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Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Penn State College of Medicine – Match Day 2018

[MUSIC PLAYING] You know, you came to
Penn State four years ago. Some of you a little
more than four years ago. And as I look around the
room, you know what I see? I see my PBL group, I see
my health systems group. I see incredible class officers
and curriculum representatives. I see people who ate at my
table and sat in my office as true student
colleagues and advisors. You have been a class of
scholars and change agents since the day you walked
in the door of Penn State College of Medicine,
and you will be embraced as you walk in
the door of your next careers. Others of you are
going to be moving to a new city or a
new state and you’ll call that home for the
next three to seven years, and maybe even longer. But, really, no matter how
close you’re going to stay or how far you’re
traveling, you’re still part of the
Penn State family. And I know you’re
going to represent the College of Medicine well in
the next phase of your journey. Three, two, one. I’m Lindsay Bacik. I matched at Penn
State in dermatology. I’ve wanted to be a
doctor for as long as I can remember so this
day kind of makes it real. You know, I have a spot
in a residency position at the program of my dream. So it definitely
seems a lot more real than it has in the past. It’s kind of– for so long
it’s been a dream I was chasing but, now, it’s something
I’ve actually achieved. My name’s Tony Lin
and I matched at Yale for diagnostic radiology. Penn State College
of Medicine has taught us to be resilient
in the face of adversity and to really challenge
yourselves and push yourselves towards becoming you very best. My name is Evelyn Song, and
I’ll be going to Johns Hopkins next year for internal medicine. So I was born in China and
then I grew up in Wisconsin. And the reason why I
wanted to go into medicine was because my
grandfather, he taught himself medicine to kind of
help the people in the village countryside in China. And ever since young,
hearing his story really pushed me and made me
want to help people around me. And that’s why I decided
to go into medicine. Hopkins was my
number one choice. I’m really happy and shocked
that I matched there. Penn State got it right
when they accepted you. The potential and
greatness seen in you then is now only more refined. First choice or
10th, what you find when you open that
envelope will not define your life
or your successes. We are Penn Staters. We will always come out on top. Congratulations. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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