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Pervert Judge Grabs Crotch At Women & Children

but no let's secure the motherfuckers and surety that my break is taken this is sure that I didn't break today nobody here hey everyone so we're out here in front of the wellington web builder right yep it's the one with this this doohickey here in front honoring the engineers I am waiting for DPD okay I believe will be district 6 the Denver Police and I think anybody out here yeah there's a million of them out here but they're out here in second we're complaining but nobody's coming on here to take my report and you guys help me so that I can have a police officer here to take my report okay the picture that I have up on the picture that I have up on the thumbnail is the judge that grabbed his balls in his cock with both of his hands he grabbed his crotch this judge turned around that mean did not look like what I was saying to grab his crotch with both hands and flexed it at Karen myself and the children around us right we are currently getting that video and preserving it for evidence there should be nothing wrong with that video we will now how corrupt they are yeah it was a fun of autos kids right in front of me and parents and he was real small a small guy called him a piece of shit he said it takes one to know one I have it on video him saying that I'll upload it here in a minute so he thinks he's impeccable I had that piece of shit and I was calling him a parasite because I had him for a traffic case that I had with Rollie pollie raspily at Denver cop that Eric had moved out there to the fucking Airport so I was I was before I mean it was an arrogant smug piece of junk this judge so I was telling him someone he didn't like and he turn around just grab both with both hands just grab this junk out we're done you know the kids and myself and Karen so I'm waiting here for DPD so I could make a report honey DPD out here you guys can help me out I believe this is district 6 they think that they're not going to send anybody out here for me to make this complaint we need them to know that the people are watching okay the people are watching we are here at the wellington web right and here you can see where Wisconsin are oh we have a lot of the watch man yeah Brian Lowe was in there getting there he is now requesting what is this city it says here X it is etched in the concrete of this building and it says what is the people I mean it says what is the city but the people what is the city but the people all right they don't give a shit about the people alright we are here protesting and I need everyone's help I don't have a police officer out here yet there's a cop right here there must be a cop in the building I'm the police officer to come out here and take our statement in our report this is not gonna I'm not gonna let this go and I'm gonna be out here until they sent somebody to take this report I'm not waiting forever I got shit to do in court if it was us you guys know how fast they'd be here right well can you guys help me so they can be here already huh we're here to report we need a police officer on the corner of bull facts and panic at the Wellington Webb building again I am on the corner of Bannack that's BA and n Ock and West Colfax CL Co LF I am here at the Wellington Yi web building it is the municipal office building you tell them I am up tick me off dice re I will continue here there's a police car right there nobody's come out for me I own quite a while ago nobody can seem to get a cop in here hey everyone thanks for being here with us how much what's going on we are here at the Wellington Web building we are trying to get the film of a judge that grabs his crotch and his and in an obscene way at me and Miss Karen and the children which are Otto's children and then he got the goons he called the goons only complained about he called the goons and they had miss Karen physically removed from the courthouse and they try to do it with myself too but they're just too weak they only like to pick up pick on the women right because they think they have something over them fucking weaklings you know but mean well I did whatever I needed to do all the way through and they just took my berating that's just the way that it is you do all the way through and they just took my berating that's just the way that it is so guys if you can help me out mods district 6 we're on the corner of Bannack and Colfax I need a police officer out here so I can make this report and they are currently ignoring me I just to settle well you see ero is usually the sorting comes out in this area sergeant Lucero is usually the one that deals with me when there's a situation out here so now mr. Lucero asked me that why do I do what I do the other day and he wanted to question me when I was at the Denver building the last time here and so what you know if he comes out now he gets to take my statement you know so he can see why I'm out here right this is the reason why I'm out here it's because of corrupt pieces of garbage like that Judge there's this picture right there on the comedy thumbnail if you guys want to look him up as judges at the Denver Court there's usually in the Traffic Division he was just appointed I think his last name is like man it's like shot Steen Schwartz teen chuan Steen something like that right I can't particularly remember but if my god that would be amazing right his picture is the thumbnail you can't miss them he's got that cuckold look little glasses oh please we're not leaving until I get a police officer out here to be able to take my complaint and take our reports so I got a felony band because supposedly I guess the word fuck was offensive enough to consider disturbing the peace but this judge a judge someone who's supposed to be you know how such a much higher standard right his crotch smiled I called him a princess sweetie said it takes one to know one and then he went ahead and called the police and had them removed Karen sodaro and Otto the watchdog and