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Prescription Drug Abuse–One Conversation

you know one when asked what would I do if I had a kid if I had a teenager you know how would I help have not you know make the same mistakes or how would I you know keep them how to protect them or you know keep them off with drugs and you know I think it's I think it's a very difficult question but you know based on my opinion what i would do is sit my kid down say you know listen I understand that you want to feel good I understand that you know you want to fit in with your friends or the people around you that's the totally normal thing to do want you know as an adult I want to feel good and then I would say you know what these things probably would make you feel good for a little small period of time but I think you need to understand that there are real consequences that there is a huge possibility that you will get sick that you will get died you know that you will die that you will you know become addicted and just I would try to be as honest as I possibly can and just say hear hear the hear the real situations that come from this you know and just try to talk to my kid as much that can like an adult

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