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35 thoughts on “Obesity & Mental Health

  1. Thank you, Kati, so much for acknowledging medical issues. Do you have any advice for someone trying to cope emotionally with being overweight due to medical problems? I know it isn't my "fault" but it still makes me feel awful about myself and I know people are judging me, especially because I work in the entertainment industry where you aren't "pretty" unless you are thin. 

  2. Hi Kati I have a doctors appointment coming up to get a physical and I'm scared she's going to see my self harm scars and tell my parents. Is she allowed to do that?? My parents don't know and I don't want them to find out this way/right now.

    i didn't even know i had an ED voice until i acknowledged BED and confirmed with my therapist that i had it. now I'm starting to notice it more and how stupid it is when i convince myself into binges. 
    July 1st- insurance starts and i go to a primary care dr. and I'm going to ask for all the referrals i need-  therapist, psychiatrist, and a nutritionist/dietitian! its going to be scary, but I'm going to do it! and be straightforward with them and not just blow off the whole 'you need to get healthy' speech and actually explain to them about bingeing and using food to cope. Hopefully they all will listen and i can have people on my side!

  4. Hi I was wondering if maybe u could do a video on how to cope with a loved one having a terminal illness ex: cancer? I'm struggling with this right now thanks!

  5. i am overweight but had anorexia and then bulimia in the past i got overweight from medication adn from an underactive thyroid and also cos of a disability i struggle to get moving around , i dont know how to accept myself as overweight because i am so used to being underweight or lower end of normal weight , since i struggle to loose weight but havent gained in a long time , how can i accept my body at this higher weight without it disterssing me 

  6. I'm just scared of telling my doctor or psychiatrist about my ED because I'm overweight. I have cycles of overeating and then not eating for about three weeks. It's all really chaotic and awful but I don't want to tell anyone in fear that they'll disregard it or mock me.

  7. I was in a class once where we were discussing obesity. It was a genetics course and we were talking about the ethics of having a genetic "cure" for obesity. Everyone in the class was being so hateful about it–"Absolutely not, they did that to themselves and we should focus on something more important." "Becoming obese was a choice they made.", and it made me really angry. I'm fortunate that I've never struggled with weight, but I know people who have, and people don't realize that there often (usually?) is a mental health component to becoming and remaining obese. No one responded terribly well when I said to the class that we really ought to have sympathy for that, because these mental health things are NOT easy to overcome at all, but I'm glad I said it. I just wish people could have more empathy for these struggles.

  8. Mines comfort eating. And a hormone imbalance. I hate it so much. Hate seeing myself in the mirror my body is ugly and I want it to go. Inside I feel like I'm a skinny girl but I'm not and it sucks. the urges to not eat are so bad but I cannot do it and I get so annoyed at myself for it

  9. #katifaq I remember in a previous video you mentioned that you have to be fully recovered if you have a mental health disorder and want to become a therapist, but would I still be able to take my anxiety and depression medication? Thanks!

  10. #katifaq Is it unusual for recovered anorexics to become medically obese? I am currently under the obese category for BMI. When I first started seeing my therapist six years ago, I was anorexic. I was very underweight, anemic, exhausted, and I would sometimes lose my leg strength and just fall over; I was like that for almost two years. My junior year of hs, I started seeing my therapist and we were working on getting me back to a healthy weight before tackling my other disorders and SH. Senior year, I was admitted into a psych ward for attempting suicide and I was forced into eating my meals. It seemed to flip this switch and though I struggled to physically eat for a while afterward, I suddenly started binge eating like crazy! Since then (four years later), I eat uncontrollably and I am constantly craving the need to just psychically eat; I could care less what it is, I just need to go through the habit of eating. Ever since I started gaining weight rapidly, food and my size never came back into convo in therapy and I feel uncomfortable talking about it face to face. 

  11. My antidepressant medication has contributed to me gaining over 40 pounds in a few months. It is so distressing. None of my clothes fit me. The problem is I can't switch medications because after four years, I have finally found a medication that works.

