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NO REPEAT WORKOUT // Full body HIIT Workout with Weights

what’s up guys welcome to today’s
30-minute hiit workout with no repeats this is a great hiit workout for people
who get bored easily we’re doing 30 different moves in 30 minutes so you
only have to do each exercise one time you’re gonna perform that exercise for
40 seconds then I’ll give you 20 seconds to recover and get ready for the next
move we are gonna be using some dumbbells in today’s workout I’ll
comment in the description let you know what weights I’m using in my workout
today so go grab those weights and follow along guys we’re getting started
right now you did it guys 30 exercises in 30
minutes no repeats your hiit workout is done nice work if you enjoyed this video
give it a thumbs up and share it with a friend I will be back real soon with a
brand new workout so don’t forget to hit that subscribe button
have a great day guys and I will see you soon

100 thoughts on “NO REPEAT WORKOUT // Full body HIIT Workout with Weights

  1. This workout is awesome! challenging, fun, and goes fast because, well, no repeats! lol added to my list of favorite to do 🙂 thank you for such a good workout

  2. That was great! I had to modify though, jumping jacks with a weight over your head is a bit to much when you’re 53 years of age, at least for me. Everything else worked out fine.

  3. I liked this Non-repeat workout series 1000 times better than the repeat series! 👍🏻💕🇺🇸🌻🎉🎊🙏

  4. So I just previewed this workout for 5 min and so far I LOVE WHAT IM SEEING!!! Music is upbeat, no repetitive exercises with great variety and really targeting the core. m
    Movements are at a safe pace and not rushed to ensure proper form and what I really love is during the break you provide a preview of the next exercise. Very anxious to do this workout tomorrow. 😄👏👏

  5. Done 💪🏻✅ thank you so much for these workouts! I’m a stay home mom , working out while my baby naps , mom of 4 kids ! Trying to get in shape! Your workouts are helping me so much 👌🏻☺️

  6. That was my favorite exercise I’ve done in awhile! I’m in my first trimester and had been doing Kayla Itsines but I’ve been trying to do videos on here over the last couple of weeks and this one is just SO amazing! I modified 3 work outs because I have a bad neck and diastasis recti from my previous two pregnancies. This will be added once a week to my workout regimen. THANK you girl for sharing your talents!

  7. I loved everything about this workout! I love that there was no repetition, I love the types of workout and I love the format of the video.

  8. Thank you for this workout! And for not talking us to death❤️❤️😂 loved it! I needed your channel in my life!

  9. This workout was everything. absolutely loved it and the timing on it and I even go the chance to learn a few new things. Thank you.

  10. hi ! merci beaucoup pour cette séance ! je vous découvre avec cette séance et je pense que je vais faire d'autres séances avec vous !

  11. Just did 20 mins jog on the treadmill and im literally dying. Then i saw this workout, i was like okay, im going to kill myself with this another 30mins workout with weight. Fuhhh. Great workout btw!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  12. Girl you are body and strength goals! I love this workout, it's the second time I'm doing it, and it's so hard. I'm glad it is though, because I know I'm getting better and stronger. <3

  13. Awesome! No talking, no repeats, just follow along and sweat!!! I workouts so much harder with ur style and routines….thank you…am now a new subscriber 🤗👍

  14. Thank you this is amazing! I have been doing HIIT 18 months now and have lost 90 lbs but for some reason just started getting. I love my ppl I work out with but a change was needed. Looking so forward to all your work out this one is my first and so far in love!!!!

  15. Hi Heather, I stumbled across your channel after looking for an alternative to my usual routine (which I can't do as I have a toe/foot injury). With some modifications (for my toe) this was an excellent workout. I really enjoy the format – its so great to just concentrate on the work without the constant talking. I am looking forward to trying out some of your other workouts and adding them to my rotation. Thanks very much!

  16. Ok…this is one of the best HIIT workouts on YouTube! She stretches you out good too! Perfect for my fasted workout this morning !

  17. I just started working out with u today, this was intense but fun since u didn’t repeat…I’ll definitely workout with u again

  18. Loved this, although I was only able to do half of it l m a o who knew working out was so,,,, hard! So happy I found your videos though, they make my /very/ new workout routine much more exciting and challenging.

  19. My very first non commentary video and it went really well! I appreciate the little bell noises you put in for each little move change. It helped me keep track of when to change position. This was my toughest work out yet! I will definitely be putting this on my playlist! Whooo!

  20. Amazing workout! Really easy to follow, I liked the audible cues, made it so you didn't feel like you had to be looking up at the screen and could get into the zone of the workout. Thanks for the good morning sweat!

  21. This workout was phenomenal! It really challenged me. I used 10 & 15 lb weights. There were times I wished I had chosen 5 -10 lbs but since I committed to 10 – 15 lbs I stuck with it. I'm dripping sweat! My entire body has been worked & my day is off to a great start! Thanks!!!

  22. This is one of my favorite workouts of yours! Good upbeat music, fun variety, and great compound movements. Also really appreciate the cool down stretches at the end. thank you Heather!

  23. Wow! This workout is absolutely the winner. Many great things about it: so friendly follow-along format (next move preview and sound signal), time periods are very convenient (work – not too short, not too long; rest – enough for pre-watch, assess the weight and get ready), the workout itself has perfect sequence of switching between up and down, and cardio for maximum effect. Also, well… it is important for me personally: the beep sound doesn't drive my dog crazy. Such problem happened with one of my favourite training channel, when they changed the recording device, at the sound of a beeper my dog behaves as if it a fire alarm. Thank you, Heather, for your work!

  24. Loved this! I like the variety, the pace, and that it was straight exercise no filler trainer talk. Thank you for including the large up next videos. I even thought the music was great. You have a new subscriber!

  25. Love this workout and will be putting into my weekly rotation. I'm out of shape and nearly talked myself out of exercising today, but so glad I chose this video. It's challenging but doable with some modifications for my fitness level, and the no repeat moves kept me from giving up. Now at the end I feel so much better and energized. PERFECT!

  26. The music changed in the middle of different workouts, she does not talking to help one connect with the instructor, too robotic.

  27. With just one workout, I'm hooked. I love your style, the 30 min format, and switching workout everyday!! I found your video rather soothing. It almost feels like I'm doing HIIT physically but I'm doing yoga mentally. I feel that way because I've been doing workout videos that are yelling and pumping you up with high pitch voices. Thank you and keep being you 👍

  28. Heather, that is just awesome! Holy shiznet! Wow! I'm mad I just found your channel, lots to catch up! Keep up the great work, this session is great all around – no repeats, timing, variety, music, and the length. Looking forward to the many more! Much luv Heather!

  29. thanks HR for all your videos – i do one (sometimes 2) each day.. most days! You’ve made work outs more doable for so many.
    And it makes my day start so well and even on the days when i don’t want to do anything, i do just one thing 🙂 yay! Go us !! Many thanks HR x lucia

  30. This could be my favorite workout ever. It's a lot of fun – challenging, but not uncomfortably so. Thank you again!

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