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PIQ Clinic Montage

Have you ever wondered what to expect from
a Percussion IQ Clinic? You can expect a lot of drumming, not just standing around and watching. You can also expect that we’re going to bring in the best in the world for you to learn from. Another component to the clinic will be the Percussion IQ test. Here students will have the opportunity to
play pre assigned material in front of a top instructor. Each student will receive their score as well as a breakdown of their performance. I’m about to go do the assessment with Matt Regua. There are some things that I think all of the
exercises are cool because it starts out easy with different simple things, then it adds
different check patterns and harder things that go on and it gets harder. You can also expect that we’ll be doing a
lot of playing and moving. Another component to the clinic will be the
Rule of 16. Here students will have the opportunity to
play side by side with some of the top players in the World. In this rapid fire environment, each student
will receive comments from a Percussion IQ instructor after every repetition. This performance will be recorded and available
for purchase along with your Percussion IQ test and additional clinic footage. It’s November 13th, 2016.. if I ever do this
assessment again, I want it to be higher, I’m motivated to get better. Work on these things and him find new issues I have. That’s the whole point of being humble and hungry. Hey man, when I was in high school I always
wondered “How good am I compared to someone like Phil?” who was in Blue Devils at the
time. We didn’t have this back then. So if you’re truly excited and a young female
or male that wants to make it into some big groups some day, being able to know where
the best rank against you I think is a very unprecedented tool to be able to use and leverage
off of.

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