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Person Centred Software and Samsung improve the lives of people in care

Hi, my name’s Andy Kirby, I’m the general manager of Oak Tree Court It’s a General Nursing
and Residential Home and caters for
54 elderly residents requiring various
levels of care We used to keep all of our documentation in paper format The carers have to do a certain amount of care during the day and they couldn’t necessarily document it all. And if they tried to, they’d spend so long in the office doing the paperwork, that they wouldn’t get time to actually do anything else. Samsung worked together with Person Centred Software and produced a package for our care home. Everybody can see exactly what’s going on with that resident in real-time. With vital stats recorded in real-time on the water-resistant X-cover 4 smartphones, data can now be analysed to help prevent illnesses and improve patient wellbeing. Results at some homes show a 33% reduction in falls, which have significantly reduced the number of subsequent hospital admissions. We found that the carers have far more time to spend with the residents at the critical times than they ever did before. Their level of satisfaction has raised considerably because they now know that every single time they provide care to a resident, they’re able to record it. The responses we’ve had from residents’ relatives and everybody that uses the service have all been very very positive. It’s transformed our service completely You

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  1. I am proud to be a part of this video😊 i am the girl with tan skin.Missing my caring job.That phone is amazing it is really perfect for care homes.Easy to use…

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