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Now There’s Yale (Yale School of Medicine “Let It Go” parody)

Hey, do you wanna build a snowman? Go away I’m studying I’m up late cramming in the library tonight Got a test at 1:15 Just going through the motions Probably forget it all by 3 I keep replaying all my interviews in my mind Can’t take much more Cause my brain is fried I’ve spent 4 years just worrying About my MCAT, organic chemistry Those sleepless nights, all for a grade? And so I prayed… *You’ve got mail* Now there’s Yale Now there’s Yale I’m a lot more than just a score I choose Yale, I choose Yale I won’t do this for another four Or 5, with a fully funded fifth year Or 8, or 10, or for the rest of your life! There’s freedom there To take my tests anywhere And based on how we match You’ll see! Grades don’t mean anything anyway Under the Yale System There’s time to do just what we like HAVEN, ski trips Or Beyonce I’ll conquer East Rock on my bike So much free time So much to do The Yale System rumors, they were true! You’re not a score for us to beat I’m me!!!!!! Here at Yale, here at Yale I’ll be one with the GPSCY bar Here at Yale, here at Yale Thank god Pepe’s ain’t too far Brains in jars Researching with stars And that’s just one small part I’ll take a selfie with a guy who won some prize I’ll explore ancient arts And take a look into the skies When classmates compete It’s ok to finish last I’m never looking back Gunner me is in the past I’m at Yale, I’m at Yale Who knew med school could be so nice? Let us go, let us go To the carts! for pork fried rice From snow to sand My new promised land Yale Med’s where I belong Gunners always bothered me anyway

4 thoughts on “Now There’s Yale (Yale School of Medicine “Let It Go” parody)

  1. Hey would anyone explain to me how does the Yale system work? I'm a medical student in Colombia, and well that seems nices hah

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