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Post Workout Shake and Eating After Your Workout – Does It Help?

Avid gym goers and body builders know full
well that they need to have a post workout meal if they want to capitalize on their muscle
gains. Eating within the feeding window of 1 hour after workout is a must if you want
to build muscle. But does this window actually exist or is it all bro science?
The feeding window belief stems from research showing that immediately after workout, insulin
levels spike rapidly for a few hours, priming the body for synthesizing new muscle, limiting
exercise-induced muscle loss, and restoring energy levels. By eating while insulin levels
are highs, the body will theoretically maximize the digested nutrients to take advantage of
these benefits. Fortunately, it’s not bro science at all.
Multiple studies showed that consuming 20-40 grams of protein within 2 hours following
workout indeed significantly increased muscle growth compared to consuming more than 4 hours
later. Along with muscle growth, strength and energy levels increased as well.
However, there might be some problems with these studies. Nutrition and fitness experts
Alan Aragon and Brad Schoenfeld found a couple of alarming problems . They pointed out that
in the majority of these studies, the subjects consisted of only elderly males or untrained
young males, making the results unsubstantial for any other demographic. Another problem
they found is that in most cases, tested subjects were consuming way more protein than their
control counterparts, skewing results in their favor. On top of these problems, there are
also several studies that DO NOT show any benefit to a post-workout meal.
With all this being said, having a post-workout meal still isn’t really a bad thing. Just
having any sort of planned protein consumption can improve your fitness results. Whether
you plan to have a post-workout meal or not, just know that, at the end of the day, it
wouldn’t hurt!

100 thoughts on “Post Workout Shake and Eating After Your Workout – Does It Help?

  1. I read somewhere that protein synthesis occurs every 3 hours, so I always believed there is a beneficial window but it's much then and hour so I don't stress

  2. My common sense tells me this:

    After a hard intense workout, you are all jacked up and the body is catabolic from all the cortisol, and likely still effected from the massive caffeine dose from a PWO as well.

    Slamming a proten shake, or eating a high protein meal then relaxing calms your body down and fights the catabolic state.
    You can feel it by just sitting down and watching a show or two after a workout, one with the protein, one without.
    Within minutes of drinking a shake and relaxing I can feel my body wind down. Without, it takes much longer.

    This alone is motivation enough to try and eat within a couple hours of working out. More cortisol does mean more stress and less gains; so this alone also makes the window statement effectively true even if you don't believe in the window as it relates to protein for hypertrophy.


  3. Can you please make a video on whether or not it matters if I eat Brown carbs (slow digesting) vs White carbs (fast digesting) for fat loss?

  4. I actually thought you need to eat before you workout so you will have the fuel for the body to burn while you worked out hehe.

  5. You can't digest and metabolise anything in one hour. The protein/nutrients your muscles use post-workout are not from the intake immediately after that workout.

  6. I think it's logical. You use your energy and you break down your muscles, of course your body will want nutrients right away to fix this "problem". The reptilian brain responsible for our physical well-being acts immediately in order to get any problem with your body fixed. Hence, keep on eating right after training bros!

  7. postworkout windows are a bullshit myth of the protein industry. building mass is about calories at the end of the day. 10 lbs of potatoes will put nearly the same mass on as 10 lbs of steak

  8. I think there's definitely some truth to the post workout window.

    Ever since I started taking protein shakes right after my workouts, I felt I made significant gains. Normally I'd have to wait almost 2 hours until I got to eat a proper meal before that.

  9. Insulin lowers growth hormone. Everytime you eat you create an insulin response. That is why it's good to eat less frequently but still get the same amount of calories each day.

  10. Muscle protein synthesis occurs 24-36 hours after a workout. Just make sure you intake enough protein before that and you'll grow.

  11. This saddens me. I was really hoping it was bro-science as I would then just bother with my protein when I want, but now as soon as I get in from walking 20 minutes home, I have to make sure to consume my protein!

  12. My coach is a olympic athlethe, and I myself is a licensed NASM personal trainer. Our common theory on this is the following: A pre-workout meal is much more important than post workout. Also, it's benefitial to consume CARBS (rather than protein) post workout! Such as a banana or some sort of bar. That being said, a post workout meal is not bad. Just make sure you don't overeat for that day!

  13. After working out , I immediately eat 2 bananas and drink a protein shake , then 20 minutes later or something I jump to meat , because the cravings for a steak are going haard on me .

  14. Are you sure it can't hurt tho? What about the blood leaving your hard worked muscle and going to the stomach/abdominal area to help with digestion? Isn't that a bad thing? Or is it broscience also?

  15. It's BS, that's all…why? Cuz our body has a pull of protein in our veins and arteries all the time. That means that a meal you ate in the morning, and if you, for example, go out training in the evening, your body will use those nutrients from the morning's meal (or even yesterday's) to get protein and other essential macro nutrients to your muscles, joints, etc. and repair them (repair=growth) don't worry if you skip the meal after you're done training…peace! 🙂

  16. Prefer eat a girlled chicken n a low fat milk before go to the bed..which is after workout. because milk contains slows down muscle breaking synthesis n help preserve muscle mass … try

  17. Plzz someone answer what time shift should I do my workouts early morning or evening? I am just starting now and also does it even makes a difference?

