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a flaw New York's opioid system has led to deadly results as the epidemic is sucking life out of the southern tier tonight we're digging deeper on the dangers opioid prescriptions pose we got a phone call from you gotta come up here Katie's on the bathroom floor and I don't think she's breathing a mother's worst nightmare I knew her she was very cold so I knew she was gone that started with a trip to the dentist when Katie Brundage was giving vicodin to treat her unbearable pain after getting wisdom teeth removed and she said if you fight through the sleep it's a really great high from there Katie's mother melody says it was almost too easy for Katie to get opioids from her doctor's office so easy she says she was able to refill her father's prescription multiple times over his eyes you know she telling things like oh my God my bottle of pills fell in the toilet and so her scripture for another one years later doctors are more aware even having to use I stopped a program designed to monitor over prescribing to patients like Katie but the system used to stop over prescribing isn't stopping this problem 12 News obtained this report it found more than 18,000 people being treated for addiction were not being monitored closely by the treatment program and these patients were receiving treatment for their original addiction yes so there was a third of patients in the treatment program we're actually receiving outside scripts for opioids while being treated for opioid use disorder nearly 500 of those patients overdosed and 12 of them had died Mike joy is a doctor with Guthrie he says the numbers aren't so shocking there's a lot of loopholes it's been going on for years and I'm prai's and loopholes now even with this system is much better but people will still try to get away with things while choices being a family physician is easier to monitor a small number of patients he says with a high number of people at emergency rooms is more difficult to tell if someone is addicted those I feel for because they're dealing with patients who they've never seen submit knew before they've never met and asked to make an on-the-fly decision and I mean opioid addiction is a vast problem ok it's been going on for years I mean we're talking about it now but this is not a new problem that's been there since I started training 20 30 years ago a problem with a long history which includes Melody's daughter Katie I think more could be done I think more could be done I know more has been done since Katie passed I know a lot of people don't want to spend money on it because it's a drug addict it's a choice hmm I don't think it's right because for people like Katie the world was a better place with her in it what's written on that prescription pad can determine life or death this month marks three years since Katie's death the CDC says opioids are involved in more than 60 percent of all overdose deaths in New York State

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