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Prescription Drug Mistakes Explained by Phoenix Attorney Mark Breyer of The Husband & Wife Law Team

unfortunately one of the calls we received very often in this office follows a mistake in the prescription drugs that were prescribed or given at the pharmacy so let's talk about how those works you can have an idea on what you would do to pursue those while we do handle very serious injury cases and oftentimes prescription drug mistakes can happen horrible unintended consequences this is not a case that we usually handle because we choose not to handle medical malpractice cases but I do like to provide information so that if you look for a lawyer you know what to look for you know what questions to ask and also if you're having trouble finding a lawyer I'd like to be able to explain why first of all there's two ways prescription drug mistakes most often occur one is the doctor wrote the wrong script they gave you either the wrong drug or the wrong dosage or they didn't check to see what other medications you were receiving and the two drugs one drug was contraindicated with the other in other words you never should have been given both of those drugs in those dosages at the same time the other type of mistake happens where there was nothing wrong with the script that the doctor wrote but the pharmacy made a mistake they filled it wrong and they weren't paying close enough attention and again many of the same elements and types of variations exist with pharmacists and pharmacies as with doctors hospitals and medical providers know in spite of how often those occur those are still very expensive cases it may not seem fair to anybody that how much it costs to pursue the case would affect their ability to pursue it if some would cause them an injury or affect their ability to get a lawyer but that's the reality of the situation that if you're gonna have to hire an expert in pharmacology basically a pharmacist and if you're gonna have to hire an expert in that area of medicine you're gonna be spending tens of thousands of dollars or more to prove the case so where the doctor or pharmacist or some variation of both some combination of both screws up but where the ultimate injury is not extreme and not severe usually you're gonna trouble finding a lawyer to help you now if you talk to a lawyer in this area of the law you may want to ask them what they think of the case who they think the potential responsible parties would be what is their plan of action what they think they would do if in fact you did work with them and I'd ask them and they handle similar cases in the past there are enough of these cases out there that you want to be able to find a lawyer that has experience in handling these cases and above everything else at least 51% of this once you know they have the requisite experience they're able to think through your questions that give you clear and concise answers make sure you go with your gut it's got to not just be the right lawyer to handle the case it's got to be the right lawyer for you so make sure you're talking to somebody on the phone in person whatever the case may be that you say to yourself you know this lawyer he or she seems really bright seems to understand this case this is not the first time they've handled this they seem like they're with it and you know what I can work with this person for the next two years because if the case is worth pursuing you'll want to do it with someone that you're comfortable communicating with

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