everybody else out of the courthouse he removed them I have I have all the video I'm good hi Jeff I haven't been able to upload yet I'm still here it's uploading right now well had no form hmm I thought I wrote down on the piece of paper which she gave me a copy up mmm cap yet the treasure and the copy these guys asks are you with them no I'm not with them I'm not dating I'm not married to any of them none of them are my life partner then don't get rights right because you know we're with them right so we don't go right but I had a nice chat and yeah I don't need one I said I want the goddamn video what happened he was very happy to take my request and then I asked for also the specific instructions on how to get the sheriff's video from the board on it so I figured now is the time to ask that question you didn't have a form I'm writing on a piece of paper you've given me that stuff so what time is did you tell them on the hallway and online in front of courtroom I said the whole thing okay the whole building outside the courtrooms are the first floor right cool her words a minute I've got to now go to the courthouse a little Lizzy Flanagan oh we're working too so you can't eat an interview they don't work anyways you guys are the mainstream garbage you guys don't report anything of any value anyways there's some fucking news for you yeah we had a judge grab his pocket for the children that's fucking media hey though reporting that yeah that way hey I'm still waiting okay you know buckle and the other spot will go to the other courthouse will complain a lair please tell your fucking stick spin with your protest like Emiliano Zapata fare better a little better to die on your feet than the little life on your knees up there that piece of shit well I can't wait to upload that video what are you talking about hey guys what's up thank you all for being here going to see you alright so earlier in this building right here was known as the Banach building I shouldn't with traffic orders nosy for for Denver's bullshit and everything well the first buildings here right uh so this judge that's normally in courtroom 100 here he's a traffic judge I had him before and he was a corrupt piece of shit and I told him what a corrupt piece of shit he was my sign he you know he turned around walked off his death and it went on and grabbed his cock and everything you know and his whole package right and then just like bulged it out you know like the offensive gesture that everybody knows and and he uh he did to Karen myself and Otto's children in the air auto side I think you know so I've got all the official judicial complaint forms and we're about to burn his ass Oh and when I told him he's a piece of shit he goes it takes one to know one I got him on video saying it and then he goes to the cops he tried and he tried to have us thrown out of the building but he can't throw me out of the building motherfuckers huh no work that wasn't no where's our loot Lindsay yeah hey yo you know what we're going right yeah yeah cuz I had to be fun I said you're a real piece of shit and turned around he grabbed his cross her you know and his shooting everything and I was like you're a piece of shit because anything takes one to know one check me out Liberty freak TV you'll see all of today all one word Liberty freak TV yeah so no promotion yeah so we came out here you know to do our core business right they've been trying to get us out of the building since we got here then we're trying to get me out of the building because uh they don't like my cameras they wouldn't let me record me try to make a public records request I got all kinds of good shit on in 30 minutes I got like five different videos where it's retarded how fucking stupid these guys are here it just never ends right then you wonder why I do what I do it never ends so I say the word fucking I got a funny but this guy grab his crotch and everything for children and he's a judge that they arrest people to do this shit that do this shit and yet he can get away with it fuck no so please if you guys want to look up at the Denver Municipal Court or Denver County Court which everyone right Wow I think his name is like Schwartz teen or shot and Steen or something right his picture is a picture on the thumbnail Barry Schwartz that's the one thank you that you compare the pictures okay folks Denver County Court judge that's right okay so we're gonna light up the phones folks and we're gonna call about Barry Schwartz the pervert judge right we're gonna let them know that he's not allowed to get away with that garbage right so you guys cannot also let the PPD know that I'll be out on the litter the lindsay flanagan building ready to find any one of those cops who just willing to take the statement okay we're not letting it go there's gonna be three different reports it was wooden but it was witnessed by three different people including red head right there inside the courthouse inside the courthouse you know you know you know on a hallway just blatantly turn around smiled and grab his crotch threw a bird a piece of shit oh really oh it that way he was a smug piece of garbage when I went to court he railroaded me with fucking raspily Rollie pollie raspily that cop on on motorcycle that I had that pool over right with a cop goes oh my god you're never gonna believe who it is it's the Posse Comitatus guy he's extremely combative another first off it down I'm recognized so he always tells me the same thing that if I don't respond to him his whole thing's gonna go south I'm always asking like where like Georgia Florida like South South like Cuba but I never will my window down there's the same copter we're not he's out there in the airport dooda dooda Harry he said yeah hey still got my pension I still got my job I still got my bonuses like saying you didn't do shit to me see that's why there's smog and proud of being pieces of shit right cuz they're covered up by this corrupt piece of shit that I'm about to report to no end I'm never gonna let it go I'm gonna