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Old School Aesthetic  Chest Workout With Calum Von Moger

hello muscle and strength this is Calum
von Moger here three times mr. universe winner and team cellucor athlete I’m just
about to do an old-school chest workout it’s one of my favorites it’s all the
exercises of the older you know body builders in the 80s and 70s just use is
perfect for building that a big you know big chest and giving an old classic
style look so first of all I’m gonna do some barbell bench presses basically
this is the bread and butter for building big chest perfect for getting a
you know a good pump you know increase your strength and you know get the
momentum started with this exercise usually about five sets here two sets
are going to be for warm-ups and then I like to do three sets heavy you know
increasing the weight but decreasing the reps for each set rest times usually about
one to two minutes this way I can make sure that each set I got maximum energy
and I really get the most out of each rep squeeze it and make sure it’s good
contractions on a on every single rep I’ve been doing flat bench since I was
first ever going to the gym so I’m very used to the flat bench I’ve never had
any dramas with it except when I haven’t had a spotter I had a big ego I thought
I could lift far more than I could I think the one thing to do is like to a
lot of time that when you go all the way down to your chest it actually starts to
work your rotators in your shoulder and it puts a lot of stress on my shoulder
joint a lot of pressure in your shoulders so that’s why I stopped about
an inch off the chest and I don’t lock it up I keep it constantly under tension
and that way it’s always going to be for the chest okay so that’s first working
set twelve reps you know I could do a few more reps I feel but I also feel
that I want to get heavier and try and get say twelve reps on the next set
at the start rest is really pretty short between 45 to minute as we get on you
know if I’m lifting heavy weights or whatever you can stretch it out to
minute and minute 30 honestly it’s how I feel if I like right
now if I’m a little bit out of breath then I wait
longer just got to sort of feel just don’t rest too long but rest long enough
so you can lift more I used to try and lift heavy weights but now it’s like I
just try and get a really good pump good squeeze connection with the muscles I
mean I’m not a power lifter I’m not a strong man so I don’t need to lift an
max poundages honestly I think all it’s going to really do is put excessive
amount of stress and pressure on joints a lot of the time I’ll do some flies at
the start to pre-exhaust the chest that way when I do the bench presses the
chest gives out before the shoulders give out but because I trained shoulders
yesterday they’re already flogged so chest is
going it’s just gonna pay for it you know after the barbell bench press I like to
do the dumbbell incline press reason I do the dumbbells is because you get a
more isolated squeeze on each pec you know it’s an individual arm exercise so
that way you can definitely increase muscle fibers that are getting
contracted for the exercise so I’m going to do three sets here and again
increasing the weight with each set minimum of about eight reps it’s three notches here that’s flat
sometimes I’ll do it like this for another angle or for flies and the
highest I’ll go incline is there when it’s like that it’s going to get more front yeah
yeah front deltoids the anterior deltoids
from there upwards she’s going to be all deltoid so not too high it has to be
below 45 previous for years I didn’t train cardio like I used to hate cardio
today still not a big fan of it it was a period of time where I didn’t I don’t
think I use cardio in my vocabulary for about 24 months you know if you’ve got a
good cardio fitness you got a more efficient heart it’s going to be able to
pump the blood around a lot more efficiently leading into show do cardio
twice a day 30 minutes steppers treadmills bikes the offseason I like to
have outdoor activities like to go jogging around the beach hiking swimming paddle boarding after the dumbbell incline press going to
do cable fly’s this is one of the classic exercises for getting a good
pump on your chest famous for getting the ripped look you know Arnold Franco
all those old-school bodybuilders used to always do this one towards the end of
the workout just to give it a final final pump and just to burn it out well
15 to 20 reps is ideal you know I’m not trying to lift heavy weights on this
exercise it’s all about the pump squeezing and just getting as many you
know reps as you can before before burning out perfect for like basically
wrapping up the chest workout with a pump it just floods you know floods your
chest full of blood you’ve done like you know the main presses is where you’ve
got a hopefully you know tear bit of tissue up this is just that pumping even
more and just basically one of the final crucifies on it’s a minimum twelve to
fifteen reps you know you want to be here I try to hit 20 reps not heavy
stupid weights good control good squeeze make sure that your chest is just
screaming throughout the whole thing this is cellucor’s alpha amino acids
I’ve lived on this for the last two years during my workouts and have a look
back it seriously like I wouldn’t use it if I didn’t think it you know helped me
obviously but it tastes great keeps me energized it’s refreshing and it’s just
yeah you need aminos in your workouts one of the most overlooked things or
people that struggle to make the mind muscle connection I struggle to get in
tune with their body and fully focus every single bit of energy and every bit
of concentration on that one movement on the one muscle group once you can do
that you know you really can do some amazing things
after that dips dips are brilliant exercise for getting an overall stretch
on your lower pecs it’s good to do it towards the end of the workout because
that way you don’t have to add extra kilos to your waist you’re already
fatigued so you can actually get away with just using your bodyweight I like
to do three sets of about you know max max reps actually I’ll do first set I’ll
just try and do as many as I can it could be 20-25 sometimes if I’m lucky
after about thirty Seconds rest I’ll do the second set usually about you know ten or
fifteen twenty reps again you want to just make sure that you get the full
squeeze it’s going to help with the overall chest development then last set
just go to failure go till your dead can’t do any more reps that’s the old-school way
you know no pain no gain that’s how you’ve got to do it
there’s no set number just go to your burn out 20 reps 30 seconds rest wheres the clock dips are the onle exercise on chest I rest like very short amount of time yeah I got 20 sets of 20 ish rep so this
one I hope to get 15 the very last exercise is Dumbbell
pullovers rarely people do this exercise anymore I’m not sure exactly why because
I think it’s fantastic for building a denser thicker chest
you know without this exercise you’re not going to get this inner chest pump
you’re not going to get the thickness in your chest
trick is always go at least past your head on there on the upwards movement
okay and at the top you have to be squeezing
every single fiber in your chest it’s all about the squeeze at the end trying
to do you know 10 to 15 reps for three sets and make sure that you’re getting
big breaths big deep breaths expanding your ribcage this is like an
old trick that our body builds back in the day used to do but it’s a very
popular popular back then it was to build up the rib the chest also is good
for the serratus helps them pop out and the trick is is just again focus on your
chest take your mind off your lats because of course you can also do your
lats do we get in nice and narrow you can get the squeeze on the chest when
you want it to do your lats you go to the lat bar and you squeeze you outter
lats like this they do take your breath away not
because they’re attractive or anything like that but because they fucking kill
you using these basic compound exercises
very simple nothing fancy but it’s just the execution of each exercise and the
timing and that sort of things so give it a try in your next workout see how
you go

