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Placebo - Meds (Live)

I was Alana falling free trying my best not to forget once what happened to me what happened as I lad at slap was confused by the powers of be forgetting names and faint Suns passers-by we're looking at me as if they cut eraser she forget baby cheese yeah take your meds I was staring over lunch try my birth yet all better joy all men agree hello to us I was confused did you falling free trying my best not to forget

24 thoughts on “Placebo – Meds (Live)

  1. The thing that fascinates me the most is the way they dive into their songs, they seem charmed and hypnotized by the music they themselves supplied. I don't know why they give me this impression but it should be the clear message the listener should catch. After so many years I still feel touched and struck by their tunes, and I don't care how many times I've been listening to that track, I never feel tired and bored and every listen is the first one, indeed. Why? Because being addicted to their music lets you be charmed forever, you fall in love with an album and you figure out no other band had affected you that way before! To cap off an awesome night with the friends you love you can afford setting a never-ending random playlist around the best songs they composed, it might be an indescribable reward to your pals and to yourself as well! I've just pointed out that I'm gonna keep stuck to this band for the rest of my life! Does anyone need to act the same and to embrace this addiction?

  2. WHAT THE HELL! i was so damn into it. why did it have to cut off 2 seconds early. Dxjdlkfjdkljsakjfsklj grrrrrrrrrrr 🙁

  3. stin thessaloniki propersi t sempevmvri irthan oi placebo k paiksane 6 tragoudia sunolo 30-40 lepta k meta sikwthikane k fugane….apla pragmata..megalo fail fagame k 40 eurw klopi…

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