be this guy's Bane this I'm gonna be this guy's fuckin thorn on the side I want to make you pay for that shit you don't get to get away with that you corrupt piece of shit [Applause] Denver Concord discipline Commission thank you all righty please can someone please start calling I will try to upload this video as fast as I can I'm still oh man I left all my shit behind it's alright I'll just write this motion by hand there real quick I forgot right here my file and I am in the state of Colorado even the city of Denver state of Colorado the cup the judge's name is Barry Schwartz white haired thin rim glasses little puffy smile hey guys oh yeah I forgot my part you're late we got a park-like far as hell right so they go running hey I forgot what part I forgot why part Brian those but I have the motion in my van right I know but to follow motion uh I think it was like this way over on this side somewhere hey hey at least you guys get to see the real me right no try comics trees you see let's think about a pocket right he can forget everything but they never forget where they put their weed that's a crazy part about it okay what's the first body part that a stoners what's the foot was the first body part that a that a so this kid mr. Franks [Laughter] very pocket pool stores very pocket pool Schwartz huh we found his name Barry Barry Schwartz that's right that is his name yup I remember that kind of Jewish right I miss a K lady good job a lady take that motherfucker down out there he yeah that cool is to stash some mugs right and then when you stash all the knobs you can forget a bottom and then final this must be Perez he's walking this way picking his fucking nose eating his boogers all right the same fucking pig that was over there hey hey does anybody remember when we parked no I gotta get my motion this is my van do you know what wasn't we parked I have no idea I wouldn't even in the van oh I knew that oh hey you guys can wear this to lindsay flanagan I'll be right there so you have to walk around and follow me hey Frankie what's up man good to see you brother have you been I wish I could see you but as you can see we've been like retardedly busy really crazy beyond everything I mean it's a wall okay Bronson to go back to the building we started on okay there's that right I can see it here I can't walk I took totally the wrong direction let you guys to see I got a little walking man well it's good for my good for my health I guess but this ankle matter monitor sucks when you're walking around town yay stuff I'm like tour guide right my official Denver tour guide is with me now so my my official Denver tour guide has arrived the guy that remembers where we parked right where my emotions out I've got you some master spasms right now I killed so so Brian's got me being his needle bitch very good shit some kind of uh some kind of story about a spasming colon or something Cole I know my backside Oh big son hours without many hours yeah so y'all were you were walking away these guys always somebody happy from his nap stick and he just went off on Auto so I just Wheatley followed him inside and then yeah there yeah I went to the bathroom ticularly came back out he's still trying to get out to his right court room which was not this building so I guess I don't now lose so the mall has already found out that the drug his name Barry Schwartz I love you all please get on the phone to the Judicial Commission and let them know what Barry Schwartz has done this is not correct [Applause] remember gentlemen you have the highest honor and responsibility you can nullify the jury you can say which way are we though we know we are that way that's what I thought already guys so right now I am in the process of we have been trying to get some we have been trying to get some create enough paperwork but some video files of a judge making obscene gestures to women and children in the courthouse and so now we have also I got a father motion because they they gave me a court date for my felony on the 18th which is also which is overlapping on a coordinator to have prior to that in the rapaho County on the 18th so I'm gonna go file a motion and you might not actually need to file a motion like to be able to walk into the court clerk the courts office and say ah I already called them they told me they can't do a jack shit then we had the Koala motion okay from during the motion is a litigant a motion can be written on a piece of toilet paper with boogers on it okay so in my hand and ought to give it so here's the deal I don't know before we leave on that they're all know there are lindsay flanagan waiting for me oh you're just coming this far to get the paperwork motion pores in their eyes all the time alright guys so we're just an extra walk I like what's a stranger on a ladder on the back of a semi-trailer working on the door what's up Ritchie's restorations all right ladies and gentlemen I'm gonna let it go the top of the stream holy shit rachel urato Richie's restorations I was a terrible thing stop hears that a stop but that doesn't even look like a police car so we have unmarked police cars now on nothing to distinguish you between you and a fucking rapist on with as many people as are being assaulted these women with these huh and unmarked cars oh is that what we're doing now hey your motherfucker that's zero TL 677 I'm gonna find out how the fuck a traffic cops gets to be unmarked with tinted windows yeah cuz he heard us we were too late if the windows are tinted there must be a regular marked car with no tents I need to go to some time of property why is it like that why so they can have a clear unobstructed view of what they're seeing [Applause] that's it yeah in a perfect world he would have been arrested immediately they would have looked at the fucking they would have double-checked the video and they would have arrested his ass right down the spot if it would have been me but not the judge all the judge gets to go get away with the ride the cops won't do their due diligence there nope