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Paige Pierce Disc Golf Clinic Clips | Putting Routine

(upbeat music) – I think it’s huge, it’s
very very very important, I think putting, driving,
everything in disc golf, you wanna have a routine,
it builds up muscle memory and that way if you take,
like we have an off season. For me, I take one month off,
I don’t touch one frisbee and so I’ve been doing, I
mean, I’m sure we’ve all been playing for a long time and you guys, it’s like riding a bike,
you’re not gonna forget, you might have to brush up on some skills but having a routine
allows you to come back into that quickly, so
for me, if I miss a put, I know why I missed, because
my routine is so precise that if I miss a little
left, I can look down and my hand’s right here,
or if I miss a little low, maybe my follow through is down or, so if you have the same routine, you know why you missed and how to fix it. My personal routine. – I was just making sure. – Oh yeah, I’m so sorry.
– Very good information. – So, my routine I guess
is slightly unconventional, I’m a spin putter, you’re
talking about putting, correct? Okay, my put is a spin
put so I’m coming from my belly button straight to the pole. I’m not going left or right, up or down, it’s all straight at the pole. That way, if I miss, I have a
little bit of room for error on the top, bottom, left, and right, and spinning it, as long
as I have my fingers let go at the pole, it’s
typically going to go in. Sometimes I error by slightly
putting the disc on a heiser and even if I let the disc go at the pole, if it’s on a heiser, I’ll miss left. So all these things, and
I’m sure if you’ve seen me on video missing a put, while
we’re waiting on the next pad, I’m probably over there
realigning my routine and not thinking about it on the next put, just thinking about getting
back to that routine. And a lot of times, a person will walk by, a bird will chirp, whatever it is, you’ll see a lot of people, if
something like that happens, they’ll step off their
lie and then re set up, Dustin will redo his pant
thing, he’ll redo everything because like he said, it’s like a machine, it’s like starting a car,
it’s gonna do it the same way every single time, so if
you want your mechanics to be as perfect as
possible, try to develop a routine that you feel comfortable in.

8 thoughts on “Paige Pierce Disc Golf Clinic Clips | Putting Routine

  1. I want to say, thank you for added the subtitles to the videos. I am truly appreciate it very much! Many thanks, Dynamic Discs team! You rock!

  2. This was great advice. I know routine is crucial in golf but for some reason i never had one for disc golf. Gonna work on one now

  3. She didn't explain why she does the stupid put the disc in front of her face flick it then putt. The dumbest shit I've ever seen. Not saying she ain't good, it just looks retarded.

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