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well good morning and God bless you it seems that our ambassadors what they tell us our ambassadors are showing up at the budget meetings showing up the United Nations drunk that's what they say it's not good when our ambassadors are showing up drunk these are our diplomats I mean I guess these are representatives of the United States and they're showing up drunk sad sad hour we're living in that's how they're handling everything stay drunk anyway that's not the message this morning that's just something I had heard in the news so for the message this morning we're going to turn to Revelation chapter 18 verse 23 Revelation 18 verse 23 it says in the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee this is talking about America by the way and the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride shall be heard no more at all of thee for thy merchants were the great men of the earth for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived entitled the message Pharmacy medication witchcraft and sorcery now how is it that pharmacy medication witchcraft and sorcery are related the original Greek the word for sorcery is pharmacy so you may want to think about that next time you head to the drug store you can take it for what it's worth and you do with what you want to do with it you can say ah now that's not sorcery just because I go get drugs from the drug store according to the scripture it is and I'll tell you right now nothing has deviated God's people away from trusting in the Lord more than pills drugs the old Saints didn't trust in the pharmacies the old Saints didn't go to the hospitals the doctor it is an this is an indictment against the church when God's people are trusting in man my pastor asked a doctor one day he said he said doctor do those pills really help people he said Reverend we give these pills to people in hopes that it'll help what's he what's he saying first of all a physician or a doctor right on their wall you'll see a sign that says practicing if you really want to understand it they really need to have a sign on their wall saying experimenting did you know that's what medicine is it's experimenting it's science it's no different than what they did under Hitler they're just not using little children anymore they're just using anybody in everybody they can the hospitals the pharmacies or the pharmaceutical industry and the insurance companies are all working together and of course the lawyers get their cut and of course the government gets their cut but these pills are not really helping anybody now the only one the only pill that I used to take and I don't take it anymore than I haven't taken it in years is because the terrible mind greens I used to take excedrin because they said there was something in the excedrin that would restrict or try to like if if my brain started to swell or if the the blood vessels begin to swell there was something in the etc and that would make that swelling go down so it wouldn't hurt so it wouldn't it would take away but I guess it's been 3 or 4 years and maybe more that I made up my mind if Jesus can't heal me if Jesus can't help me then then a pill is not going to help me and this is let me let me tell you how it works folks the scripture says the heart Hope deferred makes the heart sick so if you can get hope from anything other than Jesus you still have hope listen to I'm telling you but when you are putting your trust in something that causes you to lose hope and then you say all now all I have left is Jesus what does the scripture say faith hope and charity now these threa by faith hope and charity you can put your faith in the doctors they can give you hope but when all was gone what are you gonna do you're gonna turn to Jesus then that's what God's people do when the doctors give them up when the doctors say there's nothing we can do for you then they put their trust in Jesus you talk about hypocrisy what a bunch of hypocrites gonna trust in the doctors until they have no hope for us wicked you say it's not wicked then why does God say if my people which are called by my name will humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways what's he talking about he said my people what wicked ways can he be talking about what could be worse than not putting your trust in the Lord God Almighty you're gonna be tested whether you understand it or not you're going to be tested God's people are gonna be tested I watched my own pastor die from cancer I asked the Lord one day I said Lord I said pastor has suffered terribly already throughout his life suffered beyond probably probably a lot of people having something like him in a lot of ways and then at the end he he's suffering like this I said why why does he have to leave this earth suffering like this you know what the Lord said to me he said he has to choose my will over his own now he just lost his wife she just passed away not recently I'm talking about before he passed away I have a feeling he gave up in the sense that he wanted to be with his wife he was tired he'd been suffering terribly and I think he just came to the point where he said I want to go home and the Lord let him go home but was that God's will and then there's another gentleman his name is Henry Gruver walking dead man I called my pastor walking dead man but this was the real walking dead man his skin was starting to turn gray the doctor that cornered him with tables and chairs in a restaurant cuz he wouldn't go to the doctors sat across the table from him and said Henry you don't have any electrolytes in your eyes she said I don't know how you're walking I don't know how your now Henry Gruver was passing blood in his through his bowels and through his mouth he said the only time that