100 thoughts on “Old School Aesthetic Chest Workout With Calum Von Moger

  1. This guy has a lot of potential, but all he does nowadays is too much fun and all those stupid career threatning stunts and gets admitted to hospital.

  2. Next time you’re at the gym take a weight you can only get 8 with and force yourself to get 20 reps… do it in every muscle I swear you can push yourself and you’ll get wicked results and feel amazing. It’s hard as shit but you can do it.

  3. He said he sometimes does flys to pre-exhaust the chest so that the chest gives out before the shoulders, but then he said since he did shoulders yesterday that he wouldnt do flys. Wouldnt the fact that he did shoulders yesterday be even more of a reason to pre-exhaust his chest??

  4. I will recommend to not use the same barbell grip he’s using or someone will end up with that same bar on there neck …. just saying

  5. You explained everything so well, man. Also, you gave great advice about the old school techniques. Awesome video!

  6. there are no exercises that will 'make your chest look a certain way'.
    Your pecs can grow in muscle mass and you can lose body fat, everything else is entirely
    determined by your genetics. FACTS!

  7. Why is this in my recommended? You see this guy now after he’s off the roids? Looks like any dude that goes to my gym. Don’t know why people look up to this, all those gains came from a bottle.

  8. dont listen to anyone with this amount of muscle heads unless you have the same amount of money to blow on anabolics as him. theres better ways to build that body

  9. This what you get with good genetics, hard training, good stack😉, proper diet. Still a lot of work but the roads definitely help tremendously.

  10. This really is the best chest workout it’s had a huge impact on my chest growth since I started using it! Thanks Calum.

  11. This guy is legit just a younger version of Arnold. Like seriously, his poses, physique, even face structure. It's unbelievable that Calum and Arnold aren't related…

  12. Bench press – 5 sets (2 warm up/3 working sets)

    Incline dumbell press – 3 sets (12, 10, 8)

    Cable flys – 15 – 20 reps

    Dips – to failure

    Dumbell pullovers – 3 sets of 15

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