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Pomeranian Pflege / Pom care!

Hello Pomeranian friends. Today we care for Viktor! I show you in this video all the steps that are necessary for complete care. Let’s start with moistening the hair. With a spray bottle in which water is with coconut oil we moisten the hair. So we comb loose hair and dirt from the fur. It is important that not only the covering hair, but also the undercoat is combed. If this is not done, the undercoat becomes a knot, which can later be repaired with great difficulty. In other videos I show the care in more detail, in this video I show compactly all the necessary steps that lead to the desired success. All products and tools were bought by me. We see Pasha here who has a very long coat and as you can see, many hairs are loose after combing. When we’re done combing, the dog is ready for a bathing. I use special dog shampoo that I previously dilute in a little warm water. Massage everything carefully and make the dog really wet so all hair will be clean. As you can see the shampoo foams easily. Then we rinse everything thoroughly. I express the coat and wrap the dog in a towel. The quickest and best is to dry the dog with a strong hair dryer or, as in my case, with a special compressor. In no case should the dog dry by itself even in the summer, not because the volume of his big hair takes too long and the danger of a cold is too great. It is important that the air of the hair dryer is not too hot. During drying, comb out the hair carefully so that no knots are formed in the coat. As a last step, we cut the hair on the legs and ears. Then our little friend can spend the night with us in bed again. If you are still inexperienced with caring then always make sure that you are not alone in caring for your darling. Your pet has to get used to it and alone you can not take care of him and take care of him at the same time. Immediately we are done with everything. I and Viktor wish you much success in your care. Viktor can become a member of your family. Freshly washed and dressed, he is looking forward to your inquiries. Bye for now.

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