he was not bleeding was when he was walking and praying as long as he was walking and praying he had no problems no physical ailment no no bleeding at the mouth no no passing blood through his bowels no discomfort as soon as he stopped walking and praying the blood started coming now this is a man that believes God this is a man that would not go to the hospital would not go to a doctor are you listening maybe I'll just interject this other message I've been working on to go with this message because it seems like it fits if I still have it here well I know the scripture so I'll just add the scripture Paul said it's no longer I that liveth but Christ that liveth in me think about that for a moment Paul said I'm not alive anymore it's not me living what do you mean Paul what do you mean you're not living he said its Christ that's living in me in other words it's his life that's living in me and then he didn't stop there Paul said the life I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God Jesus didn't trust in the doctors Jesus didn't go to man for help so if we're trusting in the doctors and going to the hospital for help and going to the pharmacies for help hello and we're not walking in faith I said we're not walking in faith I'm going to say this again folks the old Saints they didn't trust in the doctors they didn't go to the hospitals they prayed they believed God amen praise the Lord you say well brother Joseph you're not very compassionate you don't have a whole lot of empathy not when I see God's people dying like flies that doesn't make me very happy what am I supposed to do just be full of joy because God's people are dying like flies because they don't put their trust in the Lord because they're partaking of the communion unworthily because they don't discern the body of Jesus Christ that he's perfect and he's holy that there's no sin in him and I'm gonna interject this right here only because it serves as a good example now I love the Milliken family don't get me wrong great great people what I don't understand is how can they put their son's life in the hands of a man of medical science instead of putting him in the hands of Jesus now he just went under the knife they took out a tumor the size of a football and now he's getting ready to go through chemo I watched my mother go through chemo folks chemo doesn't help it destroys the pancreas first it's the first thing it attacks once it destroys the pancreas that person cannot produce their own insulin anymore you know what happens now they've got diabetes that's what happened to my mother and then other things begin to develop problems her body began to shut down now my mother's take now my mother was taking shots for sugar for insulin shots she never took those before they gave her that started giving her chemo man is not the answer folks if you can't put your trust in Jesus who in the world you're gonna put your trust in no wonder Jesus said when I come will I find faith on the earth I don't care how bad the pain gets the trial of your faith may be more precious than of gold they'll be tried in the fire may be found on the praise of his glory our faith is being tested our faith is being tried you say brother Joseph and not say that you're gonna be tested to God be all the glory listen folks when I see what I'm seeing today when I survey the damage I cannot be on board I'm sorry I can't I'm not gonna be sorry actually I cannot be on board when I see the Saints dropping like flies I mean people are dying in the body of Christ left and right from cancer cancers not the problem folks that's just the symptom the problem is unbelief see you say well I don't have any sin in my life unbelief is sin anything that is not of faith is sin I believe and my pastor used to teach this but this sin that so big easily besets God's people is unbelief nothing can make you lose your footing easier to stumble than unbelief there's no room for unbelief in the life of the believer if ever the church needed to be rebuked for putting their trust in doctors putting their trust in pharmaceutical products it's pharmakeia folks it's witchcraft it is sorcery you don't have to believe me that's what the Word of God says go in the Old Testament sometime look up all the scriptures that talk about sorcery see if God is happy with you choosing sorcery over him the only thing that I still take is and I don't take any drugs as far as pharmaceutical products but I still will take a Ricola honey lemon cough drop for a sore throat or something like that now my daughter woke up the other morning and her head was hurtin so terribly and I just laid hands on a prank floor before before I knew it she said daddy I gotta get a tissue her nose started running and I said the Lord's touched you she goes what do you mean I said that's why your head was hurting all those foods were up in your sinuses and he just released them and she said I feel so much better folks when are we going to put our trust in God's when my children get sick I don't run to the doctor I don't run to the pharmaceutical product I lay my hands on him the Bible says they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover so I'm not just telling you something that I don't do myself this is experience this is what I do you might just my children will testify that any time they get sick they know their daddy prays for them I plead the blood of Jesus over them every night and and ask God's peace to rest upon them the Lord protect my children while they're sleeping at night and I quite frequently ask God to watch over my children date throughout the day because you never know what could happen folks you need to wake up we need to wake up we all need to understand we're living in perilous times this generation is drugged up these shootings