenge on them by destroying something they love, just like they destroyed my life. Is that normal?

  32. I've been on medication for an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, Social Anxiety, OCD. I very much find them a double edged sword. On the one hand they help with anxiety and depression and the OCD on the other I've had bad side effects such as excessive sleeping and drowsiness, I gained a lot of weight which then caused me to stop taking them as I have an ED and then I fell back again into depression and anxiety etc. So far I've tried Celexa, Fluoxetine, Sertraline and I'm now being trialed on Clomipramine which I don't think is working. So yeah, for me some things they help with but some they make worse.Perhaps I just haven't found the right one yet but my life is debilitated by all my mental illnesses.

  33. Hi, I have a serious depression.I used to visit psychologist but due to some reason like every time i meet my doctor he always said i have new sickness. I don't like it so much it make me more depress.more over his med that he giving me makes my situation gets more serious like self harm and over head, chest,back hurt like hell everyday and I have think to kill myself always. I can't tell my mom or dad because they always said I'm fine but actually I'm not.I didn't tell them i self harm and want to suicide because i feel after they know it they just shout at me and doesn't care about me.I don't know what to do seeing my arm have gaining more scars i feel so sad but when i cut myself the sadness and the pain are gone don't know why .self harm is my only treatment for myself to feel better.I can't find other way to do it to feel less pain from depression.Please help me i don't know what to do.i feel I am so hopeless..

  34. Hey! I was just wondering, can any on tell me the difference between anxiety, GAD and social anxiety. Is GAD and anxiety the same thing? Thanks xx

  35. I have 2 things 1.) the audio and video aren't synced properly before your opening. 2.) The layers in your hair look fantastic.

  36. my doctor thinks my excessive fatigue is from depression. my psych and counsellor think its medical. Im taking 3 psych meds. I fell frustrated. Sometimes I think its the meds themself. Who knows.

  37. I got put on medication and here I am, three years later, still on it… have changed it 3 times and upped myself from just seeing my primary care doc to having now seen two different psychiatrists. Lolololololololololololololololol.

  38. HEY KATI! I HAVE A QUESTION. Is it normal to get really depressed at night? When I am doing an activity that requires a lot of thinking such as homework or studying, my mind wonders into a state of depression with a hint of anxiety. I have not been officially diagnosed with a mental illness, but I am in the process of getting help.

  39. Kati, I was wondering if you are a bipolar 1 patient do you have to be on medication forever? My psychiatrist has had me on medication for over seven years now and I feel like everytime that I started to take myself off of it I get much worse. does this mean that I have to stay on medication for the rest of my life such as tardive dyskinesia? she has me at a myriad of drugs. I question if she should up one of my medications and get rid of another one because there are so many drugs that I'm on I'm on about 5 to 7 medications not counting my physical illness disease, What do you think Kati???

  40. Kati, I was wondering if you are a bipolar 1 patient do you have to be on medication forever? My psychiatrist has had me on medication for over seven years now and I feel like everytime that I started to take myself off of it I get much worse. does this mean that I have to stay on medication for the rest of my life such as tardive dyskinesia? What do you think Kati?

  41. Kati, I was wondering if you are a bipolar 1 patient do you have to be on medication forever? My psychiatrist has had me on medication for over seven years now. What do you think Kati?

  42. Am I the only one who thinks her face just makes her look so incredibly nice? Like just her face itself…I don't even know. I'm weird okay

  43. I don't know if you have answered this question but I have a lot of trouble expressing my feeling or how I feel at times and I just have a fear of being judged all the time … Plz can you answer my question but if you can't I understand, thanks.

  44. i have been severely depressed since i was 7 and i can say fuck meds its not needed at all for that

    thx for this awesomely ha bisky vid

  45. anxiety attacks are also things i deal with at night now i love when i have them i get more shit done

    of course my eyesight is suffering that could be from the puppy sitting though but i really dont care

  46. hi kati, i struggle with anxiety and am very introverted causing me to stick to few good friends. i'm now going into college (I'm from the UK) after the summer. how do i make new friends but also stay in touch with my old ones too? thank you, I'm really nervous for this change. ps: thank you for you videos, they're very helpful x

  47. Hey Kati I was wondering if it is bad to have my therapist always agree with what I say and never really answer me the way I'd expected? I love your videos!