  12. Thankyou for mentioning health issues that can cause obesity!! So many people assume that being overweight automatically means you're lazy and over eat!


  14. I wish you made videos that actually addressed and recognized that therapists and other care providers can be extremely sizeist and prejudiced towards their fat patients. And in this video, I was grateful for what you said but I wish you put emphasis on the fact that when people have a fat friend or someone who is gaining weight and you want to support them, it should be emotionally, like through boosting their self esteem, not trying to get them to lose weight with useless dieting tips they already have heard a thousand times or pushing them to lose weight in any way. It shouldn't be framed that way. The most important thing is that we can love ourselves, not that we look the way society wants us to. Which, by the way, we will never be able to do.

    Also… My weight wasn't caused my binge eating. My doctor used to tell me, when I first started gaining weight, really useless shit like "put some potato chips in a bowl instead of eating from a bag." I don't even LIKE potato chips, and I hadn't even tried them at the time because my parents didn't buy them. I count calories and do so instinctively at this point in my life, I understand nutrition well and I wish I could get actual SUPPORT from SOMEONE rather than insults and ignorant recommendations and assumptions. BTW, no diabetes or high blood pressure here. Just extremely mentally ill and fat.

  15. I'm not "obese" but I have gained like 50 pounds over the past like two years, and it's very distressing to me. I just connected with a new counselor, and I've mentioned the weight gain thing to her, but, i just feel like she's not going to take it seriously since I'm not medically obese? I don't know. It's just a huge issue in my life right now and I keep saying, like, "okay, starting tomorrow I'm going to do better and I'm going to lose some of this weight" but it just hasn't happened yet. Just stresses me out.

  16. I have an appointment with my therapist on friday, but really needed some "therapy" today… So I have been watching your videos all day

    Love from Chile 🇨🇱

  17. I have PCOS and like 80% of people who have it are overweight. I have lost some of the weight and have a lot less health problems that are common with PCOS. I don't have to take diabetic medicine anymore. I am now off my blood pressure pill as well. Still have to take cholesterol and other meds. I am on a more specific diet that I won't go in to but it's because of how PCOS affects metabolism and other issues.

  18. IDK, I got overweight because I would graze eat, and then ended up with EDNOS, and restricted myself to ** calories a day. So, I feel like I just can't understand. How do they have confidence? I mean I know it's unhealthy, but they can be so comfy in their shells… it's like huh? I'm 25 pounds overweight, in recovery, and I feel fat af. I had like 2 bowls of cereal, 2 bananas, and a cheese stick today for breakfast, but for lunch I'm restricting to blueberries and 1 slice of turkey bacon… I'm just so scared of gaining weight… even though I'm hungry… Ugh am I just gonna relapse again???

  19. I have just became Obese, after struggling being overweight for years, I also have a medical condition, underactive thyroid, some days I just do not have the energy to work out at all after work, but I do try when I can, this condition though is really getting me down, since I am 27, and I just want to be in better shape, these are meant to be the good years of my life.. sometimes I am good and avoid everything bad, but hardly lose anything per week, maybe one or two pounds, for two weeks in a row, but then last week put a load on, as soon as I go out of line, life really getting me down.

  20. 3:56 “No way! No shit Sherlock , thanks for reminding me! that I have gained weight.” I hate that with a passion. Makes me self conscious and anxious as hell. Wants me hide from society…. it’s sad. I’m happy you made this video to explain clearly about obesity, it sucks! Thanks again Kati

  21. Great video Kati thanks 🥰 also depression can cause one to gain weight when you’re not active anymore, would love to hear your thoughts on bulimia where one binges and purges, that’s what I have 🥰 thanks 😁 p.s. I’ve lost almost 70 pounds the healthy way and I’ve been seeing a CBT therapist for my ED ❤️ your content has been helping me for a couple of years now 🥰

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