ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy

This Doctor Says if You're On This Medication, Stop Taking it Immediately!

one of the conditions that MDS try to manage is high cholesterol that's been a big business lately with statin drugs and I think in the last six months to

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Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS) – India

when you choose Praxair for your hospital you can be sure of getting gases that offer the highest level of purity consistency and compliance with safety regulations for continuous supply

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Medicine from the jungle – rainforest pharmacy | DW Documentary

bonobo apes are among our closest living relatives and the bonobos here in Africa's Congo Basin have a valuable treasure they know which plants have healing properties maybe we can

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IVF Medications

welcome to the center for advanced reproductive services at the University of Connecticut health center this video focuses on the evolution of the various medications used in the in vitro

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2012 Documentary Release – "Prescription Drug Epidemic: A Coalition's Journey"

I don't know the phone call that I made to my dad and this is the way I phrased it to him I think I might have a drug problem

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Medical Animation: HIV and AIDS

HIV هو فايروس نقص المناعة اذا كان لديك HIV , اذا لديك عدوى التي تدمر جهاز المناعة مع الوقت , وتسبب الايدز . الايدز يعني ( متلازمة نقص المناعة المكتسبة

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