  48. This was really helpful! I had a bad psychiatrist experience briefly the 1 time I went in my adolescence and then again back in the fall when I had a brief hospitalization to try to stabilize my anxiety and self harm and have been wary ever since of psychiatrists (as the meds they gave me there were not helpful at all) but I might give it another try after seeing this (once I get insurance again). Thank you Kati and Dr.Lieberman!

  49. Hey Katie I was wondering if one personality disorder (lets say borderline personality disorder) can change into another personality disorder (lets say antisocial personality disorder or multiple personality disorder).

  50. People need a complete thyroid panel before being treated for a 'mental' disorder. Thyroid disorders are notorious for causing sever depression, anxiety, bi-polar, even schizophrenia. Don't feed people drugs prior to a thorough thyroid panel, including Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3, TSH and antibodies. >.<

  51. Honestly I think a lot of psychiatry today is BS. Handing out mind altering drugs to people that likely only need to change their diet, fix their gut (brain-gut connection) get rid of inflammation and most of all, get their thyroid completely checked. Waaaayyyy too many people are drugged for no reason but a paycheck for a psychiatrist.

  52. i have just been prescribed medication and the decision was based on the early onset and prolonged suffering with depression despite psychological approaches helping to manage symptoms often, this suggested a biological factor to my condition, really hope it helps Xx hopeful hugs

  53. kati,
    are you able to ask this person you are talking to

    he seems well educated I want to know what he would recommend for people who have been abused by the mental health system?

  54. I have this foamy saliva spitting cup when I eat drink spitting foamies should I go to psychiatric or gastrologist how many psychiatric appointment last

  55. If you're bipolar, you get to be medicated for life. Especially if it's mixed with ptsd and generalized anxiety.

  56. please if you or any one reading this know any connections of a treatment team you would recommend in middle Tennessee, specifically nashville. Let me know..I am in process to better my mental health and seeking out the best I can find.

  57. Gee….2 whose lives depend on therapy and prescribing trumpeting their wonders. There is nothing scientific about behavioral "disorders". They are made up be doctors. Everyone is different. Drugs are not the answer. And – as such, they figured out crap like narcissistic personality disorder etc that can only be helped by "therapy". Its all a crock, to benefit therapists and drug companies

  58. Kati, what's your take on Robert Whitaker's books? Watching his talks made me realize that psychiatry is simply evil.

  59. I didn’t believe in medication until last year , I had so much anxiety that I had to take meds and they saved my life . I took them for 3 months!

  60. "therapy and medication lead to the best outcome. we know that from every research about the subject." then why do most people don't leave and go onto develop schizophrenia and bipolar?

  61. "situational adjustment will lead people to a low level of functioning and we will call it depression or anxiety disorder." oh… okay, so if they are being abused or gaslighted it's cause they're mentally ill right?

  62. "my friend, he got off it and he felt suicidal." oh.. you mean when he was withdrawing from the chemicals in his brain brought on by the medication? THAT PROVES HES DEPRESSED OBVIOUSLY

  63. The psychiatric drugs are unproven, and it is pretty clear on autopsy they destroy brain tissue. For example, Abilify lawsuits and FDA warnings prove the drugs cause impulse control issues. Introducing a chemical imbalance in the body/brain with a drug is never the answer. Loving human relationships are the answer. Mental Illness is a multi-billion dollar business. Huge business. Buyer beware.

  64. middle of the road babble.profitting on peoples ignorance do some genuine research. This women while possibly well intended is a dilettante. ANOTHER LIKE TRUMP WHO THINKS ANYONE WITHOUT EXPERTISE CAN step ON THE STAGE AND DO THE JOB

  65. I was on risperidone an I was not properly educated about the medication and after five months I tappered off too quickly and had severe withdrawal symtomps make sure to reduce those kind of meds slowly they can harm u.

  66. I dont know why my psychiatrist didnt explain to me about the meds that i take. I dont know what will the meds do to me, so i feel quite confuse with myself and my condition. I dont know if the meds work on me or not. I'm totally clueless :/

  67. I’ve had Bipolar 1 with psychotic features for over 30 years. Medication has saved my life – without it I have no doubt I wouldn’t be here. I liked both the doc & interviewer… thoughtful presentation

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