that are happening most of this is because it drugs our military they keep our military all drugged up when they go over there and shoot innocent people and it wouldn't surprise me I'm doing some more research on this but I have a feeling something very sinister is going on and I believe that the American the United States Food and Drug Administration FDA notice it's together it's not just food why is it that food and drug why is it all handled by the same administration I'll tell you why the FDA or is crooked and as corrupt as anybody you think that just because it's FDA approved that it's good for you that is a lie that is one of the biggest lies the FDA are the ones that approved aspartame when their own board told them not to they still pushed it through why is it that we trust in man but we don't trust in God well if it if the FDA approved it it's gotta be good for me how can we be so stupid how can we be so stupid do you know if I went into any church right now and preached like this using the word stupid I don't know if I'd make it through the rest of my message before I be thrown out do you know the Lord was showing me the other day just think it was yesterday when the scripture says behold I've set before you an open door no man can shut that's for ministers that are not willing to tell the truth that's for ministers that go before God's people and tell people exactly the truth just as blunt just as plain as you can tell them do you understand what I mean when the Lord says behold I've set before you an open door no man can shut that's so people can preach and speak the truth even if God's people don't want to hear it Jeremiah went to the peak God's people and said you're going to be delivered into Babylon he kept prophesying to him kept telling him you're going to be for 70 years under Babylonian rule they didn't like what Jeremiah said but that didn't change the fact that Jeremiah was telling the people what God told him to tell him and then when the false prophet came along and prophesied something different he ended up a dead man are you listening just like Ananias and Sapphira dead you know tell God's people something different than what God says we are living in a time folks when like Jesus said will he find faith on the earth see the church right now is asleep trusting in doctors hospitals and drugs but they don't trust in Jesus they don't trust in the Great Physician they don't apply the scripture that says by His stripes and I was healed you were you past tense you say where in the world you gonna go brother Joseph and preach like this no church is ever gonna let you come in behold I've set before you an open door that no man can shut I was already where I was asked to preach I was asked to sit down I was asked to stop preaching because it was offending the pastor's the pastor got offended first thing he got offended by was that he was afraid of a squirrel a little plastic squirrel that's well him and his wife were inside the church and while they're in the church one evening working on the church getting it ready for the service the next morning some teenagers were outside now this is a pretty big dude the the pastor he's a pretty big guy and he's got some fear issues and so he was afraid he wouldn't even go out he was he was afraid to protect his own family from these teenagers and so his little girl his little daughter about three or four years old grabbed ahold of his hand and said daddy I'm not afraid he says what do you mean you're not afraid she says Jesus is here now it's pretty sad when a little 3 or 4 year old that's the Grove grab ahold of daddy's hand and say daddy don't be afraid so I took that squirrel and I put that squirrel in front of him during the service and I used it as a example as a as a what do you call it a prop in my sermon and I set that thing right in front wanted him to face it I wanted him to face his fears and he wouldn't let it stay there in front of him he kept moving into West as pastor could you please leave that in front of you I was part of a message the Holy Ghost put it on my heart – he actually just just before I got up there to preach he put it on my heart get that squirrel so I asked the pastor to go out and get the squirrel the squirrel that he was afraid of because the teenagers had put that on the porch of the church on the steps of the port of the church and he looked out the window and saw that squirrel out there it scared him now this is a man that will go out and kill in his backyard and kill deadly snakes copperheads but he's afraid of a squirrel so I took that squirrel and put it in front of him while I preached a message on Peter being afraid of the waves of the boisterousness of the waves trying to encourage him that we need to get our eyes on Jesus amen and while I was preaching the holy ghost had me speak about trusting in the Lord for sickness well between that in the sickness because his wife just lost her mother to a sickness they thought I was trying to say that someone that dies from sickness was a sinner misconstruing what I said so I thought well he's going to stop me from preaching I'm not sticking around so I left folks listen we're living in a time when God's Word is not welcome in his house they want smooth things spoken they don't want the truth and his mother stepped out the door and asked me she said are you gonna be are you gonna leave mad I looked at and I said sister I'm not mad there's not a mad boat in my whole body I'm not upset I said but if he's gonna throw the squirrel out the door it's just a matter of time you throw he's gonna throw me out and I'm just not gonna let him throw me out I'm gonna leave I'm home but folks this is the hour we're living in how many churches do you think that I could go to in Pentecostal I'm talking about