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Pet Care: What is Doggy Day Care? – Pet Camp

[MUSIC] Hi I’m Mark, senior counselor at
Pet Camp San Fransisco California, where pets do what pets love. What differentiates Pet Camp from
any other pet care facility, both in San Fransisco and beyond, is that
we designed Pet Camp for dogs and cats. Whether it’s the massive outdoor
space we built for the dogs. The safari solarium we built for cats. The HVAC system that moves the air
every four and a half minutes. Radiant heat so we can warm
the area where the dogs care most. Huge window sills at cat safari. Every little thing was thought about for
dogs and cats, not for people. So yeah, so we’re not the most
glamorous place in the world. And that’s okay, because it’s not for me
and it’s not for you, it’s for your dog or your cat. What makes doggy daycare at Pet Camp so
unique, frankly, is where we are now. The Pet Camp savannah. I mean this is 13,000 square feet
of outdoor play space for dogs. And we’ve got another 6,000
square feet in addition to this. I mean almost 20,000 square
feet of outdoor play space. It’s the biggest dog
park in San Francisco. It’s a great play for doggy daycare. Dogs can run around, they can romp. For dogs that wanna do all day play,
that’s just it, they can do all day play. For dogs that need a more
structured environment, we do play groups based on size and
socialization skills. So on an average day we have
active adult group, a puppy group, a senior group, a gentle adult group,
and a small dog group. It’s a unique environment for
dogs to do what they wanna do. To play, to romp,
in a very safe environment. You don’t want to worry about
your dog wondering off. Getting lost at a dog park. Being exposed to dogs
that don’t have vaccines. Or your worried about their behavior. Everything here is done
in a structured way. But structured for our views,
the dogs just get to have fun. [MUSIC]>>Did you wanna talk separately
about doggy day care? And then do you want

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