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On The Record: Medical marijuana: To legalize or not?

after it was stalled in Congress for several years the medical marijuana bill has been refiled at the House of Representatives is it high time for the country to legalize medical use of marijuana good evening I'm Ruth caballé this is on the record our guests for this episode Isabella representative Antonio Tony pann albano author of the medical marijuana bill dr. Donna bell 3 s : and founding member of the Philippine cannabis compassion Society and dr. Anthony Laird Sean past president of the Philippine College of Physicians welcome to on the record good eating congressman I'd like to start with you casino 70th Congress this was passed by the House of Representatives Alisha Musa said your refiling it now why yeah because of the same reason and you have the picture here that says it all she has no voice right now and she's wonder woman Julia she suffers from epilepsy and the mother is doctora doable and we need this kind of medications because to her knowledge and to her experience alone she was she will be able to say is that this medicine that is derived from cannabis I mean Dylan marijuana because there's different types of camp and others for cannabis is highly effective in the treatment of seizures you know epilepsy hindi Le'Veon there's so many other patients that need these cancer patients as I MERS we need risk medical compassionate bills so that we legalize the medical component of this cannabis anyway can teleport us in a cervical morphine barbiturates and others are derived from from opium yeah which is more highly addictive so pocket back in among a are a very naughty in tylenol with codeine reboot the scene with codeine and so we need to educate the people and take away the fear and stigma that the medical cannabis is a bad bill for the health of Filipinos in canopic a Tennessee doctor Donna and the daughter of dr. Donna hiya Paul why are you in favor of well obviously can you just explain to us about it okay in favor of that yes because we are from the Philippine cannabis compassion society basically we are patients organization and we highly advocate for medical cannabis that it is affordable safe and accessible to the legitimate patients I have a daughter she's seven years old right now and she started to have seizures as young as three months move we have tried around seven and two epileptic drugs and up to this day nine of these drugs are really completely helping her to have seizure free so it's a high time for medical marijuana to be available naturally I never worked or buy or find a portion who were compared to the other existing medicines you said I've been you wanna even epileptic drugs yes because medical marijuana has a very affective component like CBD and THC CBD is very good for patients like my daughter Julia for epileptic seizures and also to elevate the pain of cancer patients we have around 350,000 epileptic patients based on the Department of Health so can you imagine if we legalize this bill we can help around 350,000 epileptic patients around 200,000 cancer patients and nearly Tomatis pasando miss root and those suffering from multiple sclerosis or pain I pet them and many more I thought up in a pocket and I mean you are young ingredients numb marijuana at the bottom group assignment can you explain this well as a doctor no can you explain I do bio mahogany and asuna Sabine dino-man though addictive you bone plant or yeah can you tell us about it Marie why like I say as a plan we need marijuana as a whole plan because as a plant it has what we call the anti-russia effect so you can adjust derive one component from the whole plan because it was actually very very beneficial as a whole plan so the THC like what you have seen on the screen is a component of medical marijuana or marijuana who has a psychoactive component but it's not all – eh THC and there and it's not all bad because once you have to use it in moderation it can very very good to help those patients suffering from mental illnesses okay no no not EC Dhokla Wonka say the Philippine Medical Association has cently been against legalizing medical marijuana like it I did a report on this before and since I because in l a– well happened o alikum conclusive evidence to show that it works but we have patients using it no doc I understand you well as there's there's a cold coalition against the medical marijuana basically on the context of the number one is after the regulatory so let me explain that no a drunk a say when it is marketed at the same medical is course to the FDA to evaluate efficacy and safety of the medication do we understand compassion being a doctor but the first mantra or dictum of a physician is first do no harm so in Latin primum non nocere so therefore all compounds should actually go to the FDA table with efficacy and safety now if it is a law the problem is the law science is very dynamic sometimes in the long run I dragged me after we pulled out in the market not because of the lack of efficacy but per safety reasons one of the important his examples are the files being Vioxx was a drug marketed by ms d for arthritis and then fun to kill people because of cardiovascular events one drug is sleep abhi for cholesterol and then is pulled out because of liver and muscle damage so therefore the FDA has the right to pull it out now if it is already a law what will happen in the infrastructure so certainly our