holiness churches where the Holy Ghost moves how many churches do you think that I could go to and preach this message I'm preaching this morning before that I would be shut down I'm just glad my daughters weren't there didn't happen to be there that morning because that would have been embarrassing for for my children to see me sat down or to ask to stop preaching that wouldn't have been good so they didn't have to see that but this is the same church where I was going the same church where they've got problems in their own family and really the only people that go to his church is his family and he wonders why nobody wants to go to his church and so he invited me to go to a revival service I thought wow this is gonna be great haven't been to a revival service in a while so he invites me to go to a church in Virginia and he's got some problems I mean they've the church has got some problems now I see why he left folks there's problems in the body of Christ I'm not going to go into all the details but I will tell you this I'm sitting in I'm standing there in the service worshiping God like everybody else I didn't know that they have a custom where they separate the women from the men when it comes time to go up to the front to worship God if the Holy Ghost begins to move and the spirit Lord is moving they don't want the men in the women mixing I didn't know anything about that I never heard anything like that well I'm down there worshiping the Lord just look I won't even pay attention to what's going on altogether I'm just worshiping God next thing I know I got this big boisterous voice saying to me and grabbing my arm and it was very very mean and forceful hey brother how about letting the women how about letting the ladies worship God this is the church he came out of before he started being a pastor then I found out that he rebuked his pastor before he left because he said that his pastor was involved in illicit affair folk do you understand where we are does anybody understand no wonder the Lord's telling me to say these things this morning he wants us to understand where we are these are the problems in the body of Christ it's not just about trusting in doctors and hospitals the church is a mess if anything we what we could be in the body of Christ we that are mature really the only thing we could be right now is a peacemaker no wonder the Lord said blessed are the peacemakers if there's ever been a now and when there needs to be someone that comes in the referee Amen someone that comes in to bring peace between brothers and sisters that are fighting against each other because there's strife in the body of Christ because they're yet colonel there's carnality in the body of Christ that loathed the people are not developing they're not growing up you've got babes in the body of Christ that have been in the church for years and so before it's all said and done this person that's got all these problems he says to me he said I sent him a letter and I basically said I don't know why this happened I don't know why you treat me this way I just did what the Lord told me to do and I just obey God he said I knew they he said I I knew I could smell a wolf he called me a wolf god bless him and I mean that god bless them but he's not gonna fill up his church any time soon he's not gonna have anybody going to that church now I understand why he only had his own family going there and they're even fighting what does it say in James what is it saying James folks the adulterers and adulteresses James was talking to believers was he not wasn't James talking to believers tell me was James speaking the believers when he said you'd altars and adulteresses brother Joseph that's also strong yeah from whence come Wars and Fighting's among you come they not hence even of your lusts that war and your members you lost you have not you kill desire to have and cannot obtain you fight in war yet you have not because you ask not you know the same pastor where I sat and had lunch that afternoon when him and his family in this we sat in that lunch together we had just had a wonderful day in the Lord we the morning service was over we just had a wonderful day and now we're moving into the the evening service that I was to preach and now he's calling me a wolf he told me I asked him several times I says because I thought he had a problem with me and I said to him several times I says I says is there something wrong with me I mean do you do you are you perceiving something he says no brother was so blessed to have you and your family here and now I'm being called a wolf now you listen to this from whence come Wars in Fighting's among you come they not hence even of your lusts that war and your members you lust and you have not you kill you desire to having you cannot obtain I want you to understand folks this same he's not even really a pastor he he's a self-appointed pastor he you you can't rebuke your pastor and then be a pastor you can't do that it doesn't work that way it does not work that way you cannot be a pastor of a church after rebuking your pastor can't do it it has to be handled in such a way in a proper way before it's got to be handled before the church it's not handled before one person God has set things in done things in a certain way for a certain reason first of all so there'd be witnesses and secondly there's reconciliation it's not about writing off people it's about people being reconciled and so when a church has to correct their pastor I think at that point it's not wise for the church to do the correcting maybe the elders and I don't know you sure if the elders are the ones it'd be like it would be like the who would have corrected Moses you understand what I'm saying from what I understand the only one that could correct Moses was God you