so crazy Impossibles like all it's them just as we walked into your wellington web building they're like I'll contact John contact contact contact 3:30 contact contact and I'm like yeah she's trying to tell you that we're here hurry up and tell your boss that we're here and that girls like watches like she said tell him occupies here tell them occupy Denver's here nothing makes me smile more than her hats oh I can't wait to see that video yeah you gotta look at that list the list those people those people on that list the ones with those pictures right thoughts and dangerous would interview marketing's they got violent and extremely dangerous mouths boy they will blow your head off with their mouth they've got black assault mouths being boom come on now if you need any moisture you spit on your hand [Applause] but you are good [Applause] hey Richard cranium want to know if the water bottles in there yeah a little bit classic Richard cranium I say that all the time here you know what your premiums were please you're awesome see that's I'm gonna have these water bottles I love you back no Leedy yeah you know I like to be a little cruddy do you my best rapper ever am I having fun I'm always fun I'm always having fun when I'm with my friends right you know when I'm out here doing what I'm supposed to be doing as an American I'm always having fun doing that right I'm just you know I always have a good time when I'm standing up for what's right I'm standing up for the homeless the poor the widow those are been treated unjustly by unjust oppressors not a big deal huh huh that's kind of a big deal I mean it is what it is not exactly that's exactly what I do they're trying to criminalize me for speaking up those accounts because in salt [Applause] Oh [Applause] okay you all right guys Wow Liberty you have 200 people here right now compared to my 23 it's like I'm absolutely fuckin boring I'm a nobody now we just we all do our own little things a little differently oh but seriously that's a pretty bike by the way guys if you don't see that Harley I can't do it chant I can't lift my hand that high good put that right there so we're here walking through the beautiful streets of Denver yeah guys we're just walking because this gentleman right here has to file a motion he thought it was funny cuz he's over that score that's the align from you to create the Bosque the Big Lebowski also great sources not networking is it no I have a problem solving that problem the next clock that hurts humpy fuck the cops they fellas it's everyday of the week and twice on Tuesday fuck the police ah Spanish they don't understand we're watching God la policia get back life on a goulash is cool a knows that they understand hey you just watch it dude oh cool go that way ah my step old meter sorry guys I know it sucks these are dispensaries never see this Green Cross anywhere right no cuz Express explain to them Holly no one is a dispensary when you get here to Colorado right gives you the Big Green Cross it's a dispensary that's your pad right there little garages back right pretty nice tell your business so this is the cooler place I have right here in the back in this alley right get our charts and dumpsters take the suction back there aw see all this wonderful social shock that was been going [Applause] just like that my back spasms time to quit just like that it's a really store inside without it let's put the legend when there were children playing up here okay oh my god I'm about to pee myself well I wish it was guys again I've got emphysema really bad so when I start walking too much and check panting have you everything wants to come up and shit no I call it COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and now oh but it used to be called it for Zima we call them I know it's called but I just I used to hack so bad when I was a cigarette smoker so bad and I think I coughed all day long could never stop and boy ever since I left cigarettes man behind I I don't have no more chest pain you know I have no more hurting lungs with ninety four none of that so first you right now I thought I'll being there we go better better single now right put in a football together on the street all day what is that it's a half a pound of weed it's not a basketball okay so I have yet to find a fucking police officer I will file a police officer and we must go well we'll go to the I'll go to the damn police there we go let's Ingo where's my coffee where's my copy of the motion for you guys out of jail tomorrow haven't called me for that appointment yet here if you see a Democrat waving man and Huachuca oh these premises right there neppy fuck the cops day fuck the police sorry guys wherever you were live streaming yeah I don't matter my streams are a little different all right it's the Segway team coming by essence print job collusion a lot of touchy feeling to see a lot of rubbing oh yeah not a rubbing he's gonna go to the app who's close was close almost a butt cheek rub it's a little friendly there for a work environment what you think oh I did I already filed a motion I did all that and then and then now we're gonna go to the police department from the wall I'm gonna go over there and make the report I'll kill you so looking away from Miss Karen to get her her bicycle because she witnessed it all right so if you guys don't mind I'm gonna let you go for a minute and then what I'm going to do is I'm gonna upload the video that just happened once it gets uploaded I want you guys to do me a favor whoever has the capability of downloading the video and preserving it for me I would appreciate that I don't have a chance to do it here and I don't want them to flag it away right so I want you guys to be ready as soon as it goes up I want somebody to fucking help me out and download that for me anybody ready to make that commitment somebody made that commitment for me here now please hey Tempe against police violence what's up my brother all those my brothers from Arizona those are good guys right there if you guys