context is to the regulatory which is considered dangerous regulatory minutia do you have to cross two barriers the first one is to remove this as a dangerous drug and then later on as medical marijuana for its indication safety the other one is to cut senator Soto there's already a law in dangerous of two of 2002 in compassionate you slice the penis entered risotto in Naju subdomain inches and Sabine young donítö when a drug is needed by a patient particularly say the kid of doctora here what she will do the doctor and the society will request for the drug from from a country marketing it for example Canada where it is allowed no yeah so us and the in Canada the Hobart the coupon you know July 30 2018 when is medical marijuana and then pile on lately so me right now yeah now of course every country has different regulatory guidelines No so um point dito mean senator sort or it might be redundant considering compassion Jamilah Nasheed ito so you know you know special permit to import to import okay but that's for the process yes for treatment yeah of the drug approved in another country for a certain indication now on circuit contention in the Senators auto it's about the dangerous drug classical and everybody know author noon are a nine one six five so you have I want Amanda convince Daniel and I were open to it that's why in the Congress now a probe by NASA when you are II know but in in the Senate we are continue to be resource person of senators autos the Senate President right now sorry I'm just echoing right now Connie regulatory concerns under your bill I know but allowed what kind of first the law is also dynamic so if McDowell Ito and FDA in the United States federal drug and Lara says that these drugs are bad shrimp ran the law will also react and become dynamic like what you've said so first volume first promise beyond that paneling legalized 800 oval Anderson and substantial in a saga Karuna permit Dola let me answer first it will importantly total sedan yari and you said Canada there is an instance where in the one of the states in the United States two patients went to Canada for treatment be remote Google acapella and jicama happened as a kannada for the treatment and it was highly effective for them now they went back to the United States and they confiscated all those drugs the CBD oil the THC oil don't suppose to be romantic Namit a young patient and this was highly publicized in the United States so as much that the FDA issued a special permit bulletin dr. Yunus I mean you know if the alum gentleman who know catechol you red tape could mean sandy no but I know you passions I was always also able to do a special report and seen us have been an FDA solanum years they only had one application for cannabis oil cos and damage I applied because it's oh yeah I'm sorry can you tell us about the process yeah personally I applied for the compassionate special premiere well initially we can use that we can use that profession that we can access or avoid cannabis but the problem with that is it's not affordable PCCs is primarily advocating for an affordable medical cannabis wedding almost okay the only product if I'm correct me if I'm wrong doc reaction the only product that is fda-approved is a pitch Alex for medical marijuana and the pitch elects will cost around 22,000 US dollars if for advanced or per year so we're going to do a math is about 1.6 million so are now focused on young illegal eyes what kind of new Philip and woman in the oil it's already in finished product okay it's already in the form of oil tincture bomb suppository topical patch it's already medicine so it's not in raw form so we will not be in any way roaming around Metro Manila with our choice for horrify this beard of this bill we completely disagree that this is a concern not in the the main program the binary program of the president is drugs yeah drugs and therefore if it is right now licensed as a medical marijuana you know in the man that even if it is bowel in the Philippines you can get it anywhere in the black market game now let's say you use this for seizures or epilepsy or neuropathic pain or AIDS or glaucoma how sure are we that the doctors will use that for that specific purpose it can be abused the prescription can be bought so even one drug which is right now present a young psychotic or misoprostol it was banned by by Pfizer and Searle in 2004 you can buy it in campo for as an abortifacient but it is used as a cervical dilatation para o manasa but it's by wall but you can get that so I'm concerned and then a regulatory environment right now it's not as rigid Congress – congressman is that perhaps you can provide certain amendments I say dr. kasi aluminum a nothing dynamic oh absolutely nothing see call after the break okay and for those watching us what do you think about our topic this week join the discussion we're live on Facebook you can comment on your stand or questions about the issue and we'll read them within this show keep it here on CNN Philippines you're on the record on CNN Philippines oh Michael Cassidy Swansea President Duterte he was for medical marijuana before and then it'll March long he said something now I don't wanna illegalized Fordham ongoing excuse M on toponym Collin implanted moses' be more medicinal you didn't see us happy need of a DNA that we can you know Filipinos can get illegal drugs and word I know safety measures abuse we have here in this bill is that the do H and the FDA themselves are the