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OANN – OpenTheBooks Hospital Report

The rising cost of health care is hurting the American dream. The average family in America now spends $20,000 on health care costs, That’s insurance premiums, deductibles, and out of pocket costs. And our auditors at, we investigated the health care industry. Specifically the 82 US non profit hospitals, they’re organized as public charities. And what we found is these hospitals, and their CEOs are getting richer, and the American people are getting health care poorer. They are lavishly compensating their CEOs their adding billions of dollars to the bottom line. And they’re spending millions of dollars every single year defending the status quo. Their spending this on lobbying. So this money that’s supposedly coming in at a charity perspective. Is that going to say help the health care costs, or offset the health care costs of patients, or help them with the bottom line? One out of every seven dollars spent by US patients last year was spent within their hospital networks. Their net assets last year increased by nearly $40 billion dollars. And Jack to your question here’s what their not doing with the money. Their not reducing the cost of health care. Their not willing to show you the patient the real prices that health care consumers are paying in their hospitals for health care services. But what they are doing we found is that their lobbying they spent $26.4 million dollars last year on lobbying to preserve their market position to defend the status quo. So where is the oversight of this? Who is supposed to be keeping an eye on these organizations. To make sure they’re operating as they say as public charities. Well I think our report is important because it puts your question on the table. Are these non profit hospitals who are putting so much money into their bottom line. Are they gaming the system on our tax law system? Operating as charities to lavishly compensate their CEOs, and to personally profit. Where can people go to find out more information about this? Come to we’ve posted our investigative report. The top 82 non profit US hospitals. Quantifying their government payments, and their financial assets.

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