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Pop Pilates for Beginners with Cassey Ho Hey Guys! Cassey here and today we have a special edition of pop Pilates – Pilates for beginners. Today, we’re going to really focus on your breath, posture, your form and really the whole essence of Pilates I’m going to take it down a notch – really explaining everything as we go through all of the moves. So, this is really good even if you’ve been doing all of my other videos but you really want to understand where all the moves really come back to – where they come from. So if it’s your first time doing Pilates watch this video, go ahead and try it at home. Get out your mat, that’s all you’re going to need. No tools whatsoever. If you don’t have a mat, just go on the carpet. So guys, let’s get started! Alright, I’m going to be standing but you’re actually going to be lying down on your mat right now. And I want you to go ahead and place your hands on your lower abs. Okay, right here. Right below your belly button. And we’re going to practice lateral breathing. Breathing is one of the most important principles in Pilates. So it really helps you with movement, okay? So, for lateral breathing – You’re going to go ahead and inhale through your nose Okay and exhale through your mouth. What you probably did was puff out your chest Right? To make it lateral breathing, when you inhale through your nose you’re going to go ahead and take the air to the outsides of your ribcage. Okay let’s try that again. Inhale Okay so puffing out to the sides. Exhale Suck that belly button in. Okay so did you feel that difference? We’re going to do it again and when you exhale, I want also want you to suck the belly button into the spine even more We do this to create that nice flat ab look by squeezing those abs and you’re really working those transverse abdominals Here we go. Inhale – lateral breathing out to the side and exhale, sucking even more. Again, inhale. And exhale. Okay so, in all of the exercises you’ll be exhaling when you’re exherting the energy So when it’s harder, you’ll be exhaling, okay? So if you’re doing a crunch, exhale and then inhale – down- and relax. That’s it! Alright so you’re lying down flat on your mat I really want you to focus on a few things here. Place your hands under your lower back right here. Can you touch them? If you can, that means you’re not having a flat back. In Pilates, we really want to keep a flat back as we do all of the exercises unless I say you don’t. So, in order to do that, you’re going to suck that belly button in And kind of give it a nice round curve. So that now when I place my hands underneath, I can’t touch. No more arch. Okay, that really makes you suck in the belly button the whole time really helping you create those flat abs. Knees into tabletop position. You’re going to pretend that you’re holding some plates on top That’s why it’s called tabletop. Okay, your back is nice and round We’re going to take it into Pilates Stance Which is – the head, neck and shoulders lift up. Now the most important thing here is that you’re not simply just straining your neck to lift up into the ceiling It’s actually going to be all in the abs. AB ACTION not NECK ACTION so inhale on the exhale go ahead and lift up from the abs As you can see, I really curved on the back here. My lower back is on the mat completely. My abs are working. I’m not even doing anything and they’re working Okay at tabletop, heels together. Toes pointed We’re going to begin with 100. A very basic Pilates warm-up Here we go. Gonna inhale – two, three four – exhale – two, three, four inhale – two, three, four, exhale – two, three, four Now keep counting with that same breath You’re going to take the inhale into your nose and exhale – release through your mouth Very good! If you’re already feeling those abs working – GOOD JOB! that means you’re really lifting those shoulders up If you don’t feel your abs working, you’re probably straining your neck. Now, if at any point you’re getting really tired, I want you to place one hand behind the nape of your neck Give it some support All the way down and come back when you’re ready. Okay we’re gonna do a little bit more okay We’re gonna do a little bit more Keep pumping from the upper arms okay we’re not just flapping like this you are pumping with force. Okay here we go inhale two-three-four exhale two-three-four pick those shoulders up good- sucking the belly button in all the time okay let’s go Really getting that heart pumping here, this is a wonderful warm-up exercise come on keep the shoulder up, keep it up you can do this give me two more breaths let’s go and inhale two-three-four exhale two-three-four inhale two-three-four exhale two- three-four bring those knees in and give them a nice hug! Now where you guys able to feel your abs in that one? I definitely did, and as you get a little bit stronger you go ahead and lift the legs up

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