principal regulatory agencies be there is involved in the essential maintain its registry and qualified cannabis doctors and caregivers meaning Hindi LaHood and dr. twenty I'm pointing muck began early sensor the same way morphine and others you mama doctor the first levels initial appoint a magneto because if we are gonna be afraid of this edit Angeline re nothing immoral tylenol with codeine or a bit to see in Atlantian young highly prescriptive double their arms monitored they were going a step further we're asking that do H and FDA party pide a– to make sure that the kind of is doctors that we will give permission to give receive a receipt as for this will be monitored and their patients lock Tony and then we have also plant monitoring your plant monitoring later on then we actually don't want to process it first here because we still it is will be in an infant stage clayey manpower last you joint congressional oversight committees within the Senate in the house shall make sure the pair enjoin power commission shall make sure that all these for nominal goes to not eat away the initial centers will make sure that all these patients and doctors come there and occupy that's why I'm inviting doctor Tony there malakas no penalties yes yes doctor Musso de receta a my suggestion to Congressman Tony pet the first one is that it should actually be an s2 prescriptions it's a big in Poona you need special pardon prescription then you have to get then s2 number from padilla Oh mi'jita pullin I say then they are there one no there must be a punitive measure alumni poem issue Sofia here camera I mean Agabus because um in the Charter Casa della before suspension down and then keep that treatment in the you inside u HC law for every violation on case two hundred thousand per case and then you will be imprisoned from six months to six years you're under the revised Penal Code Coonan dr. mudd me miss prescribe so don't you eat she looks very powerful to reduce recidivism Daniel about him fear no Bahama mamas an ameba members or not Ivanka oppa actually we have a lot of fears that's why we highly support medical marijuana bill because in the bill this is highly regulated so the concerns of doctor reaction is actually addressed inside the bill it is under the prescription of the physician oncologist or specialist and we cannot just access it for example for my daughter I cannot just go near the drugstore and buy yet no because under this inside the in this bill it will only be bought under the supervision of the Department of Health yes like using Asahikawa another report and an interview young father and I'm a yo-yo enoughness undergoing cancer treatment pero P Nikita Honda boy unusual Paganica chemo Mahina coma and very weak but they were giving the son cannabis oil the spot on Indian armed up when you got no side effects in Yoba for your daughter and a bongo gigging effect Sonya no I'm not using it yet because it is highly illegal ok Philippine okay but we have a lot of some of our members in alcohol market lungs in Omaha United States the richer the ones doing it no if you compare it to the regular drugs the secret drugs available yes we have a patient her name is rhythm she's um she has she used to have around 300 to 400 seizures daily and their family migrated to United States right now and because of medical cannabis extract that she is using that Sheldrake now has around 90% seizure free so that I can I can share because it's legal in the United States and she she is an active member of our society helping cannabis Compassion's totally demolish a young young quality of life and even young popular possibly as well only now we know so you ask us a recreational pero only one indication for medical marijuana and that's two types of seizures that's what I Hindi indicia so my other suggestion for congressman Tony me is for institution institutionalizing a research study to be conducted by the National Institute of Health or any deal is accredited so that happened in a gamete eaten the mutiny to among the patients kasama said doing and then to monitor the efficacy and safety so data and surveillance study we call it the post marketing surveillance data now once the Tony read the Circa and then let's say for one year two years Tina no I effective Paula no Allah naturally side-effects umami and side effects operate the benefits do not put pullout and drug in the market so the Pat Miren putas in post marketing surveillance study in order yes yes ma'am can see my adoption papaya and lamb and incidentally my Clementine side effects to the detriment of the drugs this is actually in the bill that's why I want to come out and talk to people and actually get the ID to your aggravation asinus I've been adding that we will study the efficacy and this has been studied for 50 years in United States we can already shortcut the process because to them company Thomas MI and that's the United States that's European communities all of them are using this if it's really that bad then they will not legalize okay tickle you all right we'll be back after a quick break you're watching on-the-record keep it here on CNN Philippines you're watching on the record on CNN phillipians Kong as with other loss Thomson aside because in attended to Cepeda penis indeed they implement the meiosis Aveda Muhammad Ali name Omaha no Satya so what's human parent is that is have been that's what I'm saying we will now put larger penalties for Padilla for FDA for the FH do H