ever want to know how to download these what you do is if you're in Fitz you're on a computer which do is you download but known as Mozilla Firefox which is a web browser right and when you download Mozilla Firefox they have add-ons to it right so you want to just download a popular add-on there would be a video downloader right and or a YouTube downloader and once you have it it's easy as pie you know you open up YouTube on your on your Mozilla Firefox web browser you doesn't on your top of right hand corner but or sometimes it's under right under the video depending on what app you downloaded for it what add-on and you'll see that it will let you choose if you want the high if you want the super high quality ones or whatever just like I explained it is the easiest way Mozilla Firefox install the web browser then install the add-on any add-on this a video downloader or YouTube video downloader and they all work just as well pull around with different man you'll get super easy I'll let you guys take a minute or if anybody's doing what I just said I will give you a little bit of time he's the good guy Thank You babies dewd sir thank you for your service that we can all appreciate all right we got a walking late oh come on although worthless max come on don't be like a cat our cops and our cups and eight coins the lake please keep there he is right there he's keeping all the corporate bank money safe ice keeping all the corporate bank money safe and this about late don't crush the tree without waiting now we gotta wait hey fellas happy fuck the cops day fuck the police where is it in here yeah I figured so well it's like it looks like a fortress right all right nothing to be afraid of just big mouths you guys have all the guns you're okay okay go hi Ken how are you so here we're coming to the Danville Police Department fortress right you gotta have a like a fortress the most hated people in America right yeah they need fortress did one need a fortress if they knew had to yeah how to act like fucking human beings camera watching us oh yeah I remember this place huh what's up so I mean yeah okay so I'm coming in here to make a report I'm here in downtown at the police administration building which would be 1 3 3 1 Cherokee the address here is 1 3 3 1 Cherokee the telephone number is right here [Applause] [Applause] so everybody's giving directed some sort okay hello hello testing testing one two three testing testing one one I need to make a police report I need to police report forms obscene gestures like I'll explain it to you when I get the forms and I'll write them down uh it's a civilian all right what's both the law and I want to make a report so the police can handle it like the police is supposed to huh they wag their dick at me all right that's good enough for you no they didn't expose himself or they grabbed their crotch having in front of children anything right kind of like kind of I go suck my big kind of you know gesture right when you grab both hands and and you explain you push out you know your whole crotch area right the pants so this explodes in front of your hands right but without showing it you know yeah you know two-handed you know you know no no no no ah that would be an absurd gesture I know I know it I'm gonna get a report for it cuz I'm I got an ankle monitor for saying fuck on a public sidewalk so I'll be damned if this guy's not gonna get charged with something yeah his name's Barry Schwartz and I got a picture of him and we have video of the incident and everything I know I don't have it on it's actually I'm that's why I want to make a report so that you guys can hold that for you know for this investigation this happened at the Bannock building yeah you know with a court were the courthouses you know the bit yeah that's the big building in front of the court there Big John's down like a semicircle kind of shape don't ads a nativity scene in Christmas not sure no this happened about how long did it happen it's about two hours ago I've been trying to get that long for a police officer to come out and take my report but my normal no police officer ever came out so I'm here now to make 300 I've been calling for 12 years my name is Abaddon a ba de a de that's my first name I'll give all the rest of the information on there on the report they're trying to avoid me all can cool oh thank you appreciate it I had one I would like to somebody have put up there the judicial spank you for acting wrong as a judge office you want to post that and call them that will be amazing yeah we don't do that way hey I didn't I didn't they just ignore you that means nothing right you can read that when did that 18 – 9 – 117 so under the threat of arrest okay guys you guys can light them up I'm gonna turn this off because of they threatened to arrest me as you guys know they're lawless there's a Denver police administration building we are 1331 Cherokee so let them

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  1. I really want to give you some good advice… please remember why you were there today!! A 10 yo girl was expelled from a catholic school because she waved at you guys ?

  2. Lol! The way EB bulliedband swears at women and the way you people swear in front of children all the time😆

  3. WOW….. Judge is a POS for sure… When the fuck are people going to be treated EQUAL? This fucking thin blue line bullshit has to stop. Otto need to file a complaint for that judges actions in front of his kids… Maybe CPS would actually follow through? We know the cops wont do anything against a judge. Maybe send it to the attorney General? Better yet file a complaint with the BAR association…

  4. Denver is supposedly the home of the NWO and it doesnt surprise me the address is 1331. Fruity pole puffing masons cant hide forever

  5. LibertyFreak TV threatened with arrest if his camera is not shut off – Light em up!

    Denver Police Administration Building
    1331 Cherokee St, Denver, CO 80202
    (720) 913-6010

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