  18. its a myth. you only need to look at your protein intake on a daily outlook. or even weekly. your muscles are mainly built off of the stuff you ate yesterday.

  19. Honestly, I always eat big about 45 minutes before a workout, and another big meal about an hour after. I do believe there is probably a window for post, but I dont believe it would have much of an effect

  20. Recently came across a Kai Green's interview where his coach advised not to take carbs immediately after workout as our GH is on peak and rise in insulin reduces it. So he advised to take hydrolysed whey aftwr workout and consume meal atleast after half an hour of workout.
    You can check the video on youtube.

  21. All my life they ranting how you need to eat after workout. Then suddenly they say no. What the fuck I need to do then!!!

  22. No, it doesn't affect it, IF you aren't hungry after your workout. Whenever your body is hungry and you're in a caloric deficit your body will use your own calories to sustain itself. People trying to lose weight do this as "intermittent fasting" which lets their body burn fat. However, if you're skinny and trying to put on size, it's best to have a meal/shake before or after your workout so your body doesn't take your calories and you can stay in a caloric surplus and promote muscle synthesis.

  23. I stopped with those postworkout shakes a long time ago and just tried to eat more meat and my gains came a lot faster. just eat real meals and your good

  24. Preworkout meal is way more important than postcoz your body uses nutrients during and after workout from preworkout meals

  25. Insulin levels after workout is very low and the Glucagon levels is height, and that's the best situation for fat loss, and anyway the amino acids in the protein the body don't absorbed it in 1 hour, It takes almost 24 hours, so I think it's just a myth

  26. I work out for at least 90 minutes. I drink cool water only during exercise, no sports drinks or creatine. I eat about an hour after exercise. I noticed muscle gain for about a good year but after that only endurance. I don't lift heavy so I don't expect to see a lot of muscle gain anymore. The meal or snack after my work out usually contains 20 – 50 grams of protein. I feel good doing this but I learned to do this by trial and error over the years. Years before I had all this YouTube info.

  27. @PictureFit, my nutricionist advices to eat gummybears (sugar) until 10 minutos of working out. After this, more 10 minutos to consume protein and bcass. What do you think about this?

    After that, about 30 minutes which I use to take a shower, I have dinner. With dinner I minimize Carbs and focus on protein and vegs. Oh and I forgot about the most important component as well, fat, olive oil always present.

  28. What about eating before a workout ? Specifically how long after you eat can you work out? Cardio/weights

  29. Insulin inhibits fat breakdown so if u eat after working out , and insulin is released then all the wonderful exercise induced lipolysis will be destroyed

  30. I drink aafter tahe workout cause it helps keep my blood sugar levels stablized so no mid morning blahs.

  31. Been training fasted for a long time now, sometimes waiting 2 hours for a meal post workout. It's kind of bro science in my opinion, eating quality food in the eating window is what matters.

  32. Tired of so much anti-protein meal after workout…….why not, everyone feels like having something after workout"

  33. afaik there's no such thing as a 'post workout window.' According to a study, protein synthesis increases by 50% four hours after workout and 109% after 24 hours. It's not a typo.

  34. okay so eating protein is good after workout but should u eat carbs too?? if your goal is to lose weight and fat?

  35. 1. Telling people to eat because their insulin is high is silly. If you eat (carbs) when your insulin is low it will quickly raise.
    2. Guess when your muscles grow – during the work out? Nope. They grow when you're resting. Because muscle growth is basically the muscles 'healing up' in preparation for the next strenuous activity, and your body focuses on regeneration when you're resting. And thinking that most of the regeneration happens during the few hours after work out is silly. During the few hours after work out your body is expecting more activity, if anything. Healing up those muscles can take a few days for beginners, supposedly less for athletes, but it's still definitely more than 4 hours.

  36. Hi, can you please comment or make a video about eating before exercise? Specifically, I wonder whether eating just before exercise is bad or not.

  37. Can we only digest so many grams of protein per day?? how long does food take to digest, so when is the best time to consume food for maximum benefits? what movements are we doing to what foods are best for pre and post workout?

  38. Does waiting 1 hour after working out benefit me to burn more. Calories (after burn)? I usually do this. After the hour i take my post workout meal…

  39. you literally contradicted yourself on this one. so there are studies that show that it works and then some that shows that it dosent work. im getting tired of this shit just give us a yes we should or no we shouldn't.

  40. My case study of one subject (me) found that a protein shake right after strength training improved recovery and reduced DOMS. Due to the nature of the study, reproducibility cannot be guaranteed unless you are also me, which is unlikely.

  41. before the video played there was an ad telling me to stop exercising because it does more damage than good lol

  42. My workouts leave me feeling too sick to eat (because of the exertion) so I don’t generally have much of anything after a working.

  43. Still a BroScience…muscle is in continuous repair mode 24*7 till finished, which starts post damage, so how there could be a window??

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