say well no Minister is in that position where God is the one that does the correct I think so I don't see in the scripture where man where any position that man is supposed to rebuke a pastor I don't see it now correct me if I'm wrong show me in the scripture but I believe that's why there's rebellion in the body of Christ but I think that if I wouldn't have submitted and I didn't submit to him I just left the church but I mean I stopped preaching so I did submit in that way but I think that if I would have given him any trouble as far as resisting him I think he would have called the police I really do so now this is someone I just sat and had lunch with him and his family we had a wonderful afternoon and now I'm a wolf and he would have probably called police behold I've set before you an open door no man can shut now I could have probably sat down he didn't even ask me to sit down but he just asked me to stop preaching he it was very disrespectful what he did I had my own my pastor's son do the same thing to me one time and I was stupid and I and I sat down he didn't ask me to sit down I shouldn't have sat down I should have stood there and I should have said is it okay if I finished the message that's probably what I should have done that would have been more of a man but folks we're being tested the Lord's testing us if we can't stand in these little trivial situations how in the world are we gonna stand when the world wants to arrest us I mean when you know you follow what I'm saying if we're being arrested or being stopped from preaching right in the house of God if we can't handle that amongst brothers and sisters what in the world that we're gonna do when the real trial comes the real test comes so I do believe the church is in this position today James chapter 4 no wonder prayers are not being answered he says you ask and receive not because you ask amiss that you may consume it upon your lusts you have not because you ask not you adulterers and adulteresses know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world isn't any of God do you think there's a scripture saith in vain the spirit that dwells in us lust it to envy but he giveth more grace wherefore he saith God resisteth the proud you don't think it's proud to trust in the doctors and trust in the in man over trusting in God you don't think that's proud better believe it is but he giveth more grace and he giveth grace under humble submit yourselves therefore to God he's talking to believers resist the devil and he will flee from you obviously they're not resisting the devil cuz he's got to tell him to resist the devil and obviously they're not submitted to God because he's telling them they have to be submitted to God they need to be submitted to God so these are a people that are not submitted to God and they're wondering why they got all kinds of problems and their prayers are not being answered and he says you're not submitted to God and you're not resisting the devil and then he goes on to say there you're not drawing near to God either he tells him to draw near to God and then he says cleanse your hands you sinners now he's calling them sinners these are supposed to be God's people purify your hearts you double-minded now brother Joseph that's not the church today the church is not double minded you bet it is it is folks the church is so double minded unstable in all our ways the church right now is staggering staggering and if the church is staggering dear God where's our nation where's America if the church is in trouble dear God the nation's got to be in trouble and that's what we got today don't take it lightly you've just heard the Word of God you've heard this message you're accountable if you continue to take pharmaceutical drugs if you continue to go to the hospital and the doctor you're going to be judged you heard the truth you're accountable for what you've heard today you understand what I'm saying if I went to a doctor now after preaching this are you listening if I would to take any kind of pharmaceutical drug right now Paul said after I preached to others I myself be a castaway I would be a hypocrite are you listening I like what God said to my pastor one day he says when are you going to start putting into practice what you preach he had a broken ankle or something and he's standing in the sanctuary and the Lord said when are you gonna stop practicing what I would what you preach and when he got that word from God he slammed down on his ankle and the ankle bones came into place God healed him right there on the spot if that's how that happened to a man of God a man of faith an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ folks where in the world is the church today this is a man that fasted 40 days and 40 nights many times this is a man that prayed for three hours every morning and he succumbed to cancer that just tells me that God is no respecter of persons look at Moses didn't enter the promised land if anybody deserve to go in the promised land was Moses right let's not make excuses let's stop making excuses no wonder the Lord spoke to my spirit and gave me a word on a 10 day fast and said I'm gonna use you to bring correction to my body if ever the body of Christ needs to be rebuked in love and long-suffering needs to be corrected it's now because right now the church thinks they're headed towards Jesus and they're not if ever the church needed to hear the message you're going the wrong way this is the way walk in it turn around you're going in the wrong direction Jesus says Mary she turns around Ramona it's time dear God in heaven it's time for the church to face the Lord turn around get your eyes on Jesus right now our backs are towards him going in the wrong direction

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