officials for doctors and for abusers higher than the regular ones if a senator sorta would like this will now safeguard the abuse of this because it may must be highly addictive drugs and medicines that are appeared informed morphine for one you know but it's available there's a doctor turning up saying Dan Kahl analyst Mallahan together it will say cannabis loved Segura departing measures at penalties must but ask is a regular ones okay uh since we're running out of time final words bomber you opinion concerning this bill okay on behalf of the Philippine cannabis compassion society we would like to make an appeal to all our legislators in the House of Representatives and also in the Senate that that it's high time to make it legalized in the country we've been advocating for five years and a lot of our patients died already and we cannot afford to lose one more or two more in our advocacy group because each slab is a very very very vital and very precious and we appeal on our president thirty go to target the police to make it and help it and pass medical cannabis bill in the Congress I know my hearing you you will be able to young get now your oil and then the other I know I don't fighting among yet it my manufacturer but I know certainly not Ingham or we will have to import it because we want to make sure that whatever component of THC or CBD Marika's in calculation depending on the illness a so we want to make sure that it's that but it will go through the FDA so that we will check also cardamom Garlin China you come out or anything so important people done the part of regulation and in place and it will legalize now and decriminalize Iran important the my llama but my little pony are a no-no make a salmon oil indicia a gel can you imagine the agony of the parent and the patient just because they need that they were prescribed in the United States when they come back Coulomb pasilla modified under the okay doc can you just highlight or stress mean points Poonam well as a physician I think the PMA and the other medical community leaders are actually open mind and nominal medication would come from plants and folklore and then not evolves into a pharmaceutical product the biggest concern loggin and doctor is the safety than the efficacy they say if the drug kites efficacious at Nagasaki it means a percentage in dealing maganda so therefore I would perhaps support you being a Toni congressman Toni pet albino provided the safety measures are in place provided that we answer was so to respond to senator Souter's concern and then the FDA should be revitalized and strengthened that's it Dumon gurgling and power in it today so at the end of the day I think we will benefit a lot of patients if these particular measures are Italian briefly abusive partner what about my voice and your name again addictive in those control studies say so it's a cigar doing in Congress work on a pet I say from clinical trials of efficacy and safety what is the dose that is absolutely optimum to control the seizures of para Hindi comic abusive so they're matinecock interpreting toxic ratio a union treatment and trying toxic ratio and open label you employed in paya exactly so therefore the pharmacologist will be on board so there might be two parallel studies one on the clinical trial side and the other one is the pharmacologist so that you'll be able to understand later on perhaps Alicia or whatever paramita space was adequately Hindi lung Halawa by this Wendy no existing in line with other countries we have to conduct our own well dynamic as a boolean mummy that's why the millipede another country's castle well done big pharmaceutical company that will actually create a particular compound but you know cool right now my so support the hunted through a research coming let's see from from the O H and the National Health or any organization the pudendal or FDA me pandu me be beginning dito G congressman twenty pet together with the Congress I think we can do that and perhaps Philippines can be the leader right now in the rest of the world would not have not been chapter level in terms of safety okay congressman well thank you dr. Tony or they're already saying that PMA is open to supporting these buildings is a very big help for the likes of Julia and all other autistic patients and epileptic patients Paulo Malakian to Louie total to lumen hoon at any time I'm open to your suggestions and this bill has not been crafted into law there are gonna be amendments to it that we need one amendment that I'd really particularly put here rules which is very very important is the past compensation because in the United States talk to you about one hundred fifty billion dollars so yummy bucks component generally Papa's that is a FDA in voh are emerging number one tile it is economies okay I know but my appeal rule I am not in any way defying the president's order he always changes his mind as you've said but I'm actually appealing to his good heart and he is a very very good heart that to be compassionate we just listened to this first and later on make a decision okay so please support for this bill okay thank you very much to our guests Isabella representative Tony but albano dr. Tony Beltre has Quran under Philippine cannabis compassionate society and dr. Anthony Lee HR and past president of the Philippine College of Physicians that's on the record thank you for watching I'm busca but can I say now your you

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