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Order your Homeopathic First Aid Kit from Me.

Hello Everyone, Rebecca Atkinson, Practical
Homeopath from and today I’m talking about these lovely remedy
kits and some of you might remember that I ordered a batch of these a couple of weeks
ago – today I just sold the last one. I’m really pleased about that. they’ve really
flown out of the door, which is great news because it means that more and more Mums are
going to be able to use Homeopathy in the home to help both their health and their childrens
health and that’s good news! So if you are interested in one of these lovely kits – €50
for 36 remedies and a lovely, very useful little booklet which tells you how to use
the remedies. If you are interested in that then I’m going to be putting in another order
in the next couple of weeks. But i’d really like to get a good idea of numbers this time
so I get enough. So if you’re interested, you can put a comment in the comment boxes
below or you can email me – [email protected] and let me know if you would like one and
I can make sure that I earmark one specially for you. It’s a great investment, as I said.
It’s how I started as a Homeopath – using one of these kits. They last forever, they
can be replaced individually, remedies one at a time and in the Autumn I will be running
courses in how to use them and how to use Homeopathy for everyday Healthcare. So, don’t
forget, either email me or put a comment in the boxes below and you can have one of these
kits all for your very own! Thanks for listening.

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